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4.6 (2049 REVIEWS)

Our hotel commerce platform helps hotels and accommodation providers to sell, market, manage and grow from one place - with everything they need to start, upgrade or scale their businesses. Built on a foundation of core capabilities, SiteMinder is a platform with a rich ecosystem of hotel systems, apps and experts. By bringing it all seamlessly together, we’re opening up opportunities for more hotel businesses, every day. Our platform includes; a channel manager, online booking engine, metasearch, hotel website builder, hotel business intelligence, and access to the global distribution system. SiteMinder is the most recognised provider by HotelTechReport, with awards for: #1 Hotel E-Commerce Platform, #1 Channel Manager, #1 Booking Engine, and the People’s Choice Award for the most customer-centric company.

Channel Managers

SHR Group
4.7 (576 REVIEWS)

SHR Group is the leading provider of innovative and intelligent technology solutions for the hospitality industry. With a focus on driving revenue and enhancing guest experiences, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to help hotels and resorts optimize their operations, understand their guests more and increase profitability. Headquartered in Houston, we are a global business with offices in Barcelona, Singapore and Limerick. Allora.ai, the world’s leading intelligent and integrated hospitality platform, is the flagship product of SHR Group. Allora.ai helps hotels stay always ahead as it leverages the power of AI, with a dynamic suite of hotel management software tools, to deliver real-time pricing recommendations, optimizes hotel inventory distribution, and, in an industry first, provides intuitive guest profile management. With allora.ai’s powerful behavior prediction tools, hotels can respond to individual customer needs in real time allowing them to better understand customer behavior, maximize revenue, increase bookings and reduce their dependence on third-party channels. Alongside allora.ai, we also have SHR Group Hotel Services which focuses on empowering the hospitality industry with award-winning website design and marketing services, and unmatched AI-powered hotel acquisition management and retention solutions.

Booking Engine

4.5 (565 REVIEWS)

Founded by ex-hoteliers, Mews is a next-generation hospitality cloud for hotels, hostels, apartments and more. Mews gives hoteliers the power to provide a remarkable guest experience while improving the operations and performance of their property, thanks to smart automation and an innovative, user-friendly set of products and features. Mews serves over 5,000 properties across more than 60 countries in all five continents, and works with a huge number of hospitality tech companies to provide hoteliers with an unbeatable platform – no other PMS offers as many integrations.

Property Management Systems

4.8 (398 REVIEWS)

Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a few clicks, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. This puts guests in control of designing their stay with upgrades, special deals and ancillary services. In short, Oaky helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior experience to guests. Oaky is trusted by innovative hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the likes of Event Hotels, Onyx Hospitality Group & Radisson Hotel Group.

Upselling Software

4.8 (37 REVIEWS)

HKEEPER GLOBAL, LLC 830 Lee Road Orlando, FL 32810

Housekeeping Software

Concierge Software

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4.6 (315 REVIEWS)

Revinate empowers hoteliers to connect directly with guests at every touchpoint to deliver delightful experiences and drive direct revenue. Our data platform and guest communication solutions put hoteliers in control of every step of their guests’ journeys — initial research, booking, check-in, throughout the stay, and even after check-out. We do this all using the communication channels that the guests prefer, whether it’s voice, text, email, or web chat. More than 12,000 hotels bank on Revinate to power unforgettable guest experiences and drive direct revenue.

Guest Surveys & Feedback

Hotel CRM & Email Marketing

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4.6 (213 REVIEWS)

Face the new era of contactless hospitality and staffing shortages with confidence. Digitize your hotel with Staff Collaboration, Guest Messaging, Contactless Checkin, WebChat, Housekeeping, and more in one integrated messaging platform. Hotel staff quickly learn and love to use HelloShift's social media-style interface. San Francisco-based HelloShift is one simple, award-winning app trusted by thousands of hoteliers worldwide since 2014.

Guest Messaging Software

Contactless Check-in

4.5 (176 REVIEWS)

Simplotel is a Hotel Technology company offering Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) to help hotels drive more bookings through all their channels – Website, Online and Offline. The name Simplotel is derived from a combination Simple and Hotel. As the name suggests, our mission is to simplify the lives of hoteliers. Simplotel was founded in August of 2013 and is headquartered out of India’s Silicon Valley - Bangalore. We are proud to have MakeMyTrip, India’s largest OTA, as an investor in our company. Our advisors include Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, CEO of Blue Stone and Vinay Goyal, Founder and CEO of Instavans. Our vision is to equip hotels worldwide with technology that helps them drive more bookings, show case their brand online and improve the experience of their guests. We continue to grow our product footprint to include more and more solutions for our hotels with an ultimate goal of becoming a comprehensive technology platform for hotels. Our products are easy-to- use by busy hoteliers - and require no technical skills or installations. Simplotel with its pay-as- you-go pricing offers a terrific value to hotels and offers a good return to hotels of all sizes. We believe that once you begin to use Simplotel, you will love our product and will continue to use it – other than that we have no other lock in. Today Simplotel powers over 2,000 hotels across multiple countries. Our number of happy customers continues to grow every day – thanks to our dedicated team that shares the ethos of Simplotel’s vision.

Website Design

Booking Engine

4.6 (163 REVIEWS)

Our mission is simple: We want to make the booking process easier for guests and increase direct bookings for hotels. Our Direct Booking Platform creates transparency and forges tighter relationships between hotels and guests.

Direct Booking Tools

4.8 (31 REVIEWS)

All-in-one property management solution. NightsBridge provides #WorldClass software and #HomeGrown support: Everything your accommodation business needs.

Channel Managers

Aiosell Technologies
4.7 (19 REVIEWS)

Aiosell is a fully-integrated hotel system that does automated pricing and revenue management and comes with the assurance of a guaranteed increase in bookings and occupancy rate and reduced operational costs for hotels! Designed and developed by stalwarts of the Hotel Industry, Aiosell automates all hotel related services on one unified system. It integrates 24X7 dynamic pricing to drive more customers, a review management system to enhance the hotel reputation, a seamless booking engine to ensure a positive booking experience, a metasearch manager to drive more direct bookings, and a user-friendly hotel website to enhance brand awareness in the age of ever-shrinking attention spans.

Revenue Management Systems

4.5 (18 REVIEWS)

Reputation Management

Zen Hospitality Solutions
4.8 (15 REVIEWS)

ZEN Hospitality Solutions is the first ever company providing a full range of services to independent hotels in Southeast Asia. We help hoteliers become the best-run properties in their city.

Revenue Management Systems