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ASSA ABLOY Hospitality (formerly VingCard Elsafe)Industry leader in electronic locking solutions...
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The global leader in hotel security technology for nearly 40 years, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, a publicly listed... read more

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Streamline the check-in process and reduce the amount of time guests spend at the front desk via...


Our Mobile Key solution streamlines the check-in process and reduces the time guests spend at the front desk by allowing guests to access their... read more

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STAYmyway transforms your guests smart phone into a digital room key and allows for cloud-based management and access control of your locks. Its... read more

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Hotel Entrance: How to Make It Truly Welcoming

Lillian Connors

The entrance to your hotel is a mission statement – it is a visual layout of your goals as a service. Since it is the first thing any unsuspecting arrival will see, you need to make sure it looks the occasion and represents exactly what the hotel stands for. The entrance needs to be inviting, it needs to communicate comfort and it has to stir positive emotions. Most of all, it must grab the attention of a potential customer. Here’s how you can make the hotel entrance truly welcoming. Mission, vision, goal In order to turn a hotel entrance into an inviting “presentation” of the hotel’s best attributes, you first need to define its mission, vision and goals. The mission of a welcoming hotel entrance is to lure the guests in. Vision is to have it represent all the qualities of the hotel, and the goal is to have a hotel brimming with eager and satisfied customers that got exactly what they expected. You just have to make sure that, whatever you do with the entrance stylistically, it doesn’t alienate anyone – the best case scenario is to have the widest spectrum of people checking in. The colour scheme Colour is the first thing that should be on your mind when you are designing a hotel entrance. It is a key element of decoration for both indoor and outdoor setups. Try to use colours that will invoke yearning in the passers-by, depending on where the hotel is situated. If the hotel is near a beach in a tropical or overall hot environment, gentle curves and colder pastel colours will make the potential visitor believe this is a place where they can rest and cool off. On the other hand, if your hotel is situated somewhere far north, in a place most tourists visit during the winter months, you’ll want to utilize warm colours, sometime bold contrasts of white and red, to entice people to come in. The colour scheme doesn’t have to be particularly revolutionary as long as it is appropriate and sends the right message – it is other elements that surround the entrance that need to offer interesting variations meant to intrigue. Below the entrance The floor below the entrance needs to visually pull the attention towards the door itself. Therefore, it would be advisable to use premium concrete sealers to protect your concrete from the elements. The hotel’s concrete stretch should start off wide and get narrow as it approaches the entrance (or potentially the stairs in front of it). Carpets might be an interesting element you should think about, though you should choose the material that can be easily cleaned. Many hotels add a red carpet in front of their doors to achieve the glamorous appeal. Above the entrance If you truly want to make your entrance appear welcoming and to communicate comfort, you should certainly provide some form of shelter above the entrance. As the downpour clears the streets, this canopy can disarm even the most resistant visitor. Try to create a shelter that provides a big cover, so the customers can get their act together, rearrange luggage or wait for transportation. The power of light Proper lighting is crucial for the exterior of the hotel, let alone the entrance itself. Lights are inviting by nature – they catch the attention of the eyes and divert them towards what they’re pointing at, without faltering. Just make sure the light fixtures you have installed all cast a softer shade of light, possibly a warmer colour, unless the style of the hotel and the entrance need something different. A dash of greenery Adding a dash of greenery can truly turn your hotel entrance into something enchanting. It will turn a cold and formal façade into a warm and welcoming exterior. It also brings a feeling of personal touch to the proceedings, not to mention the fact it can effectively cover the unappealing architectural details. You can also use the plant life to decorate your lobby, as a natural continuation of what visitors have seen at the entrance. Creating a welcoming hotel entrance is not so dissimilar to setting a stage for a theatre performance. It needs to provide an apt visual synthesis for everything a proper hotel stands for – total comfort, good service and positive atmosphere. Whether it communicates “luxury” depends mostly on what sort of hotel you have on your hands. No matter what kind of hotel it is, the entrance is a mise-en-scène that needs to hook any reluctant newcomer to rent a room.

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ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Named 2018 HotelTechAwards Top Rated Keyless Entry Provider

Hotel Tech Report

  February 12, 2018 - Hotel Tech Report has named ASSA ABLOY Hospitality 2018’s Top Rated Keyless Entry provider for its Mobile Access digital key solution based on data and reviews from existing customers. Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform by Hotel Tech Report leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “The returning, loyal and modern hotel guest will be more loyal with an easy check-in and checkout solution, and ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is best in class,” a Netherlands-based general manager told Hotel Tech Report. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access is an innovative digital key solution that allows hotel staff and guests to enter specific areas of a property with a quick swipe of their mobile device. Sending a digitally encrypted key to a guest’s smartphone, guests can bypass front desk check-in and enter their room immediately upon arrival. “When I was at SPG, keyless entry was largely a PR play that helped market to the tech-savvy traveler. Yet as the service evolved, and along with hotel groups consolidating and mobile devices continuing to get more powerful, this technology is quickly becoming mainstream, even an expectation, for frequent travelers who value convenience and efficiency,” says Hotel Tech Report’s Jordan Hollander. A Lebanon-based IT manager told Hotel Tech Report that ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has been a game changer for his property: “This is my first experience with keyless entry systems and after having worked with the system daily for over six months now it is great. Most importantly it is also very secure (we are part of safe hotels organization and it took full grade in terms of security). It is very reliable and provides a modern way for guests to access their hotel room.” To read the full review and more, head to ASSA ABLOY Hospitality's profile on Hotel Tech Report

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Mobile Key and Keyless Entry Category Overview

Why do hotels need mobile keys and what do they do?
A Mobile Key is a digitally encrypted “key” that resides on a mobile device, smartphone, tablet or wearable, allowing the authorized user to gain access to secured doors or other physical or digital access points within a property. The advancement of this mobile technology and its successful application of digital keys within the hospitality industry has led to a rapidly growing trend toward Keyless Entry. This innovative solution allows hotel guests to check in and access their assigned guest room immediately upon arrival, unlocking the door with their mobile device via the Mobile Key and thus eliminating the need to visit the front desk. 

The solution works by generating an encrypted digital key that is transmitted to users’ smart devices and safely stored in a key vault on a mobile app. When presented to the appropriate door lock, the app then transmits digital key information over a secure communication channel, ensuring that only authorized users are able to gain access. When Keyless Entry is implemented at a property, both guests and authorized staff members enjoy the convenience of using their smart device as a secure key to access assigned areas of a property without the need to carry or keep track of a separate physical key.

For info on mobile key trends, questions that you should ask vendors and more download the 2019 Hoteliers Guide to Keyless Entry for Hotels

How can keyless entry help hotels improve profitability and efficiency?
  • Guest Convenience: A key benefit for hotel guests is the convenience of using their own smart device as a secure room key to access their room, eliminating the need to keep track of a physical key and the worry of losing it. It also saves time for guests by allowing them to check in remotely and go directly to their room upon arriving at the property, skipping the queue at the front desk. 
  • Increased Security: In addition to the advanced digital encryption that is built in to Mobile Keys, the solution provides added security, since a guest’s smartphone is less likely to be misplaced than a plastic keycard and typically is password-protected by the user, providing a secondary layer of digital security. Should a guest lose their phone, Mobile Keys can typically be instantly revoked through the system and reassigned in real time by the hotel staff. 
  • Added Revenue Opportunities: Mobile Key solutions are typically app-based, allowing hoteliers to offer and promote a variety of revenue-generating amenities, services and offers to maximize ancillary room revenue. This, includes room upgrades, internet, room service, restaurant & spa bookings and other optional on-property offers. Since the Mobile Key is used often by the guest to access the room, it encourages download and frequent use of the app, maximizing the resulting revenue opportunities available within the app.

What are the most important features of mobile keys for hotels?
  • Future-proof Technology: When comparing Mobile Key solutions, hotels must bear in mind whether a particular platform can provide a level of security that meets the highest industry standards, and that it can be easily and affordably updated as technology evolves. The provider they choose should have a track record on innovation and timely release of the most advanced upgrades, as relevant and reliable new security technologies emerge. 
  • Flexible and Modular Solutions: As each property has different needs for security and locking solutions, hoteliers should select a Keyless Entry locking system provider that offers various ways to implement the solution, either via integrated software, though a hotel’s own mobile app or through certified third-party providers. 
  • Training and Onboarding Capabilities: As a relatively new technology, the success of Mobile Key and Keyless Entry at any given property is highly dependent upon its adoption by staff and guests. Hoteliers considering implementing Mobile Key should identify a partner that offers adequate consultation, training and educational materials on how to implement and use the system, as well as how to encourage its use by guests, in order to get the best ROI. 
  • Financial Security and Backing: Due to the rapidly growing demand for Keyless Entry, there are many providers in the marketplace today and many others emerging. To ensure the most reliable and stable solution, hoteliers should seek out providers that are backed by a trusted and financially secure company that has a long history of success and support in the industry. 
  • Service and Support: Coverage Since the hotel industry is a global one, properties and groups - especially those with properties in more than one region - should make sure their chosen vendor provides adequate service and support in every property’s local area. It is therefore best to choose a global provider of Keyless Entry and Digital Key services to ensure the best ongoing support.

What makes a great keyless entry experience for hotel guests?
Hotel guests save valuable time by skipping the front desk and going directly to their rooms and unlocking the lock with their own smart device. They also enjoy the convenience of not having to keep up with a physical key. Mobile Key also reduces the workload at the front desk, freeing up staff to concentrate on more valuable guest services and engagement. Guests also benefit from increased security since Mobile Keys are housed on the user’s personal smart device, which is typically password-protected, it is inherently more secure. Digital keys are also encrypted to ensure that only authorized users can gain access to a guest room or other assigned areas.

For info on mobile key trends, questions that you should ask vendors and more download the 2019 Hoteliers Guide to Keyless Entry for Hotels

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