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Sift Science has built the worlds most advanced fraud detection system. Using large-scale machine learning technology to predict fraudulent behavior with unparalleled accuracy, Sift Science leverages a global network of fraud data. Catch the fraud that is unique to your business and train your customized model to stop fraudsters in real time. Our flexible, adaptive, and automated solution helps businesses of all sizes detect and prevent fraud, before it hits your bottom line. Try it for free or learn more at https:siftscience.com Read more Less

About Sift Science

Founded in 2011 | Headquarters in San Francisco (United States) | 160 employees

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information security, regulatory compliance, computer forensics, managed security services, Secure Web Gateway, application security, penetration testing, incident response, data loss prevention, SIEM, PCI DSS solutions, Web security, cloud security, and cloud compliance


Identity data, Identity verification, Location Intelligence, Fraud detection, Document validation, Employee background screening, KYC, AML, Age verification, Identity fraud, Address validation, Trace and investigate, Application fraud, PEPs and Sanctions checks, Customer registration, Criminal record checks, ID verification, ID scanning, Data quality, Fraud management, and Contact validation


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