Whistle adds Chargerback lost-and-found function


Guest messaging platform Whistle has partnered with Chargerback to give hotel staff the ability to streamline lost-and-found operations with guests through text and mobile messaging.

“With such a high volume of post-stay lost-and-found inquiries from guests, we are excited to now streamline this process and to promote additional guest satisfaction,” Whistle Cofounder and CEO Christopher Hovanessian said in a statement.

With Whistle, hotels using Chargerback now can message their guests to initiate the lost-and-found process in real-time via SMS text messaging and mobile messaging. This is especially practical for the majority of travelers who carry their smartphone and want to easily let the hotel know that they have left an item behind.

“Guests now prefer software solutions before, during, and after their stay, to meet their needs and solve their problems,” said Brian Colodny, president and co-founder of Chargerback.

Whistle has already helped several of its customers successfully streamline the lost-and-found process with guests. The new partnership is meant to help optimize hotel operations and reduce friction for any traveler, to ensure they are kept up to date on their lost item.