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Ranked #23 out of 67 in Hotel Guest Apps

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Ireckonu IGreetU Overview

Ireckonu IGreetU Overview

Put your guests in control. With a virtual service that’s completely contactless, they can enjoy their stay on their own terms. Our White Label mobile app gives guests full control of their stay from the palm of their hand, from digital room key to service requests and room controls to mobile check in & out. Our IGreetU Apps provide a clear view of guest insights, activity trends, and product p...

About Ireckonu View website

Founded in 2015 | Headquarters in Amsterdam, Noord Holland | 60 employees

Ireckonu connects you with your guests to create seamless and meaningful experiences, from before check-in to beyond check-out. Building on its robust middlewa...

Product Modules
Mobile Check in/out Contactless Check-in
Let your guests skip the time spent standing at the front desk.
Upsell Upselling Software
Offer room upgrades with unequaled flexibility for both guests and hotel staff.
Mobile App
Put your guest in full control of their stay from before check in to after check out.
Digital Key Mobile Key & Keyless Entry
A fully digital and secure room key, built into the Ireckonu mobile app.
In-Room Experience Guest Room Automation
Turn the guest's phone into an integrated remote to control lights, TV, preferences and more.
Kiosk for guests to check-in/out, update personal details, select upgrades, capture payment and more

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  • Property Management Systems
  • Hotel Management Software
  • Mobile Key & Keyless Entry
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What does this product or service do well?


iReckonu provides great data-driven solutions for hoteliers. They excel at providing personable, smart and efficient services for hotel guests. They digital guest services give hotel employees the ability to focus on problems that can only be fixed with a personal touch.

by Lola Feiger (ALICE) on December 03, 2019


What differentiates this product or service from the competition?


iReckonu offers one consolidated guest profile. It automatically matches and merges all of the relevant information that hoteliers need to know about their guests. They have a user friendly interface allowing administrators easy access to hotel guest information.

by Lola Feiger (ALICE) on December 03, 2019


Based on your experience with this product or service, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering this product or service, what would it be?


Any hoteliers considering purchasing iReckonu should look at the full set of products to see all of the different ways in which iReckonu can enhance their hotels. Additionally, be sure to inquire about how with iReckonu technology, hoteliers can provide a guest with options for logging into their pr...

by Lola Feiger (ALICE) on December 03, 2019

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Ireckonu and its founder Jan Jaap van Roon were the only ones that were able to achieve our goals in a purposeful, creative and original way. They were the only company I trusted who were talented en...
Ian Schrager Owner at the PUBLIC Hotel
Testimonial avatar
Ireckonu allowed us to achieve a heightened level of success. New options are always presenting themselves for us to better our efficiency and with Ireckonu's live insights into our entire property, ...
Duncan Goedhart General Manager at the QO Amsterdam

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