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HelloShift (Guest Engagement)

HelloShift (Guest Engagement)

Ranked 2nd in Guest Messaging Software

Headquartered in San Francisco (United States)

96 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
96 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


93% recommend
Customer Service
Ease of Use

What customers love about HelloShift (Guest Engagement)

Front Desk Agent from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

Helloshift is easily accessible across all departments. I like how easily it makes to pass on task among different shifts as well.

General Manager from Branded in Phoenix (United States)

It was very easy to migrate into, and the on-boarding experience was simple as well. Took less than a day to get everything up and running, and staff were able to communicate back and forth with very little training. It has allowed our guests to reach someone at the desk without having to pick up the phone and ask the basic questions like if we have a shuttle or if pets are allowed on property. Eliminates the redundancy as well of answering the basic questions with auto responses. Recommend to Others? Yes Customer Since: 2017 Success Metrics: We track guest feedback and scores rather closley and have seen a huge increase in guest satisfaction, especially in working order of things, due to the app and its PM program. Our guests have been very receptive to the widget online as well, with constant communication increased.

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Front Desk Supervisor from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

I love that I can communicate with my guests worldwide and they don't have to call long distance and get charged for calling to ask questions. Also, this has helped the hotel get more feedback and gives us a way to know what the guests needs to be satisfied throughout their trip.

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Front Office Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

The familiar interface. It’s ease of use. An accessible and friendly team. Always willing to help on what already is a fantastic product.

Bellperson/Concierge from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

This is a very reliable source of communication. Even when things are forgotten after the shift i can always go in and add it later. Keeps everybody up to date and on track for the schedules. Downloading the mobile app also is a good way to stay informed about whats going on even after your shift is over. To be able to know what your walking into the next day.

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Asst. General Manager from Branded in Oakland (United States)

Great communication hub for our Front Desk Dept. at the hotel. Easy to use, very efficient and and task section is very helpful as well.

Director of Sales from Branded in Carlsbad (United States)

Easy to use, very similar to social media. Love being able to filter items, use of hashtags, tags, etc. Success Metrics Increased ability to communicate with all departments and team members. Recommend this product? Yes Customer Since 4 years Other Similar Products Used None

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Assistant General Manager from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

The software is effective communicating with either guest or employees. I love how it is being user friendly.

Complex Front Office Manager from Boutique in Hayward (United States)

We love HelloShift at our 2 San Francisco hotels! Not only are we able to resolve guest requests quickly and efficiently, but we can also text our guests, which they love while exploring our beautiful city! In addition we are using the text system to communicate quickly with our 3 party valet company providing a quicker car return for our guests.

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Front Office Manager from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

Thorough integration with the helloshift platform, making it easier for the hotel to correspond with its guests Usage: Daily Customer for: 3 days

Assistant General Manager from Boutique in San Jose (United States)

The software is great for a larger company like ours that are spread out to multiple locations we are easily able to stay in touch with everything at each property. The service and support staff are extremely helpful and answer questions quickly,

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Hotel Standards Specialist from Branded in Monterey (United States)

The simplicity of the platform which makes it very easy to train new team members on. It's quite intuitive and allows hotel teams to share pretty much everything throughout their shift. Being able to access those posts remotely to "check-in" on operations is very beneficial.

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Owner from Other in Provincetown (United States)

The design of the wall makes the interface easy to use and to teach to our staff. The links are intuitive. The ability to store documents is a plus.

Payroll Administrator/ Accounting/ Human Resources from Branded in Kitty Hawk (United States)

This is a great communication tool for our hotel - but sometimes other users cannot see things I post and I can't figure out why. It seems like the support is always available and willing to assist in any way possible.

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General Manager from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

The software is extremely easy to use. We like it because we can post schedules, put procedures in the wiki, and put up coming guest requests in the system.

VP of Operations from City Center in Irvine (United States)

Easy to use, easy to train the team on and the guests love it! Every guests that use the HelloShift messaging gives us a nice reviews. Usage: Daily Customer Since: 2015

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Assistant General Manager from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

Easy to use ....works anywhere ....Great way to communicate with hotel guests through our website....we love the wiki for posting schedules and employee forums. Usage: Daily Customer for: 3+ years Advice to others: Give it a try it’s the right price and it works great

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General Manager from Boutique in San Francisco (United States)

We are a small boutique hotel in San Francisco averaging 86% OCC in a down year. Because we are very busy, we needed a way to communicate quickly with all our departments whether it was a guest request, maintenance issue, or management announcements. HelloShift performs seamlessly and quickly with our communication needs. We found that HelloShift disseminated this info quickly and efficiently and helped improve guest recovery, guest relations and employee morale. Advice to others: If you are still using the "Red Book" at the front desk, you are wasting time and no one will read your comments, because it is "history". HelloShift is current and one of the great features is that you can go back to a particular date to see historical events after the fact. It will tell you what were the issues, how the issue was handled and by whom, and what the follow up was required (if any). Usage: Daily Customer for: 2+ years

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Operations Manager from City Center in Irvine (United States)

The ease of use is great. We have heard great things from our guests in regards to how easy it is to ask for something.

Front Desk Supervisor from Branded in Kitty Hawk (United States)

I don't have experience with other similar software so I can't tell you why this one might be better. I only know that it is efficient. If the front desk team is onboard, this tool can be very helpful to follow up on guest's corporate info, future events, etc. To bring in more revenue. Even with just the simplest thing such as in house marketing.

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Assistant Front Office Manager from in Addison (United States)

Easy to communicate between departments. Customer Service is always helpful. The app makes it very efficient.

Engineer Supervisor from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I can check the notifications across different devices at the same time. I also receive the notifications right after guests submit their request or communication which enables us to respond quickly.

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F&B / Sales from Boutique in Chicago (United States)

- Get updated info from each department so quickly - I really like the search button, its super useful - Option to chat with guests is great!

Front Desk Supervisor from Boutique in Chicago (United States)

My favorite part of this system is making tasks for all departments. Easy to keep in touch with guest.

Front Office Manager from Boutique in Chicago (United States)

I like that it allows us to stay proactive in dealing with guests and situations that arise throughout the day. We want to keep the line of communication open between our staff and our guests, and this really helps to do that. Plus, hotels are heading in this direction so it is nice to have the cutting edge technology that will soon be used everywhere!

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Front Desk from Boutique

What I like the most about hello shift is being able to tag my co workers when they are not here to fill them in. I also like the feature of guest being able to chat with you versus be on the phone.

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DOS from Limited Service

This has helped us tremendously with team member engagement, guest engagement, and satisfaction! It is an invaluable tool and I cannot imagine any property without it!

Director of Front Office from Resort

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! HelloShift has been an amazing tool for our guest service agents to specialize the guest experience before arrival. Guest complaints come directly to the agents while the guest is still on property creating a wonderful guest recovery opportunity. Not to mention the communication across the property has significantly improved. Maintenance and housekeeping concerns are addressed in a much more timely manner due to the improved communication!

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President, CHA, P.E. from Airport/ conference

It is very easy and simple to use for both staff and guests. We switched all of our hotels from a competitor to HelloShift and have been very happy!

General Manager from Limited Service

It is easy for everyone to use! Even the older team members got the hang of it!

Front Desk Agent from Branded

HelloShift makes communicating with guest so much easier, The time function is a great tool to make sure we follow up with guest in a timely manner.

GM from City Center

-We are able to establish a personalized relation with guest with guest chat -Organize our day with Tasks, Checklist and uploading PDFs -communicate with all departments, track tasks/notes and hold departments accountable.

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Front Desk Agent from Resort

It makes reaching guests extremely easy. It allows us to track and improve engagement by each employee. It is extremely easy to navigate Guests love it!

Front Desk from Hostel

Front page layout is good Efficient way for staffs to communicate in my opnion

Front Desk Agent from Boutique

- Using HelloShift makes it easier to communicate with via text (i.e. letting them know if when their room is ready). Also, with today's technology, it is a great tool for guests to communicate with us! - HelloShift is very easy to use, and it ensures that we get tasks done and that other staff members know what is going on. - I have the mobile app, so if I forget anything on the pass-on, I can always add on HelloShift! (Review updated 12/19/18) Original Review 1/16/18: I like how with HelloShift everything is right in front of you, and it is easy to search for history. HelloShift is very easy to use! With today's social media craze, it is very similar -- so it was quick to learn. I like how everything is right in front of you, and it is easy to search for history.

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Director of Operations from Hostel

HelloShift has made it easier for our team to communicate with each other and focus on the guest experience. The guest engagement tools are easy to learn and utilize, and we've had a lot of positive comments from guest on how it has improved their lodging experience.

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Front Desk Agent from Boutique

It's super easy to use. I can leave notes and communicate with my team about important tasks even when we work opposite shifts. We also use it like a bulletin board for anything new we should know.

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Managing Partner from Limited Service

Really helps with communication and work order completion time for maintenance.

General Manaager from Extended Stay

- Makes communication SO easy, even between languages - Love the ease of knowing when a task is complete. - Love that there are no ads/extra unnecessary stuff (Review Updated 12/21/18) Original Review 1/23/18: A skeptic turned superfan! I was a total skeptic and Redbook lover going into it, but having used HelloShift for over a year, I am truly converted. In fact, I have just moved to another property and miss it so much it is first on my list to implement! - Being able to instantly follow up on completed tasks - Being able to be in touch anywhere, at anytime - Organization and no messy books filled with confusing handwriting!

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Lodging Manager from Resort

Very stable system. Allows for great communication for entire staff across all departments.

Sales Coordinator from Branded

* Maintains the information from our guests * Day to day pass long from Front Desk * Communication with our guests before their arrival, during and after their stay.

Assistant General Manager from Branded

HelloShift is a great communication tool. I feel that it is very effective in the workplace and makes it easy for our team members to navigate through. It keeps everyone in the loop and management can have access 24 hours of the day.

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General Manager from Extended Stay

Since it's initial introduction at my property, we have been able to collectively solve guest issues and communicate better among all departments. Their platform allows for ease of operation, and looks similar to that of Facebook, so makes it more fun for my associates to navigate. You can use the # symbol to track redundancies, tag team members, and quickly put to rest any issues to avoid any future guest incidents. My team loves it, I love it, and plan on continuing to use this tool for some time as IT WORKS!

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Front Desk Supervisor from Limited Service

what i love about hello shift is the communication between my staff and i is so thorough and it works for our hotel since everyone uses it from the gm to the housekeeping manager and all guest request get passed on with out us having to relay the message via walkies to each department it also keeps a good log of everything that is written down. Down to when guest leave an item behind to reviews that guest leave on trip adviser for our specific hotel and each maintenance issue that comes up.

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Manager from Motel

I love the communication this product offers for our staff. We are able to all stay completely up to date with things happening at the hotel, even when we are away from the hotel. I also love that all things can be categorized.

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Front Desk Agent from Resort

I enjoy that I'm able to communicate with the guests as well as my coworkers to improve everybody's experience.

Front Desk from Resort

What I like most about helloshift is that it is so much easier to get in touch with our guest. I enjoy using this site because it pretty much has everything you need. You can easily connect to the other departments like housekeeping and maintenance, while you are answering guest's questions and requests. I will definitely give this a 5 star!

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Guest Services from City Center

- Being able to communicate with guest via text - Simple to use - Task section is a must for us. Helps us stay organized and good for reminders.

Guest services from Boutique

Hello shift has provided a great platform for the hotel industry by giving us a very easy way to communicate with our guest . It provides a great communication tool between departments and shifts.

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Guest Services from Branded

I only work on the weekends so it is a great way to be kept up to speed and communicate with coworkers so we are all on the same page.

Night Audit from Branded

HelloShift is very user friendly. Its easy and fast to respond to our guests. We can easily serve give better service to our guests.

Front Desk from Branded

HelloShift is super convenient and allows team members to communicate and stay organized.

General Manager/Owner from Limited Service

Very easy to use and makes working with team members very simple. I also like the way tasks can be completed.

Front Desk Agent from Branded

easy to communicate, and easy to use too. And tagging function is very helpful, especially for houseman and maintenance to keep on track their work

Assistant General Manager from City Center

Response times to questions/concerns and for help is most important. Hello Shift support is quick, efficient and they are involved. Being able to 'text' msg our guests prior/during/after their stay is the next big thing... their system allows us to keep up & keep in touch with our guests.

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Guest Services Representative from City Center

Guest messaging in useful. staff communication is also very helpful specially when requesting a task be done

Assistant General Manager from Boutique

We love how easy it is to manage all guest communication. We are using their Opera integration through with guests are automatically sent text before, during and after their stay. We've heard nothing but praise from our guests.(review updated 12/30/18) Original review 1/27/18: HelloShift makes it easy to text with guests. I like how the notifications come up so you don’t miss anything. Best of all, I no longer have to come to the hotel to see what is going on. I can just check my phone wherever I am. User since: 2016 Usage: Daily

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General Manager from Boutique

This is a great tool to keep everyone informed and in communication with your guest. The Guest messaging allows management to address problem's should one arise before they read it on a review.

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reference customers

HelloShift is the best thing that can happen to any hotel. Dimitar Stanev Director of Operations at the Engage Hospitality
Guest interactions are inherently stressful - you never want a problem to turn into a negative review. HelloShift truly makes staff communication easier and takes away a lot of my stress. My team is able to give me all the information I need to quickly resolve guest problems. With HelloShift I can keep an eye on all of my departments instead of just one at a time to prevent problems even before they arise. Milan Patel Owner at the Candlewood Suites Orange County/Irvine East
Incorporating HelloShift into our daily operations has taken us to the next level. Guests are sent a text on the day of arrival. The responses are overwhelmingly positive and this advance communication makes check in a breeze. Throughout a guest's stay, communicating with the front desk is simple; the guest just replies to the chat string and anyone at the front desk can respond. Elizabeth Brooke Innkeeper at the The Provincetown Hotel

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