4.5 (61 REVIEWS)

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4.5 (61 REVIEWS)

Ranked 2 (out of 7) in Hotel Pre-Opening, Renovations & Development

Company-wide project implementation

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Hoteliers voted Pacer as the #2 Hotel Pre-Opening, Renovations & Development provider in the 2023 HotelTechAwards

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90 HT Score

Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

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About Pacer
Founded in 2009 | Headquarters in Miami | 5 employees
Pacer (formerly Path/Land-It) makes large scale project planning easier and more efficient, enabling project leaders to communicate with team leads across multiple locations to plan, communicate, and track progress seamlessly, in real time. The application, which has been embraced by hotel organizations, such as Marriott International, Mandarin Oriental, and Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos, can be customized to meet the specific needs of franchises, restaurants, and retail chains to streamline workflow and give management a birds-eye view on project status. Brand deployments, software launches, openings and transitions, human resource initiatives, marketing rollouts, and everything in between can be kept on time and on budget using Pacer. Living templates allow for endless flexibility to customize the rollout of any project. Users see only what the project manager allows them to see, giving team members clarity to act quickly and make informed decisions. Analytics and reporting can be accessed on the go, using iPhone or Android devices, and shared via automated emails. No matter if your project is a sprint, a relay, or an ultramarathon, lead your project with Pacer.


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$1000 - $10,000
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$1501/month- $3000/month

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Popularity by Segment


18 | X-Large (200+ room)

16 | Large (75-199 room)

1 | Medium (25-74 room)


30 | Branded Hotels

12 | Luxury Hotels

4 | City Center Hotels

4 | Limited Service & Budget Hotels

3 | Bed & Breakfast & Inns

3 | Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments

2 | Boutiques

2 | Airport/Conference Hotels

1 | Hostels

1 | Resorts


18 | North America

11 | Asia Pacific

10 | Europe

3 | Oceania

3 | South America

2 | Middle East

1 | Central America


61 | Hotel Pre-Opening, Renovations & Development




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  • Hotel Pre-Opening, Renovations & Development
    Hotel Pre-Opening, Renovations & Development

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  • North America
    North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    Asia Pacific
  • Oceania
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    Middle East
  • South America
    South America
  • Central America
    Central America

Access Issues Support

Director of Sales from 100 to 199 room Branded Hotel in Pigeon Forge (United States of America)

2 months ago
Conner was very quick to respond and continued to help me with alternative solutions when we hit a wall with a previous attempts to solve issue.

Excellent Project Management Tool & Even Better Partnership!

Manager, O&T Project Management from 500+ room Branded Hotel in Bethesda (United States of America)

5 months ago
We love the ability to scale processes & create projects across multiple customers. The tool is very user-friendly & agile to the ever-changing business needs of our pre-opening projects. The administrative side is just as user-friendly which allows us to work better for our clients. The tool is constantly being updated & our feedback is ta...

Great Product

Manager, Property Lifecycle Tools from 100 to 199 room Branded Hotel in Chicago (United States of America)

5 months ago
I love how user-friendly Pacer is for everyone and how easy it is to configure (on the Admin side). It has been so easy to communicate with the Pacer team on support issues, general questions, and enhancements.

Pacer - Project Management at Ease

Project Operations Manager from 500+ room Luxury Hotel in (Hong Kong)

5 months ago
- Project Management at multiple locations - visualize progress on property and corporate level - Pacer allows for easy setup and customization for a property - Very easy import and export tool - Very commendable customer service - Smooth communication with the team - Easy use for new users

Excellent platform

Senior Director Future Openings South East Pacific from 500+ room Branded Hotel in Madrid (Spain)

5 months ago
Pacer is very user friendly, easy to navigate, flexible, adaptable, excellent reporting capabilities and most important an effective tool to streamline the managgement of our pre-openings

Hotel Opening & Operations Director, China

Hotel Opening & Operations Director, China from 500+ room Hostel in Shanghai (China)

5 months ago
user easy access through task assignment and report generates. Admin section easy understand and status update. Create new user process fast and accurate.

Seemless experience with timely alerts

Dir-Pre-opening Operations from 100 to 199 room Airport/Conference Hotel in New Delhi (India)

5 months ago
The ease of access & user friendly dashboard. Which can be learned easily by any new user who comes on board.

Team is easy to work with, support is always prompt, tool helps to keep track of different projects and eliminates numerous spreadsheets

Manager - Openings from 500+ room Branded Hotel in Sydney (Australia)

5 months ago
1 consolidated platform for all disciplines to manage all their projects and keep track of any outstanding tasks. Pacer is awesome

Transitioning to Pacer has reinvigorated our pre-opening process for the entire company. Since doing so, it has been very well received by our hotel and corporate colleagues because it's easy to use and doesn't take much time to learn how to navigate around.

from 100 to 199 room Branded Hotel in Chicago (United States of America)

5 months ago
Users love the dashboards, the reporting capabilities (especially being able to schedule reports), its customizability, and the iPhone/Android app. I love that Pacer is easy to configure (on the Admin side), and I love how easy it is to communicate with the Pacer team on support issues, general questions, and enhancement requests.

Long Time Pacer User - Big Fan!

Director, Deployment from 500+ room Branded Hotel in Sydney (Australia)

6 months ago
Using Pacer has enabled a more effective and streamlined way to deploy projects and multi-step processes to our hotels. The Pacer team is a great partner to us for learning, educating and enhancing the tool which in turn enhances our operating model.
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