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Ranked #24 out of 31 in Finance & Accounting Software

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HelloGM Overview

Top Alternative: M3 (Accounting)

HelloGM Overview

HelloGM is a Data Analytics and automation Platform for hoteliers. With HelloGM, our end goal is to increase your profitability. Hotel profitability is impacted by 3 key items - 1. Revenue 2. Brand reputation and 3. Expenses. HelloGM is a single analytics platform to track all your multiple hotels' revenue, brand reputation (guest review sentiments) and expenses (P&L, Labor Analytics) at one p...

About HelloGM

Founded in 2018 | Headquarters in South Jordan United States | 12 employees
Product Modules
Reputation Management Reputation Management
Connect to your online reputation to monitor reviews and check replies
Night Audit
- Hotel Dashboard - Business summary, comparison with last year, forecast, guest sentiments and guest review scores - Guest Folio Reconciliations - identify issues with guest folios, adjustments, under sale, day use rooms, no show charges and many more scenarios ​- Automate Night Audit Process - no need to manually enter night audit data to spread sheets
P&L Analytics Business Intelligence
- ​P&L KPIs - Track cost per occupied rooms, cost as % of revenue, for entire chart of accounts. ​- Compare - Compare between your hotels to identify abnormalities ​- Works with your Accounting Software ​- Works with your Chart of Accounts
Budgeting & Forecasting
- Budgeting - Enter budget directly into HelloGM. - Based on Formulas - Dynamic budgeting based on formulas like $ per occupied rooms, % of room revenue and % of F&B revenue - ​Track Variance - Track variance again budget for each category
Labor Cost Management Scheduling & Labor Management
- ​Labor KPIs - labor hours, costs, cost per room sold, cost as % or revenue, overtime hours, MPR for Daily, MTD and YTD. - Budget - track variance with your labor budget - Compare - Compare between your hotels ​- Face Recognition Time clock - Face recognition cloud based time clock, access anywhere/anytime, payroll integrations
Bank Deposit Reconciliation
- Hotel Journal Ledger - Automatically prepares spread sheet for your business, taxes, cash and CC entries - Credit Card Reconciliation - Reconciles your credit card and cash deposits with bank account - Bank Grade Security - Bank grade security to ensure peace of mind ​- Reconciliations - Daily reconciliations for your revenue with all payment types, and ledgers to identify issues

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There are not enough reviews of HelloGM for Hotel Tech Report to provide buying insight. Below are some alternatives with more reviews:

M3 (Accounting)

Lawrenceville (United States)
100 HT Score

PVNG (by Aptech)

Pittsburgh (United States)
12 HT Score


Bethesda (United States)
96 HT Score


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