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Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked 1st (out of 89)
95 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence

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95 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Screen Pilot Overview

For more than a decade, Screen Pilot has delivered digital marketing and technology solutions for hoteliers, hotel management teams and asset management firms. We believe in an integrated approach, bringing sound marketing strategy to life in the digital world, connecting hotels with the modern traveler. We’re the storytellers, strategists and user-experience professionals that find the heartbeat of a hotel’s brand and craft bankable results. We drive direct bookings and reduce dependence on OTAs. WE SPEAK HOSPITALITY. Read more Less

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Founded in 2006 | Headquarters in Denver, CO | 30 employees

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What Customers Love About Screen Pilot

97% recommend

* Very knowledgeable of how to optimize our website, speaking in layman's terms to understand. * Asks questions to obtain property information in regard to renovation, rates, etc. * Very personable and easy to work with. * We have a limited budget but they are able to produce great results with the programs & guidelines implement to best accommodate our hotel.

Assistant General Manager from Boutique in Lakeport (United States)

The company & staff have been able to help us set, measure and improve Return On Investment from services offered. They have also been flexible and creative with suggestions to make adjustments as situation change. I have had one service representative. With my previous vendor I literally went through 2 reps in one year and one rep each year after that. Our rep is experienced and able to be a true partner to us. She has suggested things we would not have thought of and helped work within our budget based on seasonal ebbs and flows within our business.

Area Sales & Marketing Manager from Resort in The Woodlands (United States)

Our marketing efforts involve collaboration by both on property and above property inputs and then it is handed off to our vendor Screen Pilot for execution. They handle this influx of information extremely well and craft a tailored plan in an efficient manner. They are timely, consultative and responsive.

Director of Sales and Marketing from Resort in Kirkland (United States)

I have worked with Screen Pilot for over 10 years and they have been a great digital asset to the resort. Other Agenies used Previously: HMA, Interactive Sites, Sabre and Commit. Customer Since: 2008

Marketing Manager from Other in Scottsdale (United States)

The ScreenPilot team is Benchmark Global's preferred digital agency of record due to their personal custom account management philosophy and consistent stellar results with all properties within our portfolio they are engaged with. Each team member is highly skilled and well trained to address any technology need or strategy. Its a benefit to Benchmark to work with a team that are not just project managers trafficking errands, but real strategists that focus on the business needs of the client. I would highly recommend this agency. Customer Since: 2008

Vice President, Global Online Marketing from Boutique in Houston (United States)

ScreenPilot really partners with you on all your digital marketing needs and takes the time to understand your business goals and works with you to develop an all encompassing plan. You receive monthly reporting and recommendations. They become part of your marketing team.

Director of Marketing in Denver (United States)

I've worked with Screen Pilot for over a year communicating with them on a daily basis. The team here is collaborative, innovative and accountable all while teaching and exploring together. This relationship has given us the opportunity to focus on the areas that we really need to and not the areas that we aren't experts in. My advice is to reach out to Screen Pilot and let the experts be experts!

Director of Revenue Optimization from Branded in Palo Alto (United States)

I've been working with Screen Pilot for about a year now and communicate on a daily basis and we couldn't be happier with them as a partner. Screen Pilot's team does a fantastic job of staying in constant communication with us, successfully working to identify opportunities for growth and developing actionable strategies. We highly recommend Screen Pilot's team. If you have had a less-than-favorable experiences with other digital agencies, you will be impressed by the level of service and attention to detail that Screen Pilot provides.

Marketing Manager from Resort in Charleston (United States)

Boutique agency that provides real-time feedback and support without all the red tape you get from larger agencies. They really try to learn the essence of the brand and apply it to their initiatives.

Director of Digital Marketing from Other in Austin (United States)

Screen Pilot is amazing to work with on all levels. I've been working with the team for the last 5 years and have learned so much about SEO, digital marketing, GA reporting and much more. They really do have a talented team which provide solid answers and opinions to any request or question I send their way.

Marketing Manager from Resort in Santa Cruz (United States)

Screen Pilot has an amazing team of the best of the best in the hospitality marketing space. Their leadership understands how to unlock their team's potential and it shows on our bottom line. They are extremely patient and open to understanding how your business operates as well as continually bring new ideas to the table. Most agencies that we've worked with have their formula and do not include you in their process. Other agencies have not been as detailed or excited about our product as Screen Pilot. As a result, Screen Pilot has been the obvious choice for our digital strategy. Screen Pilot is very transparent and will be direct about ideas and give cases as to why the ideas will or will not work.

Vice President of Marketing from Resort in Memphis (United States)

ScreenPilot, as a digital agency, really takes the time to get to know their clients when they first start to work with them so that they are partnering alongside. They find opportunities other agencies don't tend to find through this process, increasing overall exposure and bookings for the client.

Director of Marketing in Denver (United States)

They meet with us to learn more about our goals and objectives and then they create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that includes Google AdWords, PPC and Social Media. They also analyze and evaluate the results of the campaign and work with you to understand the information in the reports and how to tweak a campaign to get better results.

from Boutique

Their extensive knowledge, continual review of our successes and room for improvement on a monthly basis. They continue to update us and their customer service is great compared to other companies that we have worked with. Very attentive.

PR & Marketing Assistant from Boutique

Screen Pilot feels like an extension of my marketing team that truly cares and is invested in the success of my property. They always bring new and innovative ideas to our meetings, provide timely reports, and are willing to help when a last minute deliverable comes up. It's clear they understand the complex world of hotel marketing and have been tremendously successful in helping us build awareness of our properties to new, qualified guests and help us convert and retain our customers. I'd recommend Screen Pilot to any property that doesn't want to feel like just another number and values personalized service, plans, and strategies.

Director of Marketing from Resort

The team at Screen Pilot goes above and beyond to provide solutions to each of our properties that allow us to not only optimize our digital marketing efforts but also to become better hotels for our guests. They do not wait for direction, but instead consistently provide recommendations for best practices and ways to optimize our campaigns. Further, they are true partners and are an extension of our team. It's a pleasure to work with them.

Regional Marketing Director from Resort

Their tracking tool used to show ROI is user friendly for the less tech savvy and during each call we have they take time to explain in great detail each revenue stream so the team can comprehend.

Director of Sales from Boutique

The team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new business.

Marketing Director from Resort

- Our business is top of mind - They are always searching for new innovative ideas to better serve our business needs - Very buttoned up and knowledgeable about the industry

Director of Marketing from Resort

Working with Screen Pilot has been essential in getting great results with our Google PPC campaigns with a good ROI.

Marketing Manager

Fantastic customer services with attention to details. The team recommendations on our business needs are always on point resulting in a higher ROI.

Marketing Manager from Boutique

Incredibly knowledgeable, progressive, innovate, and on the leading edge of digital marketing and analytics. Extremely professional, responsive, and enthusiastic marketing partners. Operate as an extension of our marketing infrastructure and part of our "family'.

Vice President of Marketing from Resort

Have previously worked with other agency, I appreciate the reporting they provide. I also like that they are always thinking about how they can help improve results and give you the best return on your investment.

Marketing Director from Resort

Although ScreenPilot is an outside agency, they really feel like an extension of our own team on property. In addition to being experts in the digital marketing field, they also strive to understand our own business and frequently ask for updates on our current occupancy, ADR, business mix, etc. in order to provide better, well-rounded strategy recommendations that touch all of our major revenue centers. They are flexible in their reporting and put good tracking mechanisms in place to more accurately report on ROI. ScreenPilot is also good at presenting complicated digital strategies in "laymen's" terms so that their clients can better understand what steps are being taken to implement certain projects. They are fun and easy to work with, and encourage questions from their clients. In short, I would recommend ScreenPilot if you are in the market for a digital marketing agency that specializes in hospitality.

Area Marketing Manager from Resort

Screen Pilot has been essential in our online marketing strategy. They are very responsive and react quickly to the changing needs of each of our hotels at Benchmark.

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing from Resort



  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • 3rd party ad buys
  • Tag Management & Tracking Configuration
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Content Strategy
  • Content Audit
  • Interactive Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Reputation & Community Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Photography
  • Custom CMS
  • Wordpress development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Yield Management (Service/Consulting)
  • Meta search marketing
  • E-commerce consulting

Featured Clients


The ScreenPilot team is Benchmark Global's preferred digital agency of record due to their personal custom account management philosophy and consistent stellar results with all properties within our portfolio they are engaged with. Each team member is highly skilled and well trained to address any technology need or strategy. Its a benefit to Benchmark to work with a team that are not just project managers trafficking errands, but real strategists that focus on the business needs of the client. I would highly recommend this agency. Lisa Stice Vice President, Global Online Marketing at the Benchmark Hospitality
Screen Pilot's team does a fantastic job of staying in constant communication with us, successfully working to identify opportunities for growth and developing actionable strategies. If you have had less-than-favorable experiences with other digital agencies, you will be impressed by the level of service and attention to detail that Screen Pilot provides. Anna Will Marketing Manager at the Wild Dunes Resort
I've been working with the team for the last 5 years and have learned so much about SEO, digital marketing, Google Analytics reporting, and much more. They really do have a talented team which provides solid answers and opinions to any request or question I send their way. Winona Holmes Marketing Manager at the Chaminade Resort & Spa
It’s been a critical partnership for us; we see Screen Pilot very much as an extension of our own team. The team at Screen Pilot really works with us to deliver solutions that generate the targeted results we need, and at the same time (they) stay innovative and on the cutting edge of the market. Curtis Bova Area Director of Sales and Marketing at the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort
The team here is collaborative, innovative and accountable all while teaching and exploring together. My advice is to reach out to Screen Pilot and let the experts be experts! We have doubled our revenues online in 1 year. I wish we could move them on-property with us and have them in the office right next to us. Chris Nelbach Director of Revenue Optimization at the La Cantera Resort & Spa
Google is an essential part of the booking process, so we were looking to increase the volume of review content on the platform. TrustYou Stars has allowed us to gain significantly more reviews on Google, and we have also seen an improvement in review scores which helps travelers to find our hotels and convinces them to book with Ayres over our competition. Shanna Davis Marketing Manager at the Ayres Hotels
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This is the tech that will improve your hotel marketing performance

Hotel Tech Report

Hotel marketing is a complex and nuanced practice that requires planning, patience, and the ability to analyze and adapt to results. In practice, a hotel marketer blends a creative mindset with a strategic approach that uses strong creative in support of marketing campaigns that increase occupancy and revenues. Let's look at the skills necessary for success in this role, as well as the technology that solves specific pain points encountered regularly by hotel marketers.   The three parts of a hotel marketer’s day-to-day A hotel marketer’s role has three overlapping components: creativity, strategy, and relationship management. Across these components, a hotel marketer must be a team-oriented problem solver, as well as an outcome-based thinker that consistently plans and executes to achieve desired outcomes. #1. Creativity. The creative part of a hotel marketer’s job is what draws many to the role. In the day-to-day breakdown of tasks, creativity flows throughout. Each day, a hotel marketer brainstorms new promotions, crafts social media messaging in support of existing promotions, analyzes campaign performance, and collaborates across departments to execute campaigns. #2: Strategy. On the strategic side, a hotel marketer must be prepared. First, identify and understand the hotel’s niche: what are the guest demographics, where do they book, and what are their preferences? Once that’s clear, each marketing campaign should have a plan with clear objectives, creative collateral targeted to demographic and channel, and set milestones. As there will be overlapping campaigns at any given time, organization is key. Track your metrics, analyze performance via channel managers and booking tools, and iterate on your strategy.   #3: Relationships. The final pillar of a hotel marketer’s day-to-day is relationship management. With the GM, a successful hotel marketer must nurture clarity and foster trust, which ensures that the marketer has the support to execute ambitious plans. With the revenue management team, a successful hotel marketer must listen, be flexible, adapt to that team’s daily adjustments. Don’t be precious with marketing collateral and campaigns -- sometimes even the best campaigns must be paused in reaction to evolving revenue dynamics.   Tech to optimize workflow and fuel breakout successes Whether it's encouraging more direct bookings or capturing demand from intermediaries, the bulk of the hotel marketer’s investment in technology relates to managing marketing spend. It’s all about discovering and implementing the right technology to optimize workflow and fuel the breakout successes that elevate the marketing team’s profile.   I want to improve...my Customer Acquisition Costs.  By leveraging the expertise of digital marketing agencies that spend nearly all of its time on campaign optimization, a hotel may benefit from lower customer acquisition costs overall. Outsourcing this portion of marketing can also help solo hotel marketers gain perspective and creative input from an expert. “They feel like an extension of our own team on property. In addition to being experts in the digital marketing field, they strive to understand our own business and frequently ask for updates on our current occupancy, ADR, business mix, etc. to provide better, well-rounded strategy recommendations that touch our major revenue centers. They are flexible in their reporting and put good tracking mechanisms in place to more accurately report on ROI...” -Reviewer sharing the benefits of using a digital marketing agency (read more Screen Pilot Reviews here) For those who prefer handling internally, advertising technology for hotels has evolved to give marketers more direct control over ad spending on digital metasearch channels such as Google Hotel Ads. Metrics impacted by digital marketing agencies: When using these tools, monitor your Customer Acquisition Costs (cost of advertising and any commissions). Don’t forget to include any payouts to the digital agency in your calculations!   I want to improve...content planning.  Whether its content marketing or social media management, marketing teams benefit from additional tech that improves team productivity and boosts transparency. There are rarely enough staff resources to manage the creation and distribution of content. As part of the weekly calendar, scheduling promotions is an ongoing event for hotel marketers. Having a clear content calendar, coupled with a social scheduler, allows marketing to be more efficient and transparent with all stakeholders. Metrics impacted by content planning tools: When using the software, monitor your team’s response time to social media requests, as well as your “time to market” for content pieces, or how long it takes content to go from idea to publish.   I want to improve...our hotel’s reputation.  A hotel’s reputation has a direct impact on revenues. Recent research analyzing the correlation between ratings and room rates reveals that “a  higher star rating implies higher online reviews” which is “positively  related to higher pricing power.” The reputation management experts at Revinate found that -- assuming equal prices -- consumers are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with a higher review score, while 76% of travellers are more likely to book a hotel with a higher score, regardless of price. For a hotel marketer, this means that securing positive reviews is as good as gold. This process becomes second nature with reputation and review management tools. A portion of each day should be devoted to responding to reviews, as well as analyzing -- and improving -- existing efforts to secure reviews from past guests. An ambitious hotel marketer will also leverage the relationship with the GM to solve any concerns raised by guests, as well as building trust across departments to align everyone with a culture of guest-centricity. Metrics impacted by reputation management software: When using reputation management software, track your hotel’s average review score, as well as your team’s response time to guest feedback and reviews.     Reputation software propels efficiency for hotel marketers GuestRevu testimonial       I want to improve...our relationships with guests.  Another technology used each day by a hotel marketer is email marketing and CRM software. As the hub for guest profiles and marketing communications, the software is the framework for an effective marketing strategy that focuses on nurturing long-term guest relationships. In fact, a hotel marketer spends so much time in a CRM that it should be the most carefully evaluated of all software. Each week, a hotel marketer should review scheduled promotions, collaborate with revenue management to craft creative promotions that resonate, and optimize for conversion. Each quarter, existing segmentation should be reviewed and new segments tested. To streamline productivity, the best CRM will connect to a hotel’s PMS to automatically pull in guest profiles and send out post-stay surveys. The end result is higher productivity and better conversions that make a hotel marketer look great to the GM. Metrics impacted by CRM software: When nurturing guest relationships, track your e-mail CTR rates, as well as unsubscribes. Also, in collaboration with your web team, strive to connect visits from e-mail subscribers to revenue to track ROI.   Just don't forget to get out from behind the computer! With the right technology and strategy, changes shouldn’t surprise a hotel marketer. Technology encourages adaptability by reducing the time it takes to make changes on the fly. Just don’t forget the human touch that defines hospitality: get out from behind the computer, tour the property, and maintain relationships. On-the-ground always benefits a hotel marketer with short-term perspective and long-term social capital.

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The 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2019

Hotel Tech Report

Creating a great work environment is the single biggest determinant of success for any business.  Companies that foster great work environments attract the best people and the best people build the best products. A 2017 study that analyzed 326,000 employee reviews at publicly traded companies found that firms with high employee satisfaction outperformed the overall stock market each year by 135bp (1.35%).  A similar study of 400,000 employee ratings found evidence of a statistical relationship between employee perception and a firm’s future earnings. Sophisticated enterprise software buyers know that when they partner with a technology company, they are buying into not just its products but its vision, mission and team.  These buyers perform due diligence to understand the viability of any business that they plan to partner with and a deep analysis of employee satisfaction and vendor culture is part of that process.  Hotel Tech Report hosts this award not just to help the community find great jobs, but also to help fast track diligence for hotel tech buyers who want to learn about the best vendors to work with. Understanding organizational culture is important for software buyers because companies that create great work environments retain employees longer, service customers better and innovate faster. Perks like ping pong tables,  office snacks and vacation days are nice,  but our 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech list is determined by the glue that holds companies together. Each year we ask thousands of employees at hotel tech companies how they feel about their employers and anonymize the results.  The 2019 scoring is based on 7 key data points: Work-life balance: Please rate how well your employer promotes work/life balance. Personal development: How much importance does your employer place on your own personal development? Gender equality: How would you rate the opportunities available to women in your firm? Employee confidence: How much confidence do you have in the future of your company? Values alignment: How well do your values align with the culture of your organization? Employee engagement: How passionate are employees about the company? Growth prospects: How many open roles are there for your employees to grow into?   Without further adieu we give you 2019's 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech:       10. Triptease Our research on Triptease validates that the Company truly lives and breathes the ethos of its name.  Employees consistently cited off-sites and team trips as the highlights of their year. According to LinkedIn data, Triptease has grown its employee count 72% in the last 2 years.  Sometimes when companies grow that quickly, it’s hard to maintain a great team culture. With the team spread all around the world, Triptease brings new employees for training and team building to the LondonHQ.  New employees rave about the experience for the learning and friendships that come from it. Other notable events include Triptease’s renowned Direct Booking Summits (America, Europe, Asia) and a company wide Christmas party in Madrid (let us know if you need HTR on the scene to cover next year’s party - this one sounded like a rager!).  Triptease employees are constantly blown away by how much management cares. One employee cited an unexpected bonus for a month of killer performance and another described to us how open management is to employee travel focused on career development. Ultimately, Triptease is one a big happy family and employees around the world are constantly connecting through a multitude team building activities and trips.  Employees love the fast paced nature of consistently launching new innovative products. Check out open positions at Triptease     9. GuestRevu GuestRevu had a year in which critical company milestones rallied the team together.  Not only did GuestRevu acquire a large regional competitor but the team also launched a major version update that required all hands on deck.  Despite all the craziness of rapid growth, a new version launch and a major acquisition - one employee raved to Hotel Tech Report about how supportive the entire team was during the loss of a loved one.  Another told us that she often needs to bring her 9-year old to work where he is always made to feel welcome and at home. The firm is so committed to its team that it sent out a company wide survey asking what employees wanted to learn and then purchased everyone access to Udemy classes to help them develop those new skills. The marketing team took classes on video editing and is already leveraging those skills to develop a series of video case studies for GuestRevu. Check out open positions at GuestRevu     8. Beekeeper For a company building software to help teammates communicate better - Beekeeper takes employee engagement and experience very seriously internally.  As one employee told us, “Beekeeper does an excellent job of capturing feedback and always checking in to understand where you want to go and providing actionable feedback and support to get you there.” The Company promotes a healthy lifestyle through lunchtime sports and CrossFit.  Taking it one step further, Beekeeper offers unlimited PTO and flexible work schedules to accommodate the expectations of the modern workforce. Beekeeper’s culture exudes transparency and humility. One employee told us that the team was initially put off by management’s decision to require employees to clean dishes at an off site before they realized that this was all part of the team building.  This employee told us that the people they ended up washing dishes with ended up being their closest new friends and that the experience gave them an opportunity to bond in a way that most rarely do in the modern workplace. Another employee told us about a rewarding experience they had volunteering together at a homeless shelter. The team’s humility shined through further when a new employee (2 weeks in) alerted management about tensions between two departments.  Much to their surprise both teams were thrilled to hear their new colleague’s insight and showed their appreciation. Management even went one step further offering this individual to run a huge cross-departmental retrospective 5 weeks into their job. It’s not often that companies are so open to self-reflection and change coming from a new junior hire and we really admire the culture that Beekeeper has nurtured. Check out open positions at Beekeeper       7. Hotel Effectiveness Hotel Effectiveness is an incredibly successful company that largely flies under the radar of hotel tech buzz.  The Company provides revolutionary labor management software that we’ve covered here.  If there’s one word that sums up the Hotel Effectiveness team culture - it’s ‘performance’.  Employees are unilaterally motivated by consistently hitting lofty sales goals time and again.  As a testament to this performance driven culture - one employee told us that one time their boss had to tell them to go home early and make some time for family when they were overworking themselves.  This performance culture isn’t mandated from the top and is completely grassroots in that it’s driven by internal employee motivation and ambition. While you can expect to work alongside incredibly driven and ambitious colleagues at Hotel Effectiveness - they definitely know how to have a good time host a hilarious annual white elephant Christmas party. Check out open positions at Hotel Effectiveness     6. Revinate Revinate’s culture is characterized by constant iteration and testing.  The Company is always trying new things and that affords a ton of learning opportunities to team members.  This year while the technical team executed a full shift from hosted data center to cloud based AWS infrastructure the sales and marketing teams were tasked to rapidly grow the install base of the Revinate Marketing product.  Both teams executed with near perfection and everyone celebrated with an impromptu party where key team members reflected on the incredible achievements of such a relatively short time period. Revinate embodies the startup spirit with enterprise scale.  Revinate CEO Marc Heyneker is deeply involved in the day to day operations of the business and employees across the organization rave about his ability to inspire and teach. One employee told us a story about a serious head injury that left this person working remotely for several months.  His team made sure to make him feel included as part of the office through the entire time away but that was only the beginning. The employee recalled being shocked that over a year after his injury Heyneker pulled him aside to check in on his health and to ask what he could do personally to help. Check out open positions at Revinate     5. Cloudbeds Cloudbeds management recently surprised its team with a beautiful new San Diego headquarters equipped with a 14 ft indoor willow tree, a massive outdoor workspace, game areas, stand up workstations and more.  The environment is fun, welcoming and echoes the company theme - all things travel. Cloudbeds has an extensive wellness program because management knows that healthy employees are productive ones. This productivity paid off in 2018 where Cloudbeds achieved #75 on Inc Magazine’s fastest growing companies list.  How are they growing so fast you ask? Well it’s probably because CEO Adam Harris told the team he’d dance to any song of their choosing. We will keep you posted once we get our hands on the video from Harris’ co-founder Richard Castle. The Company maintains several internal chat threads exclusively for team sharing of funny photos, videos and memes - so we expect the video to surface there as well.  All jokes aside, Cloudbeds takes both employee and team growth very seriously. Each employee has weekly 1-1 meetings to review competencies and revisit their path to promotion. The Company is growing rapidly and there are constant opportunities for employees who prove themselves. Cloudbeds is also a 100% flexible organization where remote employees and those stationed at the headquarters all enjoy the ability to work from anywhere anytime.  Cloudbeds has fostered a culture where its team members truly enjoy hanging outside of work and building friendships important for their personal and professional lives. Several Ukrainian teammates trained for a marathon together and one customer success rep has leveraged her friendship with the UX designers to pursue her passion for design. After taking several courses independently the UX team has given her several opportunities to practice her skills on live projects. Check out open positions at Cloudbeds       4. Clock Software Clock Software is another company on our list that is growing insanely fast but doesn’t take itself too seriously.  One Clock employee told us that on their birthday coworkers wrapped his entire workstation and even put a bow on it.  The only complaint we heard from Clock Software team members was that they are growing too fast and needed more staff to manage the growth.  This is the best kind of problem to have. Clock is the oldest company on our list and celebrated their 22nd anniversary this year - a testament to the longevity of the business.  Clock founder Krasimir Trapchev has focused on growing the client base without scaling the team too quickly. Trapchev is all about execution and he’s prioritized building a long term sustainable business over rapid scaling which is extremely unique in an environment where funding is so plentiful that CryptoKitties, a company that enables users to breed and trade digital cats can raise $15M.  Clock is now starting to scale the team so it can take on more enterprise clients and its employees are fired up.  If you want to learn how to build a real business without massive amounts of venture capital - check out open jobs at Clock because Trapchev is the Mr. Miyagi of entrepreneurship and you’d be wise to make yourself his Karate Kid. Check out open positions at Clock     3. Screen Pilot Screen Pilot takes team building very seriously with activities like bubble soccer, a British Bakeoff (it’s ok we Googled it, too), volunteering at an animal shelter, an escape room and even a city wide scavenger hunt around its hometown in Denver.  The scavenger hunt and Screen Pilot’s quarterly volunteer days are a testament to Screen Pilot’s commitment to the surrounding community. While Screen Pilot is a top rated digital marketing agency, it’s a technology innovator as much as a marketing service provider.  The Company has created what it calls SP Labs where employees brainstorm ways to better leverage technology to help its clients win more direct bookings. Think of SP Labs like an ongoing internal hackathon with dedicated teams set on solving acute problems for clients. It’s this kind of innovative mindset that lead Screen Pilot to a 2018 Adrian Award for social content creation. Check out open positions at Screenpilot     2. Mews Systems If you caught the Mews Systems booth at WTM you might think that it was a rocket science company with all the lab coats and futuristic decor that earned it the Best Stand Award.  While Mews isn’t quite a rocket science company it is taking off like a rocketship having doubled its client base in the second half of 2018 alone. To support that kind of insane customer growth Mews had to 4x its team size in the last year - the fastest growth of any company in our list.  So how can a company even hire that fast? Mews attracts 40% of new hires via referrals. If that doesn’t say something about the company culture we don’t know what does. With that kind of insane growth supported by an $8M Series A in June you’d think it’s all business but Mews employees say it’s very much a “work hard, play hard” culture.  One employee told us that one of his favorite things about working at Mews is “daily banter with the boizz” - this kind of hilariousness is exactly what’s helped the Company take the industry by storm. Hoteliers everywhere are sick of generic jargon and boring brand marketing from hotel tech firms and Mews is the antidote. Employees frequently cite founder Richard Valtr and CEO Matt Welle as saying “At Mews we are family and we will take care of any family member in need."  Mews also boasts an extremely inclusive culture illustrated by the firm’s attendance at the Prague Pride celebration wearing special edition Mews gear to the event. The Company also has a shared value culture at its core and participated in UK Byte Night last year.  Byte Night prevents youth homelessness by having corporate teams sleep in the streets to raise awareness and funds for the cause.  Richard and team participated which is really cool and a statement to the quality of people that you’ll work with when you join the Mews team. Check out open positions at Mews     1. ALICE ALICE employees widely agreed that quarterly town hall meetings are the foundation of ALICE’s connected team culture.  ALICE staff loves the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world, align around the company vision and get transparency into how the business is performing at a macro level. More than doubling its size in 2018, ALICE unsurprisingly had to upgrade its HQ office to add more space and acquire obligatory startup amenities like a cold brew keg, stand up desks and lockers.  ALICE goes so much deeper for its team and invests heavily in career development. Employees participate in a company wide book club, receive access to free Udemy courses and are nurtured along a very clear path to promotion.  ALICE employees talk about the clarity of path to promotion more than any other company’s employees on our list. Setting a clear path to promotion is important for making employees feel like they’re constantly progressing and puts them at ease knowing that there’s always room to grow internally.  Major consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey have perfected this art but rarely do we see startups who are able to provide such transparency to their staff - kudos ALICE management.One employee told us that she was promoted 4 times in the last 3 years - a testament to ALICE’s ability to reward top employees.  Even a remote worker was able to win ALICE’s Culture and Values Award twice in 6 months. This individual told us that they felt like they were on an island while working previous remote jobs - but felt very connected to the inclusive ALICE team. ALICE acquired GoConcierge this year and is making serious strides with major enterprise clients after its $30M Series B funding - a testament to the strong prospects for the firm and probably why employee confidence in the firm is best in class.  “When you receive a high five from the CEO, that says a lot about the culture of the company,” says one team member. High fives all around! Check out open positions at ALICE

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7 Instagram Tips For Independent Hotels

Screen Pilot

Your hotel, of course, has a polished presence on Instagram. Now boasting more than a billion monthly actives, the visuals-first platform is the third-largest social network in the world (surpassed by only Facebook and YouTube) and a key component in a comprehensive hospitality digital marketing strategy. Still, as with all facets of marketing, there are opportunities for hotel teams to evolve and advance their social outreach. Here are seven tips that can help independent hotels (and others) take their Instagram game to the next level.  1. Showcase your unique traits. While some travelers appreciate the predictability of chain establishments, many seek a special place to stay, and a hotel’s social channels are often the first opportunity to showcase what makes it unique. Images of unique décor and signature architectural elements are a natural fit for an Instagram feed, either as the focal point or as a backdrop. For example, if your hotel has mosaic tile archways throughout the lobby, post the shots and become “the place with the beautiful mosaic archways.” Unsure what the average traveler finds interesting about your property? Check out the photos guests have posted recently. (More on that in tip #3.) 2. Highlight area attractions. Your locale is unique, be it for the cuisine, the geography, the proximity to frequently visited places, or something else. By featuring what makes your community special, you’re giving people fresh reasons to visit and stay at your hotel. Some marketing teams form partnerships with other area establishments to drive user-generated content that benefits both businesses. 3. Learn from your guests. One of the best ways to attract and satisfy new guests is to learn what previous guests loved, and others maybe didn’t like so much. Make it a habit to locate your hotel on Instagram’s “Places” tab and monitor the “Top Posts” for your location. Understanding what guests find Insta-worthy can help marketing teams customize content and highlight those elements at the heart of past positive guest experiences. Find something negative? Take it in stride and talk with the team about where you might improve. 4. Leverage user-generated content. There are multiple forms of user-generated content (UGC), including guest photos, contest images and recommendations/reviews. Each format has the potential to be leveraged as an effective marketing medium. Some words of caution, though. If you’re re-posting guest photos on your hotel’s Instagram page, you should always get their permission first. Not only is this common courtesy, it offers legal cover. Plus, in many cases, when people find out you think enough of their shots to re-post them, they’ll love you for it and brag to whoever will listen, potentially resulting in more followers. 5. Craft branded hashtags. Using hashtags has been shown to increase engagement, but how confident are you that your team is using them correctly, consistently, and to maximum effect? There are two types of hashtags; generic and branded. Generic hashtags are unspecific and widely used. There are tens of millions of posts that include #wanderlust, for example. You’re probably using some of these currently, and that’s fine, but be sure to additionally create property-specific or campaign-specific tags to help your team track feedback and grow the conversation. For example, rather than using a generic tag such as #travel, consider branded hashtag such as #TravelToPropertyName. Don’t forget to share your custom hashtags with guests, and encourage travelers to weave them into their own posts. 6. Include geotags. An Instagram geotag is a record of the latitude and longitude of your current location when you post a photo. This information is collected by the GPS in your mobile device and is only accessible to Instagram if you grant permission. The use of geotags effect the manner and frequency your photos appear in Instagram’s location feed and local search results, meaning more people will find you, often when they need you most. Some stats suggest the use of geotags can increase engagement as much as 79%. 7. Embrace Instagram Stories. Just a couple years old, Instagram Stories is a feature that allows you to post photos and videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours. Though the idea may have been “borrowed” from Snapchat, it was done so because “Stories” have become a refreshing departure from the static images and scrolling video users are used to seeing in their feed. From a marketing perspective, “Stories” can be used for; Offering limited-time discounts Showcasing “behind-the-scenes” content Getting follower feedback in the form of follower votes Posting impromptu photos or videos of guest experiences (with their permission, of course) Highlight daily specials at eateries and outlets Promote and showcase special events   Digital marketing is an evolving animal, as is the manner in which marketers use the tools of digital marketing, such as Instagram. With new features being introduced constantly, it’s important to stay on top of the latest updates. Work closely alongside your trusted digital marketing partners to understand and apply the latest tricks and trends, and to be sure your property is a leader in crafting creative, engaging and – most importantly – productive posts.

5 Reasons To Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy Now

Screen Pilot

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1.8 million words.” If you haven’t yet integrated video into your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on tremendous opportunities for your hotel. It is imperative to keep up with the current digital trends to retain prospective guests’ interest so they will keep returning to your property. With the human attention span stretching just to a staggering six seconds, video has quickly become a solution in keeping users engaged for longer online. Below are four ways video proves itself worthy to be your hotel’s next marketing tool. Users retain more information from videos than text. Prospective guests are more likely to remember your hotel if you have some sort of video content on your website. According to Insivia, people retain 95% of content from a video versus 10% when reading it in text. Moreover, when creating and utilizing video content, shorter is better. Keep videos under two minutes, preferably no more than fifteen seconds depending on the platform. With this strategy, your hotel will stand out in the reader’s mind when planning their next vacation. Clickthrough rate is higher when using video. From click to book, video has proven to show significantly higher click-through rates for properties implementing video into their marketing strategy. “Companies that use videos in their marketing have 27% higher click-through rate and 34% higher conversion rates than those that don’t (Biteable).” Further, 52% of marketers using video are reporting a bigger bang for their buck (Biteable). Users are inclined to share – which means free marketing for hoteliers. Not only is video statistically a better return on investment, but it markets itself since prospective guests love sharing videos with friends and followers. Moreover, unsurprisingly, 92 percent of consumers are sharing video content with friends, family, and followers, which, if created and marketed wisely, is an amazing window of opportunity for hotels and businesses alike.   Virtual reality is quickly becoming the next big thing. With VR on the rise, it is best for your property to get ahead in creating visual content for users. This shows that properties care enough to provide the best user experience possible. Make it easy for your future guests and stand out simply by painting a picture of their dream getaway through the ever-rising power of video.

3 New Technical Strategies To Personalize Your Targeting

Screen Pilot

Earlier this month, we shared four key elements in personalizing ads to increase engagement and bookings. In order to do things like write compelling headlines, choose relevant images, develop enticing offers, and create user-friendly landing pages, you must first be familiar with the data in order to create advertisements that speak to your audience’s current interests and needs. For those that are a bit more technical, there are additional elements you can integrate into your campaigns for better performance. All of us, as marketers, are familiar with the old adage “no two customers are alike” and with personalization in marketing reaching its apex, we should not be sending the same ad out to all audience types in hopes that it maybe – just might…perhaps, catch the eye of a handful. Our job is to customize our efforts to relevantly reach users through all stages of their customer journey. Through custom dimensions, custom intent, and in-market/affinity audiences, we can reach new users and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.   Custom Dimensions In Google Analytics, Custom Dimensions are user-defined data points that can be retrieved whether or not a user is logged in to their Google account. These are also particular points of data that will not be revealed in Google Analytics unless you tell it to. Your hotel’s own web pages offer a plethora of data that digital marketers can then use to customize and personalize efforts towards your different audience groups. Your potential customers may be searching for a hotel room in July, and by utilizing Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics, you can tailor your ad copy to users looking for specific dates or time-frames: By breaking out ad groups based on days, months, or holiday searches, you can provide compelling copy that creates a sense of urgency and relates to the customer. Benchmark your ad engagement before and after you customize your ads and take note to see which strategy provides the highest Click Through Rate (CTR), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), or other KPIs such as Time on Site, Form Submissions, etc. By customizing ad copy using custom dimensions, the Search Marketing Team here at Screen Pilot have seen a 314% increase in CTR and a 140% decrease in Cost Per Click (CPC).   Custom Intent Recently, Google released Custom Intent Audiences, giving advertisers the ability to reach customers based on their Google search queries. For example, you can create an audience based on users who search “resorts in Charleston” or “where to vacation in South Carolina”. As users do research during their early stages of travel consideration, it’s important to get your brand out there to match the users’ search intent and gain new user website traffic. The content of both your advertisements and your landing pages should match the intent of the user. Shouldn’t users researching “where to vacation” receive more brand awareness advertisements – while users searching specifically for “resort packages in Charleston” should receive an offer and/or package specificadvertisements to give travelers what they’re looking for when they need it most? So, what are the results? Since launching these new campaigns as soon as custom intent audiences were available to us, Screen Pilot has seen brand awareness ads with a 4:1 ROAS, averaging 2-3 conversions a month using this targeting method.   Audience Insights In-Market and Affinity audiences are additional avenues you can explore when deciding who to target your ads to. Google categorizes users as “in-market” by those actively researching or comparing services across the display network. “Affinity audiences” is simply associating user’s browsing activity with a specific interest category. For example, a user who likes hiking and is planning a trip to Boston might have an “affinity” for the outdoors while being “in-market” for rental cars according to Google. By targeting our In-Market users in search campaigns, the team here at Screen Pilot see, on average, a 20% increase in conversion rates and a 20% increase in view rate for our YouTube ads. You can either guess what audiences your customers fall in to, or, you can use audience insights to determine where your users actually stand. By reviewing insights from your All Converters audience list, you can see which in-markets and affinities are associated with your hotel guests.     With these three new targeting methods in mind, not only can you write compelling headlines, choose relevant images, develop enticing offers, and create user-friendly landing pages – you can reach users with personalized marketing that tailors to their current need or interest. Segmenting out your audiences and customizing content in your ad copy is key in order to increase engagement and conversions. You will not only find new audiences you weren’t reaching before, but you’ll provide compelling content that matches your customer needs. For help on reaching your customers throughout their buying journey, reach out to Screen Pilot and let us take your data to a whole new level!  

Why Your Hotel Website Needs An FAQ Page

Screen Pilot

It’s 2018 and there are now entire generations of consumers walking (surfing) around (the net) who would prefer not to (would rather die than) speak on the phone directly with another human. When users try to book a hotel online, they may struggle to find answers to simple questions such as check-in time, pet policy, or dining options. Implementing a Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) page on your website could be a perfect solution that benefits both brand and consumer. Here are four reasons why your website needs an FAQ page: Save Time & Money One of the most difficult tasks when managing social media accounts can be answering the same question time and time again. If it takes three minutes to reply to a guest who has questions about your parking fee, valet availability, or any general parking information and you get a similar question ten times a day – you’re spending 30 minutes responding to inquiries just about parking. This results in labor and opportunity cost being taken away from other, more strategic social initiatives. Building and maintaining an FAQ page will allow guests to find answers more quickly, and on their own, and ultimately save time and money. This should also be an indication that a certain volume of searches for the information may be happening – and when a consumer can’t find the answer, they’re taking to social media. Why not drive traffic, repeat or otherwise, to your website first. After all – that channel should be the one-stop-shop of information regarding your brand. Featured Snippets & Voice search A featured snippet is a prominent box located at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This box can answer a user question in a concise manner. Be aware though, sometimes third parties or even your competitors can steal featured snippets and route visitors away from your site. An FAQ page will let Google know you are the verified source for property-related questions and point users directly to your site, not through a third party. In a study performed by Backlinko, over 10,000 voice search queries were analyzed on a Google Home device. Nearly 41% of all voice search answers came from a featured snippet. Digest this for a second with us, every two out of five answers are pulled from a featured snippet. With mobile devices making up 52% of web pages globally, voice search queries will continue to rise. TRY IT YOURSELF: Go to Google and type, “Is [property name] pet-friendly?” and see if your site pops up in a featured snippet. If not, time to add an FAQ page! Develop New Content Consistent content marketing is another popular strategy and tactic for the hospitality industry. This relatively “newly popular” initiative may be hard for some to wrap their minds (and budgets) around, but building an FAQ page is a nice win and a great first step for your content marketing strategy. Website content serves a “best foot forward” way to provide the optimal user experience. Some questions or topics may just require a more detailed response or presence. In this instance, having a page or two dedicated to frequently asked questions or frequently searched topics will benefit both your prospective guests and your digital marketing; consistent content updates = more content = more chances for optimization = more chances to rank. TRY IT YOURSELF: If you’re struggling to develop social media content. Chop up the FAQ page question by question or however you see fit, reconfigure the content, sprinkle in some graphic design or video and suddenly – you’ve got a new post ripe for engagement! Optimize the Booking Funnel (aka: Increase Revenue) As mentioned above, a main function of content is to enhance user experience. What is the intended result of a good user experience? Transactions. In 2016, Forrester Research found “53% of US online adults will abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.” You could be losing half of your potential online bookings by not offering easy-to-find answers on the website. An FAQ page allows users to find answers themselves, but most importantly, keep them on the website and in the booking funnel. Providing answers to your hotel’s frequently asked questions is a great wait to save time, enhance other marketing channels and create a valuable user experience.

New Look For Google Hotel Search Results

Screen Pilot

For months Google has been testing new user interface designs for their hotel search results on mobile and desktop devices. Mobile was first to get a facelift, and now the desktop interface has a new design. Just this week, Google released a new desktop version of their hotel search results, emphasizing imagery and increasing the importance of GMB profile management. Why the new design? Google hopes to provide an improved user experience (UX) for users looking to book a hotel. The stronger emphasis on imagery, user ratings and other information from hotels’ GMB profiles in this latest update aims to give users a better understanding of each property while comparison shopping. Let’s take a deeper dive into the new-look hotel search results.   Results Page Design When searching for “Boston Hotels”, this is what the new results page looks like. It provides users with date, price and other new filtering options, as well as displays results in the more visual grid.   Hotel Profile Page: Once a user selects a hotel, they are then led to the hotel profile page, which now offers a one-stop shop for all things related to the property including prices, photos, and reviews. Google has also added a new section called “Location Summary,” which highlights nearby attractions and transportation landmarks. This could help properties in urban areas highlight the benefits of their location, as well as make it significantly easier for users to get location information beyond the traditional street address. The highlighted amenities next to the star rating underscore the growing importance of maintaining and updating property GMB profiles.     How Does It Affect You? For most hotels, this design change could certainly impact the number of bookings they receive. After months of testing, Google found this design to provide the best UX, and a better UX improves the likelihood of a booking. The “Book a Room” button and meta search results are also prominently featured, providing users with multiple booking paths, which also increases the likelihood of a user booking. This update puts a greater emphasis on ensuring your Google My Business profile is constantly monitored and updated, including property images. The update also increases the importance of proper meta search management. At Screen Pilot, we are constantly monitoring Google My Business profiles for updates from our clients or from Google, as well as optimizing our clients’ meta search campaigns to ensure no opportunities are missed.  

Screen Pilot Named 2018’s Top Rated Digital Marketing Agency in the HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

February 12, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named Screen Pilot 2018’s top rated Digital Marketing Agency based on data from thousands of hoteliers in more than 40 countries around the world.  Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel marketing and technology product and services companies competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “As a hotelier your website can make or break your profitability and channel mix.  That’s why selecting the right digital marketing agency is critical to your bottom line since they are the ones crafting your funnel and then tasked to fill that funnel for a lower cost than your OTA commissions” says Jordan Hollander of Hotel Tech Report. Screen Pilot is poised for sustained growth in 2018. Hoteliers recognized Screen Pilot’s truly world class ROI where Screen Pilot exceeded the category average by 12%. “The company [Screen Pilot] & staff have been able to help us set, measure and improve Return On Investment from services offered. They have also been flexible and creative with suggestions to make adjustments as situation change.”, says the Sales & Marketing Manager of an independent hotel group based out of New York City. To read the full review and more, head to Screen Pilot's profile on Hotel Tech Report