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Hospitality Technology is now second nature

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Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s changing hospitality landscape. Computing data is now more important than ever because of the weight of the data that flows for any given process, during any point of time. Hotels process a lot of data, on any given day- be it independent hotels or chains.From the number of reservations that take place to the requests raised by guests,  to stocking up on inventory, the list is endless.

The advantage of mining this data is simple. To read patterns and behaviours in a particular time frame and offer predictions to optimise the way a particular process needs to be run. The misconception, though, is that data mining  isn’t something that’s of importance to medium to smaller properties. It is true that the larger chain hotels use data to predict fluctuations in the inflow of reservations and the outflow of materials to optimise allocation and purchase simultaneously. You could say it’s a more statistical approach towards increasing revenue.

But that’s not all on how technology helps. New-age hoteliers are focusing on more than just predictive insights to run their hotels. Operational efficiency is also a concern as the man-hours saved and the optimum use of manpower also contribute to how profitable your hotel can be. Stepping away from the revenue earning streams, branding and advertising standpoints for hotels also contribute a lot to its success. Technology is also working in areas of increasing online reputation, guest experience and also the centralised access to data which helps in decision making.

In an attempt to plot out the view of hoteliers on technology and its use in their hotels, here is a quick survey that will help us get a better understanding of how technology is playing a role in your daily hotel operations. The results of the survey will be shared with you soon after we have compiled this data. Here is a link to the survey.

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Kevin Taylor is a product specialist at Hotelogix. At Hotelogix, we help both the old & the emerging Hotel businesses to climb onto our platform, which lets them match the versatility and dynamism of the larger, more resourceful Hospitality businesses. He can reach out to kevin.taylor@hotelogix.com