Announcing the Launch of the SmartLock Pro: The World's Most Advanced Hotel Lock

The next generation in hotel access.


Goki, the provider of hospitality's leading automation platform, announced a new product at last week's NoVacancy conference in Sydney. The SmartLock Pro aims to revolutionize how hoteliers welcome new arrivals - automating check-in, access & how to engage more effectively with guests during their stay. 

Design + Industry — one of the world's pre-eminent industrial designers dabbling in everything from Heston Blumenthal's Barbecues to submarines for James Cameron - engineered the SmartLock Pro in Sydney. Having worked closely with Goki for the last few years on the current generation of smart devices, a decision was made to roll out a LUXE version of the SmartLock that better-served Hotels in the post-pandemic world.

Goki's founder, Jack Bowcott explains, "Our brief for the PRO was simple. Work on any door. Installed by anyone. Coming out of the pandemic, lowering third-party dependencies is vital for hoteliers. Goki runs a low-touch, self-service model that saves properties money on installation and maintenance".

In addition to being easy to install, the SmartLock Pro boasts a host of features not found anywhere else. Most popular has been the introduction of an integrated WI-fi module powered by an unprecedented 10,000MaH rechargeable lithium battery. "Hoteliers don't want to have to install additional devices just to get their services online - the SmartLock Pro connects to your wifi and lets you revoke access, pull battery status, run lock audits and open doors from anywhere, anytime..."

Goki's Chief Commercial Officer - Dylan Firn - reports that the market response has already been strong, with the first batch of locks selling out in just two days - "Goki is uniquely positioned as it has built out the entire ecosystem... Hotels don't need to find a lock company, then a check-in solution, then wonder how to automate their daily tasks & manage guests more effectively. Goki is the only company that does it all - allowing you to buy one solution, not three."

Sales for Batch 2 have now opened, with pre-orders shipping in November this year.


Goki makes stays better by automating check-in, access & guest communication. We combine devices & software to eliminate repetitive tasks and drive greater operational efficiencies for Hotels, Hostels & Airbnbs. Guests are automatically issued with a unique SmartKey & DoorCode and can access services during their stay - like mobile check-in, sentiment tracking, messaging, extensions, messaging & payments.