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Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

88 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
88 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


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What customers love about Hotelogix

Corporate Commercial Director from Other in Ciudad de México (Mexico)

Hotelogix is ​​an extremely user friendly solution, designed for any hotel of any size. Since its hiring it has facilitated much the control of reservations and reception of our guests. I full recommended it. You will be supported all the time by your technical area, who are very professional and kind.

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General Manager from Other in (Tanzania)

I am very impressed with possibilities offered by this program and the ease to use it. It covers all the activities of the hotel I am managing. Behind this software stand a professional team of people who are permanently available to sort any issue. Making confirmed or provisional reservations, modifying them, moving them around in the the table in order to create more reservation space is remarkable easy. The system allows sharing important information about the booking, the special wishes of the guests, the condition of the rooms, arrival and departure details, transfers, ...between the different departments and offices in the hotel so that perfect service can be guaranteed. The software is regularly updated and improved according to the advice of the users.

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Assistant Revenue Manager from Boutique in (Indonesia)

- It has many features that very details, the console can display clear information to user, and helpful customer service. The account managers are also easy to be contacted. - The training also can be arranged at any times whenever the hotel need. They give us clear information and offer flexibility for the audience to ask when they do not understand. - Value for money as well. - Accessibility is prime as it is cloud based so anyone can open it anytime. It also can be integrated with many big channel managers such Rategain or Siteminder with two ways connection to avoid double booking.

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General Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

User friendly and easy to use with strong functionality and very good customer service at a reasonable price.

Manager from Boutique in Phoenicia (United States)

Customer service has always been fast, attentive and helpful. Any concerns or questions we have had have been answered to the fullest and promptly. We always receive any updates in regards to software or if there will be any down time while they fix Hotelogix. Reports are easy to access and understand. Adjusting the POS system is easy--adding and taking off new or old merchandise is very accessible. Recommend to others? Yes

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General Manager from Resort in General Luna (Philippines)

- Good customer service as they respond fast and usually clear problem within the day - Good and easy interface

General Manager from Boutique in Agra (India)

1. Hotelogix works well as channel manager for online portals and effectively manages room inventory at all times. 2. Its ideal an ideal hotel management software for hoteliers. 3. It manages front6 desk operation, housekeeping, and other outlets. 4. Prepares and records all required reports and MIS data. 5. Above all.. have a very good support management from training to the online and offline. 6.They use the modern technique of videos, webinars and live chats etc is very good.

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Head of IT from Branded in Bengaluru (India)

Hotelogix is a superb cloud base application and its team helps with daily IT jobs like server management, infra management, data backups and restores. These things have been taken care directly by the Hotelogix team. Easy to operate by end users. Documentation and how to videos are provided online for quick reference/ help.

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Owner from Other in Winter Park (United States)

Hotologic is easy to and easy to train new employees, it is very cost affordable. The support desk is great.

General Manager from Other in (Indonesia)

Easy to setup and use. Good online support. Fast response and helping out with problems. Even people with very little computer skills can work with the front desk and the POS.

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IT Manager from Vacation Rental in Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Hotelogix is easy, affordable and covers a lot from front desk to POS. makes you run the business on the palm of your hand

Sales Executive from Boutique in Chișinău (Moldova)

1. Easy to use. The customer support team is fantastic and was really prompt in answering all my queries. We are impressed by the 24x7 prompt help from the support team. 2. Reporting tool which helps to increase our daily productivity and revenue. 3. Using Hotelogix has made the life of our hotel staff easy, from Revenue Manager to Housekeeping. The integration of booking engine with PMS is providing a seamless user experience and real-time room availability, making it easy for visitors to see availability at a glance and make their reservation.

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Vacation Rental Owner from Other in Etobicoke (Canada)

As simplistic or complex as you need it to be. Great value for the small operator and has excellent support team but rarely required.

Managing Director from Other in Kilifi (Kenya)

The front desk is easy to use. The ability to communicate guests needs to your colleagues through features like notes. The mobile App too is great. The reports are many. It cuts out the need to shift from several softwares and gives a hotel a one stop solution, it's is almost an ERP solution.

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Sales Manager from Boutique in Coyhaique (Chile)

Its really easy to use, it makes our staff work more dynamic and simple. As a Manager you can control everything wherever you are.

Finance Manager from Branded in Gurugram (India)

We've been using Hotelogix for the last 3 years and have had an excellent experience with system. Being able to manually edit restrictions is an excellent feature that we hadn't even thought of. Regular updates are good for for any software so this is powerful part of Hotelogix as it's in the cloud!

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Owner/Operator from Other in Saint Andrews (Canada)

Product is user friendly & easy to learn. It also provides flexibility with POS options for our Inn, which we have been able to use for pool coursed etc. Customer service is excellent when required.

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Hotel Consultant from Boutique in Half Moon Bay (United States)

I have used a few Property Management System (desktop and cloud-based) and Hotelogix PMS is really up there with the big boys (desktop) and ahead of the pack with the cloud-base system. - Great Reports! - Easy to use by the Front Desk staff and the Account Module is superb - Support service from the Hotelogix team is 24-hour and reliable, always give timely response

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General Manager from Boutique in Kralendijk (Caribbean Netherlands)

For a PMS Hotelogix has a lot of features. Although not all installed (link with tv and POS UNTIL), we are confident this will happen in the near future as the servicedesk is eager to be of assistence. As we have a contactperson on Island who helps us with the system we have a very good beginning for our newly started resort. Although some processes/questions are not going very fast to implement they will fix it for you and for me the endresult counts. I feel appreciated as a customer and although they have a lot of them our own contactperson is bringing that personal touch I like. Pricing is right for this system.

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E-Commerce Manager from Boutique in (Indonesia)

The system was complete and we could update anything real-time. the data the we upload on admin console it will be directly update on front desk.

Asset Manager from Other in Santa Ynez (United States)

Having worked with server based PMS systems my whole career, I did extensive research and found Hotelogix to be the best in class cloud based PMS system which is easy to use, they have great customer service with 24x7 chat in various languages. As I started my own hotel company and installed Hotelogix for 2 of my hotels, it was as easy as several clicks to get it up & running and channel integration to OTAs is also very quick so my hotels began receiving bookings directly into the PMS immediately.

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Managing Director from Vacation Rental in (AN)

Having worked with server based hotel software for more than 15 years, I ran into the cloud based Hotelogix in 2011. In the past 7 years I have seen Hotelogix grown from a basic PMS into a lean and mean PMS machine that not only works for small accommodations but also for bigger ones. It is also very affordable.

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Sales and Marketing from Boutique in (Tanzania)

I can not count the advantages of Using Hotelogix PMS, but we can brief it. Our hotel group has 10 Hotels and we still growing, and advise all of our partners to use Hotelogix for a number of reasons including: - Easy to use - Smart of Auto assign the rooms - Smart of giving overbooking alerts - Billing, POS, easy to set up, and linked with your software as well - Amazing support: Best thing is when you send a request to tech Support Team, within a Min. they reply (NOT Auto reply) second e-mail after another few Min. with solution Online support is 24/7 - easy to be integrated with 100s of Channel managers Usage: Daily Customer Since: 2016 Previously used: We used NightsBridge for one year, but was a big mess, as its offline , and you need to manually Snyc.

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General Manager from Branded in Jaipur (India)

I have used many PMS in Industry, as a hotelier I have worked with IDS, Opera, Fidelio and Prologic for 15 years then migrated to Hotelogix last year. We like being able to access on mobile due to the cloud and while off property, it gives so many reports related with your outlets/department, with many more options to check it, Everything controlling by your single screen only for any department. Now FO team never make OTA room bookings in the PMS they book direct. Accounts never come to other POS / department to check the accounting or any kind of manual work, you don't need to keep the food bill supporting to give to check out guest, because it shows in room printed folio ever single item, it makes the entire operations so smooth.... really.

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General Manager from Branded in Lafayette (United States)

- Covers all the operational and administrative needs in an easy way - Customer service always available and ready to solve any kind of problem

Operations Manager from Other in Tampico (Mexico)

El que sea online me da acceso a trabajar desde cualquier lugar. La gestión de usuarios es muy funcional. La atención al cliente es de primera calidad, (Daniela Sanchez y Luis Gonzalez) Translated: Whoever is online gives me access to work from anywhere. User management is very functional. The customer service is top quality, (Daniela Sanchez and Luis Gonzalez)

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Hotel Sales & Marketing Consultant in Chalong (Thailand)

The front office is easy to use, full integrated with third party solutions to optimise revenues. Dynamic pricing feature is especially great for our hotels to yield the rates automatically without human interference.

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Deputy Housekeeper from Resort in New Delhi (India)

It has a lot of features that other software in the market do not provide. The system can generate 70+ reports.

Shift Leader from Branded in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

It has a seamless Front Desk and Housekeeping Console, along with a good Web Booking Engine where you can sell packages and Add-ons

VP of Operations from Boutique in Lake Buena Vista (United States)

The customer service is the best. Never need to wait for responses and can trust they will work on whatever issue you have!

Assistant Manager from Branded in Hal Layout (India)

Very basic tool yet consists of all the features that any PMS should have. Grid provides the clear picture of reservations. Night Audit and Correction mode keeps things under control.

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General Manager from Boutique in Agra (India)

Support is very nice, user friendly. Help us promote our hotel on social sites like Tripadvisor & OTA, Hotelogix has a very nice Booking engine and many options for channel managers by which Hotel can connect and automate the inventory & rate management process for OTA.

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Unknown department from Branded

multi-property feature group feature easy to understand it integration with lots of systems (snapshot,tripadvisor,channel manager) customer support

Operations Manager from Other

Hotelogix is an easy to learn PMS. it may look complicated at first but it's because it provides many functions to users and their customer service teams quickly responded and helped me until the issue resolved.

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Manager from Bed & Breakfast

Accurate system and efficient Staff are available at all times to help (especially Mayank) who has been a huge help for us.

Manager from Resort

The software is web based and very light and can be accessed from any part of the world. The interface of the PMS is also very user-friendly and Hotelogix's help & support is very attentive.

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GSE in Houskeeping from Branded

1..Making reservation procedure is very easy and simple. 2.OTA bookings are generated automatic which saves us time vs. doing manually. 3.Night Audit process is short and sweet. 4.sending confirmation and invoices to guest is possible directly form soft wear. 5. Response pace team is working positively 24*7 with solutions. 6.Trainer which we have Trained is very positive attitude person he is always taking the issue and solving on time Mr. Dinesh P.

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Manager from Bed & Breakfast

We started using the system last year and its working very well and has helped us to improve our business.

Manager from Resort

The software is web-based and can be accessed from any part of the world. It is very user-friendly and help & support is very attentive.

Operations from Airport/ conference

The software is web-based and easy to accessed from any where any time. The interface of the PMS is very user-friendly and its working very well and has helped us to improve our business. Customer service teams is very helpful & quick response

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Front Office Manager from Airport/ conference

Hotelogix is a One Point Solution for all the Hotel Needs , Like Front Desk Solution,Channel Manager Connect,Web Booking Engine,Face Book Engine,Integration with Reputation Management Software.These helps us to increase hotel revenue.Good Support Service & Quick response.

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Manager from Extended Stay

Hotelogix is an easy to learn PMS. - The multi-property feature group feature is easy to understand - The interface of the PMS is very user-friendly - Support is very quick - Accurate system and efficient Staff are available at all times to help.

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Digital Marketing Manager from Boutique

1. The software is very much user friendly. 2. A separate report section is very helpful for analysis.

Partner from Boutique

All clients request for the following in order to trust their software: 1) Customisable product 2) Seamless integration 3) Back end support. Hotelogix HMS & PMS have all three of the above points with a simple and easy to use product and great reporting features.

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General Manager from Bed & Breakfast

1. Hotelogix is easy & very user friendly PMS. 2. Customisable Product 3. Seamless integration 4. Good Back end support & service 5. Hotelogix has Excellent Mobile App.. 6. Helps to Increase business. Very Good Product for Hospitality Business.

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Assistant Maintenance Manager from Boutique

Hotelogix is very Simple & Easy to use PMS.Our Front Desk Operation are happening very smoothly on daily basis.It has lots of controls in terms of User Right & Access.Easy to track user activity.Also the Support Team is very Quick on resolving any issues or query. Hotelogix is just perfect..PMS

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General Manager from Vacation Rental

-How the product can be customized to specific properties. -Quick and efficient - 24 hours assistance if required

Operations from Vacation Rental

1 hotelogix is easy and very user friendly PMS. 2 customizable and very good product 3 seamless integration 4 good back end support and service 5 hotelogix has excellent mobile App

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General Manager from Boutique

Hotelogix is very Simple & Easy to use PMS. Quick and efficient.Seamless integration. The separate report section is also very helpful for analysis.

Front Office Executive from Bed & Breakfast

We are very impressed with possibilities offered by Hotelogix PMS and the ease to use it. The software is regularly updated and improved based on client feedback. They have Professional team of people who are always available to sort any issue. We recommend Hotelogix PMS to Everyone.

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IT Manager from Branded

1. Simple & Easy to Use PMS 2. Great Integration with Channel Manager,Web Booking Engine,Face Book Engine 3. Excellent after sales support by a very professional team. 4. Regular Update & Improving. 5. Good Reporting system

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Manager-Sales/Operations from Bed & Breakfast

1.Very User Friendly PMS, 2. Quick Support 3. Management Dash Board is superb 4. All kinds of Reports available. Excellent PMS!!!

Assistant Residence Manager from Bed & Breakfast

Hotelogix is very easy to use PMS software. Our Operations are very smooth Thanks!! to Hotelogix for making our daily operation easy.

General Manger from Boutique

Hotelogix is always on point with service and tech support. Great overall!!

President from Extended Stay

Reports are great and I love the fact that online booking come in on it's own. Statistic options are great too.

President from Motel

- The software effectively does what it is advertised to do for the most part - Cost effective for managing smaller properties - Screen queries provide quick results and low wait times - Plenty of boxes to add guest/reservation detail in - Customization of forms is great for personalizing the guest impressions

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reference customers

Easy to make the switch to cloud PMS...Switching to Hotelogix was incredibly easy and quick. We were able to load our entire inventory and set rates within 24 hours. Within a few days our card processing was set up. Mark Shemel Owner at the Think Properties, New York & Miami, USA
Hotelogix helps us give a more personal and speedy service...We only operated on one workstation, so busy check-ins were a nightmare. But, with Hotelogix, I can even use my smart phone to express check in clients if my two workstations are busy. Ian Jackson General Manager at the Southcliff Hotel, Kent, UK
Hotelogix Freemium is a great idea!...For me, it was the first step to move from manual ways of managing my inn to automating operations. The system is easy to use and figure out on my own. Josh Zimmermann General Manager at the The Grove Inn, San Francisco
Ideal for daily operations...We were managing our Inn manually and were facing many issues in everyday tasks. When we came across Hotelogix Freemium, we realized this was something worth trying. Freemium is a good plan to start with as it helps us automate all the operations. Thumbs up to Hotelogix! Khalif Mohd Admin Assistant at the Macktz Comfort Inn, Malaysia

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