How to Create a Truly Inviting Hotel Room

By Lillian Connors

Last updated December 06, 2019

2 min read

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The hospitality industry has been experiencing a staggering rise in recent decades and especially in recent years due to the booming economy across the world and the popularization of global travel. No matter the occasion, no matter the length of their stay, travellers from around the world are exploring foreign countries and their own country’s states in bigger numbers every year.

With the rise of the travel industry, the hospitality field has seen a surge of new competitors entering the market in hopes of snagging a sizable piece of the proverbial cake. The battlefield has shifted to the design and aesthetic appeal of the hotel room itself, so here is how you can plan a truly inviting hotel room that will set you apart from the competition.

The bedroom layout

Starting with the essentials, first you need to think about optimizing the layout of the room to appeal to your target demographic. Usually, this will be multiple demographics at the same time, ranging from business travellers, to creative digital nomads and maybe even families. In order to appeal to every taste preference, not all rooms should follow the same design scheme.

As a general rule, the room needs to portray freedom of movement, functionality, and aesthetics, so make sure not to section off every area, but to let all parts form a unified whole. That means, for instance, that the foyer should seamlessly extend into the living room, with the bedrooms unobtrusively separated by screen doors.

Pay special attention to the bathroom

When it comes to making a decision between several room options of similar quality and price, the winner will be the room with the best and most beautiful bathroom design. Even if the price of your room exceeds the price of your competitors’ rooms, if the bathroom is elegant, functional, and spotless, the customer will gladly pay the difference.

Make sure the design of the bathroom follow the theme of the entire room, but also elevates the experience with elegant details, natural elements, and plenty of natural light. Think about adding white amenities to wooden cabinets, an oak vanity, and ornate tile flooring. Top it all off with a grand mirror and use pixelated glass for the shower door.

Make it cosy and personal

Finally, the room needs to feel cosy, intimate, and serene. This is a place people will come to unwind and enjoy their vacation with loved ones, so they need to feel right at home. While you can’t expect to pinpoint everyone’s exact taste in design and decor, you can do your best to bring the homey vibe to the setting.

To that end, you can introduce warm and colourful area rugs that will considerably enhance the comfortable feel. If you lack inspiration, you can always for browse through DecoRug’s extensive range of designer rugs  and find the solution that will perfectly match the rest of the room design.

Introduce desirable amenities

The customer has certain expectations, and you have to do your best to supply your room with all of the necessities they wish to see in their room, such as clean, breathable bed linens and plush pillows, oversized bath towels, essential toiletries, etc.

Think about complementary shampoos, bath salts, scented candles, toothpaste and toothbrushes, a blow dryer and everything else the customer might be thrilled to have. Considering every option and going the extra mile when it comes to room amenities can mean all the difference.

Compliments of the hotel

Speaking of complementary details, one of the most effective ways to earn positive reviews and attract new customers is to simply hand out free stuff. This can be anything from complementary drinks and snacks, all the way to leaving little chocolates on the pillows every morning. Combine these complimentary details with a few surprises in the form of a champagne bottle or a dinner for two for your esteemed guests and you will be reeling in positive reviews in no time.

In the overly competitive market, hotel managers need to go above and beyond the call of duty to surpass their competitors and attract new guests. To achieve this, you will have to design a room your customers will simply adore, so be sure to follow these essential steps in order to pave the road to long-term success.