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Quore (Engineering)

Quore (Engineering)

Ranked 1st in Engineering & Facilities Management

Headquartered in Franklin (United States)

94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


93% recommend
Customer Service
Ease of Use

What customers love about Quore (Engineering)

General Manager from Branded in Naples (United States)

The ease of use and the amount of tools / features you have at your disposal. It is a very comprehensive software and it helps us stay on top of projects, deep cleans, PM's, etc... Best of all, it makes the staff be 100% on the same page when it comes to communication.

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General Manager from Branded

Honestly I see no reason to have Quore. It is a system easy to use but our hotel is so small that its just another pain and another system to teach and another bill.

General Manager from Airport/ conference

Functionality and ease of operation via mobile app. Training is a snap and reports are easy to manage.

General Manager from Branded

Our team is consistently able to see in real time daily communication from all departments. We are staying on top of the daily jobs we need to complete thanks to Quore!

General Manager from Branded

The communication that is used on property level between departments help for increase in guest satisfaction.

Training Manager

very easy to use, from day one everything went smooth, everybody loves it, the platform, keeps everybody well informed of what is going on in every department

Front Desk Agent from Airport/ conference

love it its the best ever helps all communicate in the hotel and keeps us all on the same page and would recommend to any hotel to get

General Manager from Branded

It is Easy to learn It is User Friendly It has Good reporting Replaces all paper reporting Staff love it

General Manager from Airport/ conference

Implementing this program at my hotel has helped us tremendously in making things that were difficult to an easy path to solve any issues. It's a great investment.

Director of Facilities from Branded

QUORE is at the core of our group of hotels, communication, collaboration and interaction have all increased. Hotels are communicating more with team members, guests and corporate staff. Guest Satisfaction is also increasing and with continued focus on the plan we hope all hotels to achieve better performance and fewer guest complaints. On going training and support by the QUORE Team has been amazing and we look forward to all becoming QUORE Champions.

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Front Office from Branded

Being able to see everything that's done in your department, and being able to see everything that need's to be fixed is very helpful when managing lots of requests and daily tasks.

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HR from Resort

It is user friendly. Training was great and useful. very easy to use and employee buy in was excellent!

Engineer from Bed & Breakfast

It saves paper and time.

Security Supervisor

Being able to backtrack during the day that a service call was sent. Sometimes a radio call is answered, but during the day the recipient might become overburdened.

Chief Engineer Supervisor from Branded

Easy to navigate. Easy of using and finding what you need and contacting other team members. You can use mobile any where that you are at.

AGM from Branded

The software is convenient for all types of communication and for keeping track of work orders. I love the fact that there is a mobile app. Being an AGM it is a great tool to have.

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Front Office from Branded

Great communication tool for hotels. Work orders, guest complaints. All around easy to use and extremely helpful.

Chief Engineer from Extended Stay

Very good for record keeping and real time communication . The program is simple to use and makes the staff more proficient

Maintenance Engineer from Boutique

It shows me what needs to be done, it shows how long each project takes, and reminds me about upcoming projects

Regional Engineer from Extended Stay

Quore is a great way of tracking work completion and inventory control and allows me to access all the hotels in my region.

Front Office from Airport/ conference

I am loving this system. This is the first time using this and it is a be help in scheduling my PM's and work request.

Maintenance Engineer from Extended Stay

I love the way quore streamlines everything for me and makes my work flow so much easier to manage. Thank you quore!

Engineer from Branded

Every department can communicate without issues. We are able to let other departments know what needs to be done and we can also see what is Not getting completed.

Corporate Director of Engineering from Airport/ conference

I am a corporate Director of Engineering for a Large Hotel Company and I use Quore as a life line to all my Hotels for Life Safety to Room preventive maintenance. I just have to say I have used a lot of CMMS Systems in my 35+ years of Engineering and Quore is one of the best I have see in Years. Thank you Quore as a bonus your Staff is the best.

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Assistant General Manager from Boutique

Quore is okay but its nothing special. Same as any other hotel management software, in my opinion.

Maintenence Engineer from Branded

I can do all my"paperwork" without spending 45 or more min. During addy the desk, flipping through pages to make sure I didn't forget anything.

Guest Services from Branded

Efficient ways of keeping track of requests, tasks accomplished and unfinished, and lost and found items! Its best when ALL employees actually use it together, sometimes hard to get people to remember to log-in and report. But thats not the sites fault ;). Outside of that I recommend!

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Front Office from Branded

We used to have to use work order slips to have maintenance look at anything that is wrong, now we just tap it into Quore and all our maintenance workers are alerted to the problems. It truly does streamline the process of communication between housekeeping, front desk and maintenance at our hotel when there is a problem with a room. It has also cut down on paper cost, eliminating the need for a lost and found log book, the work order slips, and message slips for housekeeping.

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Director of Front Office from Branded

Very efficient and very user friendly. I had experience with Hot Sos before and I can say that Quore is amazing and great for all my staff to use and does the job. Very Happy with Quore. Great staff and support as well. Will recommend them for sure!

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Director of Engineering from Branded

It easy to use for everyone and I look forward to the daily reports, they are great.

HR from Branded

Quore has a great staff and great products, Quore's tools really help with Hotel Management. They have a great product offering and they are really easy to use.

Regional Manager from Branded

Having so much in one program and the ability to keep so much historical data without keeping paper files.

Director of Accounting from Branded

-seamless integration -elimination of redundancy -increases accountability of team members

VP of Hotel Operations from Branded

Great interaction with all team members and helps keeps us on track. Helps streamline the operations

Regional Manager from Branded

A great tool to centralize work and keep our teams on the same page working towards common goals.

Regional Manager from Branded

Quore has helped streamline the process for work order's and PM's as well as ensuring the follow up to maximize the guest experience. Great program and easy to use. Helps make the hotel run more efficiently while increasing communication.

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