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Technology, Over-the-Top, Hospitality Services, Internet, Interactive Television, and Professional Solutions

  • Based in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Founded in 1980
  • 517 employees on LinkedIn

Company Description

SONIFI Solutions, Inc. ("SONIFI"‹) is an interactive content and connectivity solutions provider. The company serves approximately 1.2 mil... read more

SONIFI Solutions, Inc. ("SONIFI"‹) is an interactive content and connectivity solutions provider. The company serves approximately 1.2 million hotel rooms worldwide in addition to healthcare facilities throughout the United States with core services that include interactive television, broadband, connectivity, and advertising media solutions along with nationwide technical and professional support services. The company's corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA and the primary operations center is in Sioux Falls, SD. The company also maintains offices in Silicon Valley as well as offices in Canada and Mexico and a network of field service facilities serving the companys customers throughout the United States and Canada. SONIFI's primary customer base is in the continental United States, however they also deliver services in Canada, Mexico and 15 other countries through relationships with local licensees. less

Sonifi Ratings Summary

Recommend to a friend
-6% above category avg.
Number of Employees 517 90% vs. category avg
Years in Business 38 93% vs. category avg
Sonifi vs. Category Average
N/A 3.9 Ease of Use
-15% 2.3 ROI
-17% 2.8 Support
-13% 3.3 Onboarding

User Reviews

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Reviewed on12/27/17


"Not the best, probably not the worst"

"Not the best, probably not the worst"


- Easy to use when working properly
- Fulfills basic needs of guests
- Ability to shut movies off if no payment provided by guest


- Customer service is subpar
- Often try to switch things even with contract
- Does not have the most up to date technology
- Will only allow movies to be shut off for 7 days at a time - very time consuming when guest has multiple rooms for an extended period

  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
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Reviewed on12/27/17

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