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SalesHub™ (by Visiting Media)

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Sales enablement designed for hotels

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About SalesHub™ (by Visiting Media)
Founded in 2010 | Headquarters in Carlton (United States) | 98 employees
SalesHub is an immersive sales enablement tool designed for the hospitality industry. The platform empowers sales teams through advanced features to streamline processes and close bookings faster. Unlike generic sales enablement tools, SalesHub facilitates immersive selling strategies to support the specific needs of teams across hospitality.

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Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Create Personalized Experiences

Use Immersive Selling Strategy

Maximize Channel Distribution


Proposals, Contracts & Signatures

4/5 features

Online Bookings

4/5 features

Payments & Invoicing

4/5 features

Content Management

4/5 features

CRM & Messaging

4/5 features

Available Add-ons & Modules

Managed Services

3D Virtual Tours
From 360° imagery to 3D modeling, immersive video to CGI, Visiting Media supports digital asset production around the globe. Our service provides virtual site inspection visuals of the highest quality loaded into our sales enablement platform.



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