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ImpulsePoint by Impulsify Overview

ImpulsePoint is a cloud-based POS and Inventory Management solution designed for grab-and-go markets, pantries and gift shops. Offering both front desk and guest-facing POS solutions, ImpulsePoint automates every aspect of hotel retail with barcode scanners, automatic price retrieval, inventory and replenishment tools, and robust reporting to show managers where they are succeeding and where they are losing profit. Read more Less

About Impulsify

Founded in 2013 | Headquarters in Denver, CO | 19 employees
Impulsify is a woman-owned technology company based in Denver, CO. We provide a complete Retail Management System designed for unattended retail in hotel lobbies like grab-and-go markets, pantries and gift shops. ImpulsePoint is our front desk solution. A PMS integrated, cloud-based POS, back office inventory and replenishment management and unprecedented reporting of retail performance to guide managers to make data-driven decisions on product selections and retail pricing strategy. ShopPoP is our in-store, guest-facing kiosk solution that allows guests to bypass waiting for a front desk associate. This solution reduces front desk retail traffic by up to 90%, minimizes theft, puts an end to abandoned sales when guests are too busy to wait, and improves overall guest experience. It is PCI-certified for unattended retail and allows credit card and room charge capability when integrated with PMS. Read more Less

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What Customers Love About ImpulsePoint by Impulsify

96% recommend

The ability to see what the top sellers are within a revenue center of the property that most of the time is not profitable unless you have ImpulsePoint

Regional Director of Operations from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Easy to navigate interface and large icons made it easy for my team to use and the accounting and inventory features made it easy to maintain and run!

Front Office Manager from Branded in Tigard (United States)

The ImpulsePoint system is easy to use and install, and working with Janine and Tammy made the process even easier! Impulisfy listened to my program needs and custom-developed a marketplace program that included integration of the ImpulsePoint system with the chain's property management system. ImpulsePoint delivers a host of reports, including inventory and sales analytics, which is great for hotel general managers and above-property support.

Hospitality Consultant from Branded in Campbell (United States)

* Impulsify's retail solution embodies so much more than their best-of-class software. * Teaching clients how to purchase, price, merchandise and manage inventory with ImpulsePoint is just the beginning. * with Impulsify as a partner, we are taught to evaluate our performance and find continuous opportunities for improvement and an enhanced guest experience.

General Manager from Branded in Portland (United States)

We're fairly new to ImpulsePoint but it is easy to access any and all questions and quick response time from knowledgeable staff. The product is pretty self explanatory.

Front Office Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

- Very user Friendly - All of our employee's can work the system - Love the bar code system - I really like that everything is already priced out

Reservations Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Guest's can use the kiosk to pay for items. I can also help the guests' with their purchase if they need. I really like the chat feature.

Guest Services Manager from in Sunnyvale (United States)

The software is easy to use and the support from Impulsify is second to none. My advice to anyone considering this system is sign up and don't look back. I have used them in many locations and they have always taken care of my ever changing and expanding needs. We are looking to make them our vendor of choice for all of our hotels. *Easy to use interface * Support is outstanding and always available * Adaptable to any platform or brand PMS

Regional Director of Hotel Operations from Airport/ conference in San Jose (United States)

ImpulsePoint is extremely user-friendly, performs well when it wants to, and when it doesn’t, tech support is beyond helpful in making sure the hotel gets taken care of ASAP.

Assistant General Manager from Branded in Minneapolis (United States)

Impulsepoint is very easy to use for both the guest and the hotel operations. There is finally a solution that takes the "work" out of maintaining a retail shop or the lack there of. Retail shops are often left to the wayside only offering the "necessities". Impulsepoint allows a hotel to easily maintain their inventory, keeping up on prices and doesn't require additional hardware at the ever so crowded front desk.

Corporate Food & Beverage Manager from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

I have been running Hotel Retail operations for six years now and I have used three different Retail POS systems. ImpulsePoint is definitely the one I prefer the most. There are three main reasons – its simplicity, stability and support. With high turnover of employees and multitude of other operations systems, ImpulsePoint is easy to train, extremely user friendly and simple enough to deliver speedy transactions with minimum number of scans and clicks. On the admin side, it provides just the right balance of capabilities. It is straightforward when it comes to managing products, prices and inventories and yet provides comprehensive analytics and reporting needed to manage purchase orders and make the right retail decisions. Another key aspect is the system stability and support. With hectic 24/7 operations I cannot stress the importance of having a POS system that runs uninterruptedly. Operating “in the cloud” with minimum onsite hardware, ImpusePoint had proven to be hassle free. We rarely need technical support and any time we call, the questions or concerns we have are resolved on the spot.

General Manager from Branded in New York (United States)

This system increases profitability and helps manage inventory to a remarkable degree. It is easy to use, intuitive, and the live help feature is incredibly useful-- most questions answered instantaneously. The training modules are quickly accessible, and most users are able to grasp then use the system without delay. Reporting functions are comprehensive. Customer service issues were addressed immediately, and in most cases were operator error.

Hospitality Consultant from Other in Milpitas (United States)

More revenue for less work? Who doesn’t want that? Great implementation, training and set up team. Can’t recommend highly enough!

AGM from Branded

The software is very user friendly and the inventory tracking is awesome. The ROI with incorporated inventory analysis is well worth the investment. The entire team at Impulsify are dedicated professionals who follow up on all aspects of their products implementation.

Property System Specialist from Resort

With 20+ years in the hospitality industry - it's refreshing to see such an encompassing piece of retail software/hardware/setup. From concept, to design, to install, and to support; hands down Impulsify is by FAR the most robust Guest facing retail POS System I have worked with. I can honestly say that this system allows our team to focus on what matters, that being the guest. Rather than taking inventory daily of how many waters and candy bars we sold. Impulsify allows you to be hands off for the most part - which speaks volumes to the hospitality industry; where every minute counts.

Assistant General Manager from Branded

Ease of use - and the revenue. Our shop has 3x the revenue it did before. Training the staff - training was easy, and they have adapted to the new process. Every staff member has seen the value - and the guests love it.

General Manager from Airport/ conference



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  • View bill & express check out
  • Check-in upselling
  • Keyless Entry
  • Remote Checkin

Want to go behind the scenes and see how ImpulsePoint by Impulsify works?


[Impulsify] “gets it” when it comes to the hotel pantry business. They were able to see where Hilton was going with its simple “pilot” pantry inventory tracking program. [Their] vision led to a robust online system which has drastically improved the performance of Hilton’s hotel pantries! Based on research and on results, [Impulsify] is the world’s leading expert in Hotel Pantry Operations and Systems. Mark E. Retail IT Systems Consultant at the Hilton
At the time we were introduced to Impulsify, our suite shops were not profit centers - they were rarely breaking even month to month. Once we rolled out the Impulsify system, all that changed. Within the first 3 months we made back the initial cost of the equipment and product and have turned a profit every month. Michael B. General Manager at the
This is an amazing program that drives profits to the bottom line for hotel owners. Randy T. Brand Support Manager at the Global Brand
We are hoteliers, not retail professionals, [ImpulsePoint] has opened our eyes to a stream of revenue that was previously overlooked. Michael R. VP F&B at the Management Company
Simplicity, stability, and excellent customer support. This is probably the most intuitive POS system out there on the market. If you are looking for reliable, user friendly and cost effective system do not hesitate. It rivals much more complicated and pricier systems delivering the same if not better results. General Manager Brand at the Full Service Hotel
This system increases profitability and helps manage inventory to a remarkable degree.<br /><br /> It is easy to use, intuitive, and the live help feature is incredibly useful. Anonymous Brand, F&B/Retail Consultant at the
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Recent Lobby Technology articles

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How to run your hotel retail like Amazon with Impulsify

Hotel Tech Report

In 2016, Amazon unleashed a retail revolution: a store without cashiers called Amazon Go. The store uses RFID to automatically calculate what a shopper owes as they leave the store. Without cashiers, the experience is more convenient and far speedier. Amazon Go has now extended its cashier-less experience to 11 stores in 3 cities. As more consumers experience these types of seamless self-serve solutions, from grocery stores to CIBO Express markets at airports, they expect more control and convenience across other interactions. Hotels are beginning to feature these types of experiences in their lobby stores, bringing this convenience and speed to hotel guests.   For hotels, the lobby store is a triple threat: it’s an amenity that guests love, it doesn’t cost too much to implement, and it builds a reliable incremental revenue stream. And, with the right technology like Impulsify, the store doesn’t have to add unnecessary layers of complexity to hotel operations.   What Impulsify does: intelligent retailing tech One of the leaders in hotel pantry management technology for hotels is Impulsify. Aptly named, the technology encourages “impulse buys” with its guest-facing self-service kiosk product - Shop Pop. On the back end, the system simplifies inventory management, ensuring that adding a lobby pantry won’t also add an unreasonable burden on staff. Together, Impulsify is a powerful system for hotel gift shops, pantries, and grab-and-go markets.     Impulsify’s ImpulsePoint technology has a few different features that form its approach to intelligent retailing. There’s both the hardware that guests and staff interact with on a daily basis, as well as software running in the background that optimizes inventory for a specific hotel’s situation. Across both, the experience must be flawless, with intuitive screens that are simple and straightforward to use.   Impulsify powered hotel retail experience With Impulsify hoteliers get: Automated inventory management: Staff use a barcode scanner and a portable tablet to track inventory. By avoiding manual methods, such as pen and paper transferred to a spreadsheet, you reduce errors and increase productivity. Impulsify enables guests to easily grab products from your hotel lobby store and notifies your team when supplies are low.  The platform delivers data that helps your team optimize the products that you’re selling for margin and volume to take the guesswork out of your retail operation. Self-serve kiosks: The Shop Pop guest-facing kiosks eliminate the need for guests to stand in line for payment. Guests select their own items, scan each, and then charge either directly to the room or on a card -- all without staff intervention. Guests can select items at their own pace, and avoid standing in line to pay. Overall, a better experience for everyone: front desk can tend to other needs and guests enjoy speedier service. Impulsify creates a frictionless retail buying experience for guests which means that they buy more from your shop all the while improving their experience on property. Data-driven decisions: Impulsify delivers real time data to help you optimize inventory selection in order to maximize margins and reduce waste. When you start with Impulsify you will see which products are moving off the shelves and which aren’t so you can optimize your selection. The platform makes it easier than ever to experiment with new product assortments and quickly identify top money-makers. Impulsify can even make recommendations about which products to stock your shelves with because they have data from millions of transactions in their hotel ecosystem.   Who Impulsify is for: Hotels of all sizes Given the structure of the category, Impulsify’s core segment is select service hotels with limited on-site amenities. Since restaurants in select service hotels may offer a smaller menu with shorter operating hours than a restaurant in a full-service hotel, these properties benefit from a more tightly-operated “grab and go” market or lobby pantry. Impulsify also works well in the full-service segment, as intelligent retailing technology can be used by any hotel that has a store, gift shop, restaurant or grab and go. For hotels that currently use manual processes to manage and stock inventory, the impact of Impulsify’s automated, data-driven platform can be significant. Given that Impulsify can drive a project from design to grand opening, larger resorts could even engage Impulsify to expand retail offerings in areas of the property that may be more remote. Verified product review on Hotel Tech Report (Impulsify reviews)   5 reasons hoteliers love Impulsify   1. Intelligent strategies for assortment and merchandising. Inventory management is only one part of the equation. The true value of Impulsify comes from how it uses location, guest profiles, hotel size, and hotel type to make smart recommendations about what to stock and how to display it on your shelves. To date, Impulsify has processed over 5 million transactions, giving it a growing database of information so you won't have to rely on instinct or habit to decide what guests prefer. It's like having a 24/7 store manager without the added cost! 2.  Self-pay = PMS integration. The self-service kiosk means that guests don’t have to stand in line to pay. They can pay with a card, or charge it to a room. The system integrates with your property management system  to pull all purchases to the guest’s folio -- a major benefit to the guest experience. With self-pay, you can also place a kiosk in different areas of a property. Perhaps your golf resort would like to include a “grab and go” pantry in another location away from the clubhouse; self-pay makes it all work. 3. Full design services. If your property is undergoing renovations, you may already have an idea of what you’re looking for. Or, you may want to consider using Impulsify’s specialized knowledge base to design the ideal layout for your hotel’s store. Existing stores can also be renovated to better leverage Impulsify’s novel approach to intelligent retailing in hotels. The design services include renderings, elevations, and ADA-compliant construction drawings, as well as project management for the entire process. 4. Automated shopping lists by vendor. Eliminate tedious manual ordering with Impulsify’s automated shopping lists. Once your hotel implements Impulsify, the system monitors sales to automatically build order sheets. This is an incredible time savings, as staff no longer has to be trained on which vendor provides which product. The automation also prevents inaccurate ordering, ensuring that your hotel either holds excessive inventory nor runs out of things that guests want.    5. Planogramming. 5 in 6 Americans admit to impulse buys -- and a planogram likely contributed to these purchases. A planogram is a diagram that specifies where products should be placed to optimize both store space and shelf layout. A planogram uses popularity, preference, and relevancy to place products strategically so that consumers find what they need -- and, of course, make more impulse buys (such as those candy bars by the grocery store checkout)! Planograms also keeps a store organized, which appeals to consumers and makes re-stocking much faster. Most hotels could never afford a full time planogrammer (up to $47,000 a year), so Impulsify leverages its database of hotel purchases to create data backed planogram models for its hotel partners.   Impulsify pricing Pricing varies according to a property’s needs, such as: Number of self-service kiosks Whether or not you need design services Size of the space, as far as number of SKUs managed Number of your properties using the Impulsify technology Length of contract Monthly vs annual billing Based on those factors, you can expect to pay a one-time implementation fee, as well as a flat monthly fee for the software (ranges from $199-249 depending on billing cycle), per the pricing below. Each subscription comes with two USB scanners, ongoing training and support, and account setup. On the hardware side, Impulsify charges some upgrades related to enabling self-pay, as well as for product scanners, kiosk units, and retail sales data analysis to benchmark your retail performance.  Get a custom Impuslify price quote for your hotel here   Conclusions: Should you consider Impulsify? Incremental revenue is a hotelier’s best friend. If you have an existing store, there’s the potential for capturing even more revenue. If you're building a new property, or considering adding a “grab and go” store to your hotel, Impulsify can help you achieve your revenue targets. Results from a study conducted by Impulsify with 12 select-service hotel clients using the technology are astounding: 49% increase in revenue, 220% increase in profit, 62% profit margins.  The results are so good that Impulsify has an ROI guarantee. Also: 20 global chains can’t be wrong! That’s the number of larger brands already using Impulsify to optimize inventories to match shifting guest preferences. Once you add in the self-serve kiosks and mobile inventory management, Impulsify is quite appealing. It reduces the burden on staff while also optimizing profitability of on-property retail. Not to mention a big boost to guest satisfaction. Just like Amazon enabling frictionless checkouts for its customers -- and earning loyalty in the process -- hotels can make a visible impact on its guest experience with a similar approach to giving guests control and convenience.   Read Impulsify reviews from verified hoteliers like you

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Tips on how to be digitally friendly at your property

Lisa Apolinski

I am currently travelling and staying at a property that recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation. What struck me, beyond the beauty of the property, were the missed opportunities where, as a guest, I could be digitally engaged. What was even more striking was the fact that I did have a recent comparison on the subject: the airport. Here are some lessons to learn from this unlikely source. Understand where to go using digital signage. If you think about it, airports are very good at using many digital displays to convey constantly changing information to passengers who want the information quickly and clearly. At my current hotel stay, the only map available was a printed one. With a large property like the one I am visiting, it took me several minutes to simply find the correct bay of elevators to go up to my room (and I came in late in the evening, so finding my own way became a necessity). Opportunity: Use digital signage to provide clear maps, information and updates. Taking in the property assets, including art installations and architectural features, require digital engagement. I happened to call the hotel earlier in the day, and while on hold, heard about the different aspects of the renovation. Because of that, I knew what architectural elements to look for and the story behind them. However, there were missed opportunities to share further information in key locations around the property. At airports, there is an increased focus on art and aesthetics. Many airports now have digital communication as part of the art installation to explain what the viewer is observing. This should also be done around any art or architecture feature at your property. Opportunity: If you spent that much money on renovations or art, the aesthetic choices probably have a story to them and should be shared using digital communication. Provide areas to charge a device. I had very little battery charge left on my phone and still needed to grab a bite to eat when I arrived at my room. Rather than leave my mobile, I took it and the power plug with me, thinking I could simply plug in while at dinner. Imagine my surprise when I could find no available outlets, including in the restaurant and in lounging areas throughout the property. In any airport I travel through, I can find plugs everywhere – whether it is a bar table or desk with a row of plugs, or plugs built into seating areas. Opportunity: Provide outlets to your guests in areas where you want them to gather and feel welcome. Making a few small adjustments can show your guests your commitment to their digital experience.

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Recent Lobby Technology News & Community Updates

Impulsify Named 2018’s Top Rated Lobby Technology in the HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

February 12, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named Impulsify 2018’s top rated Lobby Technology based on data from thousands of hoteliers in more than 40 countries around the world.  Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “Until Impulsify, the lobby gift shop hadn’t changed for decades despite being a major opportunity to drive revenue and improves guest satisfaction.  Impulsify automates your lobby grab-n-go and is a must for almost any market,” says Hotel Tech Report’s Adam Hollander. Impulsify is poised for sustained growth in 2018. Hoteliers recognized Impulsify’s truly world class customer support where Impulsify exceeded the category average by 10%. “Impulsify listened to my program needs and custom-developed a marketplace program that included integration of the ImpulsePoint system with the chain's property management system. ImpulsePoint delivers a host of reports, including inventory and sales analytics, which is great for hotel general managers and above-property support,” says a Washington D.C. based hotel consultant. To read the full review and more, head to Impulsify's profile on Hotel Tech Report

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