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What customers love about Whistle

General Manager from Other in Downey (United States)

- Text Message and mobile message enables our hotel - Modernizes our hotel experience for guest - The ease of use for staff - Allows us to better serve guests - Helps boost guest engagement - Helps us boost our Brand survey scores and TripAdvisor scores - Increases Employees efficiency at the front desk with inter departmental communication - Decreases amount of phone calls to the hotel - The Support from the Whistle team is phenomenal for a software company and is 24/7 - Has great analytics and real time features Overall Highly recommend this software for hotels looking to better communicate with guests.

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Director of Operations from Other in Los Angeles (United States)

Ease of installation and comfort of use by our staff. Allows us to build relationships with guests by using a communication method that they are comfortable with.

Maintenance Department from Vacation Rental in Big Bear Lake (United States)

My favorite thing about whistle is that we can eliminate making unnecessary and time consuming phone calls. Being able to communicate with people within your company quickly and efficiently to be able to resolve things quickly - is key.

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General Manager from Other in Englewood (United States)

It is very easy to use and the results were both measurable and obtainable, and I participated in 2 training sessions at 2 different hotels, and the staff at both hotels were up and running 100% on their very first day, immediately following the training session. It was great to see that no matter how much computer or social media experience and skills that you had, the associate quickly understood the "Whistle"processes, and were able to see how they can improve customer service in the hotel. It actually made their jobs easier, and even more enjoyable because they experienced first hand communication with our clients prior to their arrival, and were able to answer questions, and prepare our customers for an even better guest experience before they even entered the hotel. You can see by the customer responses to their questions, that they felt engaged and appreciated by the team well in advance of their arrival. We actually improved our overall guest service scores by 13.8% over a 2 month period after rolling out Whistle!! Implementation is very easy, and the training is fast, comprehensive, and as a new client to Whistle we felt that we were important to them, and they wanted to make sure we were successful. Their response to questions was fast and on-point. My advice to others in the hospitality business is to try it out, and my main reason for this is because visitors to hotels sometimes run into other situations prior to their arrival that cause them to be delayed, or experience poor service elsewhere. They really can face tough roadblocks, such as traffic, airline delays, poor weather, long lines a rental car agencies and so on, so they are not enjoying their trip even before they arrive at the hotel. Whistle allows you to communicate with them before they get there (as well as in the hotel), and they can tell you upfront their new ETA, or maybe they want to make sure the restaurant will be open for them, or they forgot to ask for feather pillows and so on and so on. So by allowing them to have a friendly person to write back to on the other end, who gives them warm, and direct answers to their questions, and who is also looking forward to their arrival...Whistle...allows the hotel to set a true Welcome tone or "Bright Hearted" as we say at Hilton Garden Inn and the customers know that their arrival will be perfect, and they feel that their day just got better!! Whistle Works!!

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Reservations Manager from Vacation Rental in Big Bear Lake (United States)

By far the most valuable tool our office uses, every minute of every day Whistle helps us be more efficient :) The customer service is top notch too - the absolute best!

Front Office Manager from Vacation Rental in Big Bear Lake (United States)

What I really love about Whistle is it is so easy to use. It makes is so easy to communicate with employees, vendors and guests.

Owner from Other in Santa Barbara (United States)

Whistle has elevated our guest experience. We receive daily praise about how nice it is that we are in contact with our guests from the time they make their reservation to the time they leave our property. We are able to contact guests from around the world through our Whistle service and it gives us a connection that guests are not used to, but love. We used it when our area experienced terrible natural disasters to keep our guests informed of the status of the fires and mudslides. Our past guests also used it to check on us during this time. Whistle is an integral part of our hotel and we are so glad that we found Whistle.

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General Manager from Other in Bakersfield (United States)

We've been using Whistle for a year and a half been a great tool for communication with our guest prior, during and after a guest stay. If guest do not like it they can just "stop" to opt out. Customer Since: 2016 Usage: Daily

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General Manager from Boutique hotel in San Luis Obispo (United States)

We have been using Whistle since last year and our guests love using it. We send pre-arrival, welcome, and checkout text to all our guests. Guest find it an easy way to let us know if they need anything during their stay. It is very easy to use and has become a part of our daily routine. Usage: Daily Customer Since: June 2017

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Front Office Manager from Other in Irving (United States)

The Whistle App is extremely user friendly & the set-up and with Jonathan made the initiation seamless.

Front Office Manager from Other in Santa Clara (United States)

It allows me to communicate with the guest as well as my team. It completely eliminates the use of paper and allows me to only use one portal.

Guest Relations Coordinator from Other in Los Angeles (United States)

Easy working with the system, quick follow up with guest if guest reply back to you. Been able to text and keep the conversation till you manually deleted it.

Assistant General Manager from Other in Los Angeles (United States)

The speed and service it allows to interact with our hotel guest(s). It is very simple to use. I like the fact that it allows you to use a guest request log.

Director of Sales from Other in Garden Grove (United States)

I love that it allows us as a hotel to interact as a guest and from the guests perspective it makes requests so much easier especially if you are not physically on property. Allows for greater and enhanced guests interaction.

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General Manager Hampton Inn Anaheim/Disneyland Area from Other in Englewood (United States)

From the initial training to the constant support, Whistle has been an amazing messaging service for our hotel. They're constantly looking to enhance features and am always open to feedback to help them grow; leading to the features that have been added within the past year alone.

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Assistant General Manager from Other in Englewood (United States)

This service is extremely user friendly for team members and guests alike. It limits the need for constant phone calls back and forth and allows the front desk agents to focus on both the guest in front of them as well as those with requests, without having to be on the phone.

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General Manager from Boutique hotel in Los Angeles (United States)

Simple and easy to use - Fast in answering user questions. There are other companies out there, you will wind up not using all the things you are paying for. Whistle covers all the bases that you will need and will be using daily. Whistle is a streamlined application and very user friendly. I have worked with others - we wind up not using the other features.

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Director Of Front Office from Other in Denver (United States)

I absolutely love how Whistle has enabled us to take our guest service to another level while allowing our team to multi-task and get really creative with our guest interactions. Our tech-savvy guests love the ability to communicate with us in a quick and efficient manner, which in turn has increased our GSS (Service) scores. Whistle has also enabled us to streamline our interdepartmental communication, as well as to track Housekeeping and Maintenance work orders with instant updates being sent via text.

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Director of Operations from Other in Los Angeles (United States)

Ease of the software; staff are able to adapt to this method relatively easily Training Provided by Whistle was clear and easy to initiate Comfort of guest use; guests have grown fond of this service as it allows them to easily communicate with staff using a method which they are comfortable with

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General Manager from Other in San Diego (United States)

The software is very user friendly and intuitive. Everyone has picked on using the day we started using it.

General Manager from Boutique hotel in Los Angeles (United States)

Software installation. Training provided by Whistle team. Recommendations Whistle Team made in setting up our system based on our service deficiencies. Very simple for the staff to use How the analytics can help you improve staff efficient and improve guest satisfaction and experience. Expandable Best Price Value compared to other systems. Ongoing support from Whistle Team System is exactly what we needed! First 6 months of utilization, improved overall service and guest experience 12%

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Reservations Manager from Vacation Rental in Big Bear Lake (United States)

To begin, I have no idea how we ever survived without Whistle. Communications between our office, remote staff and our guests is so much more streamlined, easy to access for reference, and quicker than ever before. We are so pleased with the ease of use! Not to mention the fantastic support we receive, friendly professional, effective, and oh so convenient!

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General Manager from Other in Oakland (United States)

Whistle has an innovative and simplistic design

General Manager from Other in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Easy to use, convenient, unlimited messages can be sent, great interface, mobile app works great, alerts and notifications are useful, increased guest satisfaction, personalized touch and better service. Fast/modern way of communication/24hr availability.

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reference customers

We are pleased to partner with Whistle, a platform that allows us to use SMS and technology to communicate with our guests.This gives our guests the opportunity to focus on the culture and heritage of New Mexico rather than the logistics of their stay. Adrian Perez President at the Heritage Hotels and Resorts
Whistle is more than just a communication tool, it's a necessity to get ahead in the market. Technology has evolved our way of communication, from having a formal conversation lasting minutes, to starting and ending in seconds. Whistle allows properties to learn more about their guests, in order to personalize their guest services. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a guest feel at home and truly enjoy their stay. The support team provided by Whistle makes hotels feel energized to take on the day of arrivals, follow through with special requests, and make guests feel unique. Whistle is the leader in communication that will soon be the standard in hospitality. Taelor Barrett Reservations Manager at the DoubleTree by Hilton Flagstaff
We absolutely love Whistle! It is our most important communication tool! We have come to rely on the simplicity and are able to get information from one department to the other quickly and efficiently! Every interaction with the Whistle team is a wonderful one, great service from them and being able to provide great service to our guests. We don’t know how we ever survived without it, the most valuable time-saving services we use for sure! Thanks guys! Trish Armstrong Reservations Manager at the Big Bear Cool Cabins
Whistle is an amazing program which has made it possible to reach out to guests, in a way that caters to the new generation of communication via messaging. Whistle has yielded amazing results, and always receives positive feedback. Our guests are joyed to receive messages, as they feel a sense of a personalized experience with our front desk agents. Whistle also allows our font desk agents to multitask between phone calls and the Whistle program. We have yet to see any downside to this program, only having received positive feedback from guests and staff members. Whistle makes our guests feel special, as they experience a new tactic in the hotel industry. Whistle offers a great platform which is easy to use; I would recommend Whistle to anyone wanting to raise their hotels service. Brian Courtney Guest Services Manager at the GreenTree Inn Sedona

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