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Ranked 13th (out of 43) in Staff Collaboration Tools

Staff Collaboration Tools

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Ranked #13 out of 43 in Staff Collaboration Tools

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Founded in 2008 | Headquarters in Orlando (United States) | 88 employees

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  • Staff Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile Key & Keyless Entry
  • Property Management Systems
  • Point of Sale
  • Guest Room Automation
  • Spa
  • Guest Messaging Software
  • Mobile Apps/Developers
  • Voice Activated Tech
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90% recommend

Director of Hotel and Food &Beverage from Other in San Jose (United States)

Systems Assistant Engineer from Resort

Information Systems Manager from Resort

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  • Lost & found module
  • Late checkouts
  • Virtual logbook
  • Real time task tracking
  • Preventative maintenance module
  • Deep cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Print old records
  • Multi-property portfolio monitoring
  • Team goal setting (e.g. rewards sign-ups, satisfaction)
  • Compensation Tracking
  • Mobile access on any device
  • In app translation
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Open API
  • Service Recovery/Escalation
  • Case Management
  • Message Routing
  • Staff Collaboration

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Micarl Hill SVP of Brand Development at the Forbes Travel Guide

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