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Bulk TV

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DIRECTV Television Solutions, High Speed Internet Access, Hotels & Hotel Management Groups, Senior Living & Healthcare Communities, and Hospitals

  • Based in Raleigh, NC
  • Founded in 2004
  • 84 employees on LinkedIn

Company Description

Bulk TV & Internet is a leading provider of DIRECTV services designed to meet the unique needs of hotels, healthcare and senior living commu... read more

Bulk TV & Internet is a leading provider of DIRECTV services designed to meet the unique needs of hotels, healthcare and senior living communities, hospitals, student housing and multi-dwelling unit properties as well as restaurants, bars and private offices. Bulk TV & Internet has been named as #1 DIRECTV Provider for Lodging & Institutions for nine consecutive years based on new subscribers. As the industry leader, Bulk TV & Internet serves more than 400,000 rooms in thousands of properties nationwide Each system is custom designed and built to deliver premium DIRECTV programming to meet the unique needs of the property. All systems are tested and certified before they ship, and a comprehensive parts and labor service warranty and 247 technical support are included. Additionally, Bulk TV offers high speed internet access solutions and managed data network services in partnership with Blueprint RF. Call to find out how you can upgrade the TV and Internet services at your property, often for less than what you are currently paying. less

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+15% above category avg.
Number of Employees 84 98% vs. category avg
Years in Business 14 97% vs. category avg
Bulk TV vs. Category Average
+1% 4.0 Ease of Use
-1% 3.0 ROI
N/A N/A Support
N/A 4.0 Onboarding

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Bulk TV

Reviewed on04/14/17


"Moving forward slowly.."

"Moving forward slowly.."


One of the better products on the market.


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Bulk TV

Reviewed on04/14/17

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