Easyway Integrates GPT-4, Revolutionizing Hotel Communications with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Easyway's groundbreaking GPT-4 integration transforms hotel communications, empowering staff to communicate more effectively, enhance guest experiences, and elevate their brand in any language


Easyway, the premier Guest Relationship Platform for hotels, has announced a groundbreaking integration of the cutting-edge GPT-4 architecture into its platform. This move places Easyway at the forefront of the hospitality industry, enabling hotels to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance their guest communications, build stronger relationships, and deliver exceptional experiences.

The integration of GPT-4 technology into the Easyway platform represents a bold step towards revolutionizing hotel-guest interactions. By combining the state-of-the-art AI capabilities of GPT-4 with Easyway's existing AI models, the platform will provide hotel staff with an unparalleled level of assistance, accuracy, and efficiency in guest communications. This innovative approach sets a new industry standard for communication, ensuring a consistent and personalized guest experience.

"We're thrilled to announce the integration of GPT-4 technology into the core of our product, taking guest experiences to new heights," said Roy Friedman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Easyway. "By harnessing the limitless power of GPT-4, we're enabling hotel staff to communicate more effectively, respond faster, and build lasting relationships with guests."

As a result of this integration, Easyway is proud to launch its first GPT-4 powered feature, Easyway Genie. Easyway Genie is a game-changing AI assistant designed to help hotel receptionists communicate effortlessly with guests, save time, and enhance the guest experience. By analyzing guest messages and conversation history in real time, Easyway Genie offers personalized response suggestions that hotel receptionists can review and send with just a click.

Easyway Genie's key features and benefits include:

  1. Personalized suggestions: Tailored response options based on the context of guest conversations.

  2. Real-time assistance: Quick analysis of guest messages and suggested responses to improve reply times and minimize errors.

  3. Enhanced guest experience: Faster, more accurate, and personalized service delivered with the help of Genie's AI capabilities.

To celebrate the launch of Easyway Genie, a limited beta program is now open to select hotel receptionists. Beta participants will have the exclusive opportunity to influence the feature's development, provide valuable feedback, and shape its future. Join the waiting list today and secure your spot in the groundbreaking program.

Experience the power of GPT-4 and Easyway Genie in elevating your hotel's guest communications to new heights. To learn more about this AI-powered revolution and how it can transform your hotel operations, visit Easyway.


Easyway is a Tel Aviv-based end-to-end guest journey platform that enables hotels to personalize and manage the entire guest experience in one place. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology, Easyway empowers hotel staff to communicate more effectively, deliver exceptional guest experiences, and elevate their brand's reputation in any language. With seamless integration into popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Easyway provides immediate two-way translation in over 100 languages, revolutionizing the hospitality industry and setting a new standard for hotel operations.

Easyway was named Best Contactless Check-In Solution at HotelTechAwards 2022 and was a finalist for Best Guest Messaging Software and Best Live Chat & Chatbot by HotelTechReport.