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By Lucas Keizer

Last updated January 05, 2018

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Well-insulated and quiet hotel rooms are increasingly important for the well-being of hotel guests and thus for the successful operation of any hotel. Before 2015, no objective standards for the sound insulation of hotel rooms existed, but in that year the Quietroom Foundation introduced the Quiet Room® label, the first and only independent global label for quiet hotel rooms. The introduction was a great success and by the end of 2017 more than 160 hotels had their rooms certified for the QR-label, which is widely publicised and has achieved great popularity among travellers.

Quietroom packages for hotel developers In order to facilitate architects,builders,hotel managers and developers engaged in the (re-)development of hotels, the Quietroom Foundation has created a series of packages aimed at helping you to incorporate the QR-standards, have some or all of the hotel rooms certified for the QR-label and achieve a high level of sound-insulation. The packages are specifically designed for various stages of hotel development, i.e. from the building stage to the redesign of existing hotel rooms.

Quietroom Quickscan

The Quickscan is aimed at finished hotels that want to achieve the QR-certification without any redevelopment. Based on the available building plans and blueprints, we carry out a series of calculations to determine whether the selected hotel rooms meet the standards of the QR-label category III. If they do, the hotels will receive the QR-label and can use this in their marketing and publicity, as well as profit from the free publicity generated by the Quietroom Foundation through its website and other channels.

Quietroom Design Advice & Certificate

This package is intended for the planning & design stage of hotels that are going to be built or redeveloped. It consists of a series of calculation measurements and studies of the design and building plans. In case of a positive assessment, you will receive a certificate which guarantees that the finished hotel will meet the standards of the QR-label and can obtain this once the hotel is finished. In case the design and building plans do not meet the requirements of the QR-label, we will provide advice regarding the corrective measures necessary to obtain the certificate.

Building Phase Consultancy

For hotel (re)construction projects that have already started, we offer a consultancy service. This entails close monitoring with regard to the use of specific building materials and sound insulation measures, in order to ensure that these meet the requirements of the QR-label. It prevents construction errors which could otherwise be expensive to correct and gives the developer the guarantee that the finished hotel can obtain the QR-label.

QR Performance Measurements

The Quietroom Foundation has several certified partners around Europe who can carry out performance measurements (sound-insulation measurements). Hotels that wish to have their rooms certified for the QR-label, can engage the services of one of these. They will carry out the measurements according to the specifications laid down in the QR-handbook en deliver the results in the form of a detailed report. The hotels will receive the QR-label and can use this in their marketing and publicity, as well as profit from the free publicity generated by the Quietroom Foundation through its website and other channels.

QR-training and development program The Quietroom Foundation has developed several training programs, aimed at hotels, builders, developers and architects. The aim of the training programs is to enhance the knowledge of sound-insulation best practices, as well as of the factors that are involved in optimal sleep comfort in hotels.

Construction and sound (insulation) training


This training focuses on enhancing awareness and prevention of possible building errors with regard to sound-insulation, as well as providing insight into the latest sound-insulation materials and products. It also explains how to use and implement the QR-specifications during the building phase.


Sleep Comfort Training One of the key factors for hotel guests to have a positive experience is to get a good night's sleep. This training, which has been developed in close cooperation with the Somnio Institute, is based on the latest scientific insights. It focuses on the many factors that need to be addressed in order for hotel guests to have optimal sleep comfort: a quiet room, a good bed, a pillow menu, good lighting and ventilation, healthy food, as well as several others.

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