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Teilen Sie uns den Standort Ihres Hotels, die Anzahl der Zimmer, Integrationen und Anforderungen mit und wir senden Ihnen eine kostenlose benutzerdefinierte Liste mit empfohlenen Anbietern.
Wir haben 0 Hoteliers in mehr als 0 Ländern befragt, um herauszufinden, welche die besten Callcenter-Software-Anbieter sind, und um alles zu erfahren, was Sie wissen müssen, um das richtige Callcenter-Software zu kaufen. für Ihr Hotel (einschließlich unseres 2023 Callcenter-Software Guide ). Wir aggregieren auch wichtige Daten zu Entscheidungskriterien, einschließlich Integrationsverfügbarkeit, Partner-Ökosystem, Expertenempfehlungen und mehr (erfahren Sie mehr über die Ranking-Methodik von HTR ).
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  • Ht-Ergebnis: Der Hotel Tech Score ist ein zusammengesetztes Ranking, das aus Schlüsselsignalen wie Benutzerzufriedenheit, Kundensupport, Benutzerbewertungen, Expertenempfehlungen, Verfügbarkeit von Integrationen und geografischer Reichweite besteht, um Käufern zu helfen, ihre Produkte besser zu verstehen.
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The phone system for modern business
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Next Generation Business Calling Software
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Take bookings and answer questions with a guest-led voice assistant that mimics your best agent and never misses a call.
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Bright Pattern, Inc.
World’s First Omni-Enterprise Contact Center Platform
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Travel Outlook
Travel Outlook takes voice reservations calls for select hotels, improving hotel voice reservations revenue and guest satisfaction.
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A CPaaS with automations and integrations made simple. So simple, you'll have time for the other parts of your business.
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Tenyx delivers the next generation of enterprise GPT-based voice and chat agents for the call center. It Replaces existing IVR systems with next-generation robust conversational agents that are powered by proprietary generative AI technology.
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Andere Lösungen, die ein integriertes callcenter-software zusatzmodul mit ihrem Kernproduktangebot anbieten
SHR Group
4.6 (51 bewertungen)
Ht score logo 98 Ht-Ergebnis
Hotel Tech Score ist ein zusammengesetztes Ranking, das sich aus Schlüsselsignalen zusammensetzt, wie z. B.: Benutzerzufriedenheit, Anzahl der Bewertungen, Aktualität der Bewertungen und vom Hersteller übermittelte Informationen, um Käufern zu helfen, ihre Produkte besser zu verstehen.
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Was ist Callcenter-Software
Call center software refers to a set of tools and applications designed to facilitate effective management and handling of incoming and outgoing phone calls in a centralized customer service environment. It includes features such as call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), call queuing, call monitoring, call recording, analytics, and integration with other systems. In the hotel industry, call center software is utilized to streamline and enhance customer service operations. Here are a few ways it is used: Reservation Management: Call center software allows hotel staff to handle reservation requests efficiently. It can provide agents with access to real-time availability, pricing, and room details, enabling them to assist callers with booking or modifying reservations. Call Routing and Distribution: When a guest calls a hotel, the call center software routes the call to the appropriate department or agent based on predefined rules or IVR prompts. For example, calls may be directed to the front desk, room service, housekeeping, or concierge based on the nature of the inquiry. Multichannel Support: Modern call center software often supports multiple communication channels, including phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media messages. This allows hotels to provide consistent and seamless customer service across various channels, depending on guest preferences. Personalized Service: Call center software can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to provide agents with guest information and history. This enables agents to deliver personalized service by addressing guests by name, understanding their preferences, and resolving issues effectively. Performance Monitoring and Analytics: Call center software provides valuable metrics and analytics to monitor call volumes, average call duration, wait times, and agent performance. Hotels can use these insights to optimize staffing levels, identify training needs, and improve overall customer service. Call Recording and Quality Assurance: Some call center software solutions offer call recording functionality, allowing hotels to review and assess agent performance, ensure compliance with service standards, and resolve disputes or misunderstandings with guests. Call center software empowers hotels to handle a high volume of customer inquiries efficiently, improve guest satisfaction, and maintain consistent service levels across various communication channels.
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What are the benefits of call center software in the hotel industry?

Call center software offers several benefits to the hotel industry. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Improved Efficiency: Call center software streamlines hotel operations by automating call routing and providing agents with access to real-time information. This reduces call handling time, minimizes manual errors, and increases overall efficiency in handling guest inquiries and requests.

  2. Enhanced Customer Service: By integrating with customer data systems, call center software enables agents to access guest information, preferences, and history. This facilitates personalized service, allowing agents to address guests by name, anticipate their needs, and provide a more tailored and satisfying experience.

  3. Multichannel Support: Modern call center software supports various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media messages. This enables hotels to meet guests' preferences by offering multiple ways to interact, ensuring convenience and flexibility in communication.

  4. Increased Scalability: As hotels grow and receive higher call volumes, call center software accommodates scalability by efficiently managing call queues, distributing calls to available agents, and optimizing staffing levels. This ensures that guests' inquiries are promptly addressed, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience.

  5. Performance Monitoring and Analytics: Call center software provides valuable metrics and analytics to monitor call volumes, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. These insights help hotels identify areas for improvement, track service level agreements, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and guest service.

  6. Call Recording and Quality Assurance: Some call center software solutions offer call recording functionality, allowing hotels to review and evaluate agent interactions with guests. This helps in training and development, quality assurance, dispute resolution, and ensuring consistent service standards.

  7. Cost Savings: By automating call routing and providing self-service options through interactive voice response (IVR), call center software reduces the need for additional staff and minimizes human error. This can lead to cost savings for hotels while maintaining high-quality customer service.

Overall, call center software empowers hotels to provide efficient, personalized, and seamless customer service across various channels, leading to improved guest satisfaction, increased loyalty, and ultimately, a positive impact on the hotel's reputation and bottom line.

Auch Hoteliers fragen
Hotels often choose to utilize third-party call center services rather than building in-house solutions due to several factors inherent to the hospitality industry. One significant consideration is pricing, as outsourcing call center services can be more cost-effective than establishing and maintaining an in-house call center. By leveraging established third-party providers, hotels can access the necessary functionalities and expertise without investing in infrastructure, technology, and staffing. Another crucial aspect is customer experience and satisfaction. Callers contacting hotels have various inquiries, including reservations, bookings, inquiries, and support. Outsourcing call center services to specialized providers ensures that experienced agents handle inbound calls, ensuring efficient and high-quality customer support. These third-party providers have expertise in the travel industry, enabling them to better understand customers' needs and provide tailored assistance. Additionally, outsourcing call center services offers real-time customer support across multiple channels, including phone, social media, SMS, and email. Hospitality companies can benefit from the omnichannel approach, providing seamless customer interactions through integrated systems and solutions. This level of service can enhance customer satisfaction, as individuals can communicate through their preferred channels. Staffing and onboarding are also factors to consider. Third-party call center services have trained team members with industry-specific knowledge and certifications. This expertise saves hotels time and effort in recruiting and training staff. Moreover, outsourcing provides flexibility in handling call volume fluctuations, enabling scalability during peak seasons or after-hours when hotels may experience higher call volumes. By outsourcing call center services, hotels can also benefit from integrations with existing systems like CRM (customer relationship management), loyalty programs, and help desk software. These integrations ensure that agents have access to customer information, enabling personalized assistance and streamlined processes. Additionally, advanced call center solutions may include automation features and IVR (interactive voice response) systems, optimizing efficiency and reducing wait times for callers. Outbound calls are also part of the call center services, allowing hotels to engage with customers proactively. This could include following up on reservations, providing updates, or offering special promotions. Third-party providers can manage these outbound calls, utilizing the hotel's phone number to maintain brand consistency and professionalism. Lastly, leveraging third-party call center services can help hotels adhere to industry regulations such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. Trusted providers have the necessary security measures in place to handle sensitive customer data securely, minimizing the risk of data breaches and ensuring customer privacy. To support these points, various case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of outsourcing call center services in the hospitality industry. By partnering with reputable third-party providers, hotels can enhance their customer support capabilities, improve customer satisfaction, and focus on their core operations while leaving call center management to experts.

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Ähnlich wie REVPAR für Hotels soll der HT-Score eine normalisierende Kennzahl sein, um verschiedene Anbieter besser vergleichen zu können. Anstelle von Rate und Belegung sind die beiden Haupttreiber eine Mischung aus Bewertungsmenge und durchschnittlichen Bewertungen. Ähnlich wie REVPAR ist der HT-Score eine Metrik, die bei der Entscheidungsfindung helfen soll, aber nicht als alleiniger Faktor bei der Auswahl von Anbietern verwendet werden soll.

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Die Wahrung der Unabhängigkeit und redaktionellen Freiheit ist für unsere Mission, Hoteliers zu stärken, von wesentlicher Bedeutung.

Der Inhalt des Core Hotel Tech Report wird niemals von Anbietern beeinflusst und gesponserte Inhalte sind immer klar als solche gekennzeichnet. Unser Team wird nur gesponserte Inhalte über Produkte schreiben, die wir entweder (1) demonstriert (2) umfangreiche Benutzerrecherchen gesammelt oder (3) selbst verwendet haben.

Um die Integrität unserer redaktionellen Inhalte weiter zu schützen, halten wir eine strikte Trennung zwischen unseren Vertriebsteams und Autoren ein, um jeglichen Druck oder Einfluss auf unsere Analysen und Recherchen zu beseitigen.

HTR sammelt jedes Jahr Zehntausende verifizierter Bewertungen und sammelt Hunderttausende anderer Datenpunkte, die von Expertenempfehlungen bis hin zu Produktintegrationsdaten reichen, die sofort analysiert und Millionen von Hoteliers auf der ganzen Welt zur Verfügung gestellt werden, um digitale Produkte zu entdecken, zu überprüfen und zu recherchieren kostenlos auf der Plattform, um Technologieentscheidungen schneller, einfacher und weniger riskant zu treffen und so das Tempo der globalen Innovation und Einführung von Technologie zu beschleunigen.

Die Wahl der richtigen Software für Ihr Hotel hängt von Dutzenden von Variablen ab, von denen viele anhand der Eigenschaften Ihres Hotels quantifiziert werden können, viele davon aber auch von persönlichen Vorlieben abhängen. Ist Ihr Hotel ein kleines Anwesen mit begrenztem Budget? Oder ist Ihre Immobilie ein Luxusresort mit vielen Outlets und hohem ADR? HTR bietet dynamische Filter, um den Datensatz schnell an Ihre Eigenschaften anpassen zu können. Wir unterteilen auch Hotels in schlüsselsegmente/Schlüsselpersonen basierend auf gemeinsamen Eigenschaftsmerkmalen, die typischerweise als Indikatoren für ähnliche Produktentscheidungen dienen, die Ihnen helfen sollen, Zeit zu sparen und schnell die beste Übereinstimmung für Ihr Hotel oder Portfolio zu finden.

Während der Datensatz von HTR ständig wächst und seine Empfehlungen im Laufe der Zeit repräsentativer und genauer werden, sollen unsere programmatischen Empfehlungen auf der Grundlage des HT-Scores, der Daten und der Segmentpopularität als Werkzeug dienen, das Sie bei der Kaufreise nutzen können, aber sie ersetzen nicht gründlich Due Diligence und Recherche. Keine zwei Hotels sind gleich und die meisten Kaufentscheidungen beinhalten auch persönliche Präferenzen, weshalb wir Käufern dringend empfehlen, während des Rechercheprozesses mindestens 3-5 Anbieter in Betracht zu ziehen, von denen Sie Live-Demos und Preisangebote erhalten, um eine fundierte Entscheidung treffen zu können.