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Ranked 7th in Guest Messaging Platforms

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What customers love about TrustYou (Messaging)

General Manager from Other in Sunnyvale (United States)

Tool is really easy to use and we don't have to put much effort to train our staff on this. It has all the required features which are used for communicating with our guest. With this tool, we have noticed that our overall performance score has improved because our guests can easily reach to us and we solve their issues quickly. If you really want a simple tool which can help you get in touch with your guests and help improves your performance score then you should try this. The unique thing about this product is that it is part of the whole platform where you can also manage your post-stay surveys along with your pre-stay and on-site surveys.

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Owner from Boutique hotel in Hilo (United States)

It was very easy to get up and running using the integration with our PMS. After training from their CS team, we were sending automated pre-arrival messages in about a week, and could directly attribute more new sales to TY Messaging that more than justify the cost. It has generally made our staff more accessible and our guests genuinely seem to appreciate the semi-automated personal touch. * automated engagement, personal responses * increased add-on sales (activities, etc) * centralized guest messaging * management oversight of staff communication * alerts for delayed responses

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Guest Experience Manager from Other in Anaheim (United States)

- It is very easy to use for people with very little experience - Easy setup - Low implementation costs

Assistant Front Office Manager in Mountain View (United States)

The company does a really great job with training for the program. They email us frequently with questions and updates offered. They're very easy to contact if anything goes wrong.

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General Manager from Other in Anaheim (United States)

I love the overall concept of messaging prior to arrival and the convenience to the staff being able to have everything taken care of prior to arrival.

Front Desk Manager in San Francisco (United States)

For most of a guests' time on property they really don't need much, but when they do, they expect it immediately and need an easy way to connect with the hotel to get it. What Trust You Messaging allows us to do is be able to make that connection with guests early on in their stay by engaging them via email and/or text message which opens up a frictionless line of communication to connect with the hotel. Couple other pros: - Mobile checkin: Allows our housekeeping team to know when guests are arriving and allows us to set expectations better with guests - Upsell opportunities: We can offer low touch upsells to guests via the mobile checkin feature allowing us to generate additional incremental revenue from upgrades and ancillaries

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Concierge from Resort in Caracas (Venezuela)

Is a very ideal software to complement the work I do (translated from spanish)

Concierge from Other in Charleston (United States)

Good way to reach out to guests, people like that they feel connected in a more convenient way to them.

Assistant General Manager from Other in Santa Clara (United States)

Easy to communicate with guests. Very reliable platform.

Front Office Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

Accessibility for guests to agent relations.

concierge from Other in Charleston (United States)

It makes communication easier for guests and employees.

Guest Relations Manager from Resort in Dubai (Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri)

Unfortunately the mention section does not work properly as it seems to be weak. The guest mentions something positive but it shows on the report as the guest mention negative. For example, "The restaurant was full and they prepared a nice table with a good set up'' sentence is positive but the first sentence is "restaurant is full" so It became as negative on TrustYou in the sentiments. Normally the guest tried to mention that the staff is helpful! Unfortunately as a guest relations manager, I am not able to get a healthy report from TrustYou.

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Direct, fast communication and problem-solving is the key to a satisfied and happy guest, which can, in turn, result in good reviews and a loyal customer. Since our hotel is designed to appeal to a young and tech-savvy clientele, Amazon Echo seemed like the perfect match to receive guest requests from the room. Since we were already using TrustYou’s effective messaging tool and dashboard for direct guest communication, the combination of the two was the next logical step. Jim Harness General Manager at the Acme Hotel Chicago

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