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Hotel Entrance: How to Make It Truly Welcoming

Lillian Connors

The entrance to your hotel is a mission statement – it is a visual layout of your goals as a service. Since it is the first thing any unsuspecting arrival will see, you need to make sure it looks the occasion and represents exactly what the hotel stands for. The entrance needs to be inviting, it needs to communicate comfort and it has to stir positive emotions. Most of all, it must grab the attention of a potential customer. Here’s how you can make the hotel entrance truly welcoming. Mission, vision, goal In order to turn a hotel entrance into an inviting “presentation” of the hotel’s best attributes, you first need to define its mission, vision and goals. The mission of a welcoming hotel entrance is to lure the guests in. Vision is to have it represent all the qualities of the hotel, and the goal is to have a hotel brimming with eager and satisfied customers that got exactly what they expected. You just have to make sure that, whatever you do with the entrance stylistically, it doesn’t alienate anyone – the best case scenario is to have the widest spectrum of people checking in. The colour scheme Colour is the first thing that should be on your mind when you are designing a hotel entrance. It is a key element of decoration for both indoor and outdoor setups. Try to use colours that will invoke yearning in the passers-by, depending on where the hotel is situated. If the hotel is near a beach in a tropical or overall hot environment, gentle curves and colder pastel colours will make the potential visitor believe this is a place where they can rest and cool off. On the other hand, if your hotel is situated somewhere far north, in a place most tourists visit during the winter months, you’ll want to utilize warm colours, sometime bold contrasts of white and red, to entice people to come in. The colour scheme doesn’t have to be particularly revolutionary as long as it is appropriate and sends the right message – it is other elements that surround the entrance that need to offer interesting variations meant to intrigue. Below the entrance The floor below the entrance needs to visually pull the attention towards the door itself. Therefore, it would be advisable to use premium concrete sealers to protect your concrete from the elements. The hotel’s concrete stretch should start off wide and get narrow as it approaches the entrance (or potentially the stairs in front of it). Carpets might be an interesting element you should think about, though you should choose the material that can be easily cleaned. Many hotels add a red carpet in front of their doors to achieve the glamorous appeal. Above the entrance If you truly want to make your entrance appear welcoming and to communicate comfort, you should certainly provide some form of shelter above the entrance. As the downpour clears the streets, this canopy can disarm even the most resistant visitor. Try to create a shelter that provides a big cover, so the customers can get their act together, rearrange luggage or wait for transportation. The power of light Proper lighting is crucial for the exterior of the hotel, let alone the entrance itself. Lights are inviting by nature – they catch the attention of the eyes and divert them towards what they’re pointing at, without faltering. Just make sure the light fixtures you have installed all cast a softer shade of light, possibly a warmer colour, unless the style of the hotel and the entrance need something different. A dash of greenery Adding a dash of greenery can truly turn your hotel entrance into something enchanting. It will turn a cold and formal façade into a warm and welcoming exterior. It also brings a feeling of personal touch to the proceedings, not to mention the fact it can effectively cover the unappealing architectural details. You can also use the plant life to decorate your lobby, as a natural continuation of what visitors have seen at the entrance. Creating a welcoming hotel entrance is not so dissimilar to setting a stage for a theatre performance. It needs to provide an apt visual synthesis for everything a proper hotel stands for – total comfort, good service and positive atmosphere. Whether it communicates “luxury” depends mostly on what sort of hotel you have on your hands. No matter what kind of hotel it is, the entrance is a mise-en-scène that needs to hook any reluctant newcomer to rent a room.