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Beekeeper (Digital Workspace)

Beekeeper (Digital Workspace)

Ranked 5th in Staff Task Management & Collaboration

Headquartered in Zurich, Schweiz

70 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
70 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
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What customers love about Beekeeper (Digital Workspace)

Guest Relations Manager from City Center Hotel

Functional and user friendly. All employees are able to stay informed with the ongoings around the hotel and easily adapt to using the mobile app or desktop version. As the model is similar to social media the staff enjoy staying engaged.

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Front Desk Supervisor from City Center Hotel

It functions almost like a bulletin board, with a few extra cherries, but that is only the surface. The more you use Beekeeper to help you communicate as a collective and socialize as a company, the deeper the layers get. Eventually, you start to build entire platforms within the platform of Beekeeper. As a Hotel, being connected to multiple, easy to navigate group chats is incredibly important, as organising Housekeeping, Front Office, Food & Beverages, Engineering, and more becomes a more fluid and seamless tasks.

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Executive Assistant from City Center Hotel

Great engaging tool, Super user friendly, A nice platform to communicate in the work environment.

Director of Strategy and Implementation from Other

Beekeeper has revolutionized our company communication and production. We are a Hospitality Management company, with 18 properties all over Northern California. Unification and standards was a huge 2018 goal for our company. After struggling with traditional methods of communication in the past, we recognized it was time to incorporate a communication software into our process. We are now able to set up a stable reporting system. As an added bonus, our general managers are now able to collaborate with each other even if they are miles apart!

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Talent Acquisition Manager from Resort

Communication between employees Great way to engage employees It translate all post The amount of information we can add is endless Being able to connect and share information with all our properties at the same time

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Director of People Operations from City Center Hotel

Beekeeper gives us the ability to effectively communicate with our employees, this is a great feature since 70 percent of our employees do not have a work email address. We live in a society of constant communication and instant gratification, Beekeeper puts us in the position as an employer to meet and exceed these two needs. All in all, Beekeeper is a vital part of our employee engagement and success our of organization!

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Vice President Operations from Boutique hotel

The team at Beekeeper continue to innovate and allow the operators to have a say in that evolution. (Review updated) Initial review from 8/28/18: The ability to have sight throughout multiple levels of the organization at multiple properties throughout the country and share inspiration, ideas and teamwork has been an amazing tool to elevate our company culture.

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VP, Applications Development from Branded

We used Beekeper as our Enterprise social platform and integrated with our employee portal for Fairmont, Raffles, Swissotel hotels and the results were almost immediately. Employees started collaborating globally and colleague engagement improved significantly. The integration was painless both on web and mobile.

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Information Systems Manager from Branded

The structure of our company is one that limits our ability to collaborate using traditional methods. We were in the need for a communication platform that we could use to reach all of our employees without much overhead. Beekeeper made that possible.

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Director of Hospitality from Casino

The ability to communicate company wide or inter dept. Recently our neighboring town Paradise Ca. lost over 14,000 homes in the most destructive fire in our nations history. Much chaos, we had 29 employees lose everything. Cell towers down creating many rumors but our staff used Beekeeper to effectively communicate and direct all effected to the proper agency's and lines of support we were providing.

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Business Development Analyst from Branded

Wide platform to work from. Easily accessible for all parties that wish to participate

Operations from Casino

My favorite thing about Beekeeper is the ability to keep open communication between different departments that I don't often see, and employees on other shifts. It helps keep me up to date on what's going on business wide! I also enjoy the fact that Beekeeper allows my employees to be able to contact me anywhere I am if there is an issue that arises.

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Vice President of Operations from Branded

Beekeeper has allowed our teams to collaborate and to become much more engaged. Our teams really enjoy sharing their stories and has created a deeper sense of pride in their properties and positions.

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Running a busy luxury hotel takes lots of real time communication - Beekeeper bridged that gap in the most relevant, up to the minute way. It's really transformed the way people get their daily digestion of information for the day here. The ability to communicate by picture, video or polling has been quickly adopted by my team. I love that our posts have a running slideshow in our employee cafeteria to broadcast to all. It really stimulates creativity and camaraderie with the staff. The best part of all is the HUMAN customer support - one of the customer representatives helped us launch, adopt and embrace its functionality (like a really cool friend). Jeff David Managing Director at the The Watergate Hotel
After rolling out Beekeeper, we noticed an immediate change in our internal communications. It was incredible to see all of the personalities that came alive on Beekeeper that we didn’t realize had existed before. Giving our employees a platform allowing them to have a voice has transformed our organization. David Montero Director of Operations at the Rhw Management
Opening this hotel with Beekeeper, I can tell you it has created a community that we would not have otherwise had. There’s more of a connection to the work that people do and the place they come to every day. People want to give extra effort and go above and beyond. They want to see that community succeed, and they’re much less likely to leave. So I know from my experience employee engagement has definitely enhanced at this property from Beekeeper, and we would have seen much higher turnover if it weren’t for this tool."“Beekeeper has created a community where people want to give extra effort and go above and beyond. Employee engagement has definitely enhanced at this property and we would have seen much higher turnover if it weren’t for this tool. Jason Brown Director of People Operations at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

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