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Ranked 3rd (out of 43)
91 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked 3rd (out of 43)
91 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence

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91 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked #3 out of 43 in Service Delivery & Optimization

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Quore Overview

Quore develops innovative software solutions that hotels use to run their day-to-day operations more efficiently. Our product improves communications between guests and staff by streamlining housekeeping, guest relations, engineering and every other aspect of running a hotel. The bottom line is that we make life easier for everyone who works in a hotel, which means guests get their needs met faster. With smarter teams and happier guests, everybody wins. Read more Less

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Founded in 2012 | Headquarters in Franklin (United States) | 72 employees

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What Customers Love About Quore

91% recommend

Is very easy, intuitive and keeps track of request, guest complaints, to do list, and also if you want you can use this software for preventive maintenance

Key Account Director from Branded in Dublin (United States)

You have complaints right there in front of you and what others did to satisfy the guest. The fact there are quite a few different apps like Cleaning, log, work order. It keeps everything in each category so if you need to know about say housekeeping just go to that aspect and you do not have to go through a list of front desk issues to get to the guests issue fast so you can better take care of their issues! I like also that it lets you communicate with anyone else on the app like corporate.

Front Desk Associate from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

We like of Quore that is pretty friendly and easy to work with. The applications are adequate and simple in order to follow up and consult information later.

Training Manager from Branded in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

Friendly and stable. This software helps to keep in track all information required and give us short time of response.

Guest Service Manager from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

Excellent for reminders and record keeping for my preventive maintenance program. Quore is easy to learn.

Chief Engineer from Branded in San Jose (United States)

The best thing I like about Quore is that I can monitor the teams activity and efficiency (from yesterday, today or monthly glances). How much work were they able to complete and how long did it take them. if I see something that needs to be added to a room PM checklist or inspection report, its easy to add with the assistance of the support staff who are all easy to communicate with and proficient.

General Manager from Branded in Nashville (United States)

The intuitive nature of the user interface. It's designed to specifically feel familiar to most users, and as such, associates at the hotel level embrace it more quickly than other solutions. The graphical nature of the interface ensures learning will be quick and easy. Previously Used: Hotel ServicePro Success Metrics: - Improved GSS scores across the board, due primarily to better-maintained assets, and quicker, more-direct response to guest issues as they arise.

Director of Training and Development from Other in Santa Clara (United States)

Quore is a great tool for a number of uses. It is also very easy to use and intuitive. Guests can make a request or identify a problem. The issue is tracked by front desk, management, and the department that needs to fix the issue. Complaints and issues are resolved much faster. It makes sure rooms are cleaned the correct when and tracks when the rooms are done. Our maintenance people also like it. Properties that use Quore are better run because of it.

CEO from Boutique in Brentwood (United States)

It is a unique software where you can manage all day to day operations(interaction with colleagues, guests...) plus it is very user friendly!

Front Office Manager from Branded in Monterey (United States)

Everything is in one place and easy to find. Easy to see different shift comments and notes. You can log things in fast and with no jumping to many different screens

Front Desk Agent from Boutique in San Antonio (United States)

It's pretty simple to use. I also like fact that you can use for multiple purposes like example wake up calls and packages.

Front Desk Associate from Branded in Santa Clara (United States)

Updates always helpful. Live people to talk to. Helps me be on top of things even when I'm not on property.

Chief Engineer from Branded in Chattanooga (United States)

Quore encompasses all departments and aspects of the hotel operations. You can set up daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. everyone has access so it really helps with accountability.

Front Office Manager from Branded in Dixon (United States)

I like the instant communication between departments and that everything is entered and received in real time. The program is definitely user friendly. The customization aspect of the program is a definite plus for me.

Front Desk Supervisor/ Night Auditor from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

I like having the ability to communicate with the staff about upcoming events and groups. The uploading reports are a plus too.

Sales Manager from Boutique in San Antonio (United States)

I really like the fact that you can download the Quore mobile app so that everyone doesn't have to share the computer to login.

General Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Our team is able to communicate in real-time which has created an exceptional guest experience day in and day out. We no longer have log books and binders cluttering the Front Office. We no longer have maintenance tickets piling up. We are able to communicate our daily efforts to the corporate team without them calling or emailing as well.

General Manager from Branded in Plant City (United States)

Quore's support has always been very expedient in taking care of my request with minimal down time. They are on point with making sure there are no issues with our devised and immediately services are taken care of. I got 4 things taken care of within 2 hours this morning. Great service tool.

Executive Sous Chef from Branded in Cincinnati (United States)

- Easy to use and well organized software interface - Able to communicate and send messages to other hotels in my company - Tracking is easier to do and doesn't get lost or misplaced

Chief Engineer from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I love that I can post important information and everyone can log on and read it. I also love the fact that I can send maintenance requests through here as well..

Front Office Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Easy to learn and use the software. Keep up the great work it's doing well except for a little update or change needed.

Night Audit from Branded in Tukwila (United States)

Quore has upgraded our staff communication with ease and we are making it more a part of everything we do everyday in our hotel.

from in Mount Hamilton (United States)

Quore is great because it gives the ability to communicate with the hotel via cell phone/tablet. Love how easy it is to get around the software.

Assistant Executive Housekeeper from Branded in Lewis Center (United States)

I think Quore is very user friendly and I also like the fact that we have eased up on using so many papers and binders to record guest information, requests, and work orders.

Front Desk Agent from Branded in Chicago (United States)

This is a great service our hotel starting to use in 2017 because it allows direct messages with staff members and departments. As a Night Auditor, I use this software more than anyone because I have the time to audit and help so many departments at night. Whether posting a special request for arrival reservations, congratulating associates on sales leads, and most of all accountability in one place. Quore is great for me.

Event Coordinator from Branded in Houston (United States)

I like that it is easier to contact other departments within the hotel within moments. I enjoy the logs in Quore, again creates easier communication

Front Desk Agent from Branded in Santa Clara (United States)

What I like best is that it is paperless and user friendly!!! Also the language settings can be changed!!!

Front Desk Agent from Branded in Chicago (United States)

Love how Quore is absolutely user friendly and makes communication with in all departments so easy.

Operations Manager from Branded in Franklin (United States)

The ability to take a phone or tablet to rooms for inspections, linked with every department and team member able to report problems in real time.

Chief Engineer from Other in Santa Clara (United States)

Quore is helping us get so much more organized! Helps management track service recovery, PMs, deep cleaning, etc.

General Manager from Branded in Durango (United States)

- Being able to communicate via Log Book - Being able to send emails to individuals and/or groups - Being able to view who has read a post - Being able to log in complaints and work orders - Being able to print history reports

Sales Manager from Branded in Inglewood (United States)

I like the entire program as it's a great tool for our company! Some of the sections we used the most is PM, Capex, reports and inventory.

Director Of Engineering from Boutique in San Jose (United States)

Quore allows you to centralize some of the most important functions of the hotel. Communications logs allow information to be shared quickly as well as knowing who has and has not read the entry. Preventive Maintenance and Deep Clean tracking can be customized to your rooms and allow easy tracking and reporting. Quore is a great product and the support is top notch.

General Manager from Boutique in San Antonio (United States)

It integrates communications from all departments and allows a single interface for the entire hotel to operate together as a connected community.

Front Office Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Easy, on the fly inspections WITH picture capture capability! The training is so user friendly AND you can use your own mobile device! I have used StarGuest Response and a couple others like it. Quore offers SO Much More!

General Manager from Branded in Murfreesboro (United States)

1- Immediate response between departments to solve issues. 2- Attachment of pictures for before and after an issue.

General Manager from in San Jose (United States)

- Quore is easy to use - Makes impact to hotels metrics - I like that Quore is software with no hard equipment - The Quore team is outstanding to work with

Manager, Web & Mobile Marketing from Branded in Monterey (United States)

Real time communication, planning and great time management tool. Follow up and future ability to link into PMS system.

General Manager in Milwaukee (United States)

I liked the ease of not having to call issues over our radio system every time a problem occured. The fact that it would automatically pop up on our maintenance/housekeepers devices was great.

Front Desk Supervisor from Other in Lubbock (United States)

Each department is up to speed on whats going on during the day to day operations of our property. Everyone can download the app.

Executive Housekeeping Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

-Comprehensive & user friendly -Real-time task tracking -Improves task logging -Improves task communication between various departments -Accessible from any computer or mobile device

Hotel Development Manager from Branded in Nashville (United States)

1. Ease of use 2. Great support 3. Works for all departments 4. The training for this software is easy and if you can use an app on a smartphone you can use Quore.

Director of Facilities Management from Branded in Bryan (United States)

I like being able to look at Quore and plan my day by what is posted for my department or assigned to me.

Maintenance Engineer from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Streamlines communication, tracking and resolution. By far the most user friendly system I have used in my 20 years of experience.

Assistant General Manager from Branded in Franklin (United States)

-Being able to stay up-to-date on info all in one spot -Being able to access it anywhere -Simplicity of navigating it

Front Office from in San Jose (United States)

It is evident that this product was developed by industry professionals they took a simple PM program and built it to incorporate all departments within a hotel. When used to its fullest capacity communication and asset management is brought to a new level. The ease of use is incredible.

Vice President of Operations from Limited Service in Brentwood (United States)

We have enjoyed using this system to communicate and track things at our hotel. We use it for lost and found, Preventative Maintenance, General Cleaning, Pass on Logs and much more. My Cheif Engineer has worked in the hotel business for many years and he says this is the best system he has used.

General Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

It streamlines the process of placing and tracking work requests; guests issues and property maintenance.

General Manager in Lansing (United States)

It is simple/intuitive yet detailed and lets us really drill down into the data. I like that we can access past information from rooms and enter pictures for work orders.

General Manager in Altamonte Springs (United States)

This Software was easy to use and all employees could view and comment. You then could set up budget, goal, inspections etc. all on this platform that the whole team could view.

Sales & Marketing Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

It is very user friendly so anyone can become very proficient with it quickly. Great for addressing guest requests.

Operations Manager in Little Rock (United States)

I love the accessibility. As a Regional Director of Operations I can look at our entire portfolio in regards to desk logs, PM's, and complaints at any time and at any location. Quore allows us to communicate quickly and between departments. I implanted Quore 4 years ago and find that the ROI is invaluable. We no longer have any paper logs to track for inspections. Owners can budget more effectively for the future based on age of equipment and replacement rate from previous years. GMs can make an impact with guests by know what happened while they were away with out a long conversation at the desk or the surprise ambush when they walk in the door in the morning. Take all the paper away the first day. Cash logs can be kept in Quore, Pass on logs and all maintenance issues and tickets can be tracked and verified. Use Quore to allow your staff to take their service to the next level and create those WOW moments by ensuring that a note on a scrap piece of paper doesn't get lost, that your guest got the extra towels they asked for all while saving you time. I wouldn't oversee or work at another property that I was not able to implement Quore. The support team is incredible and Quore is able to grow and breathe with different hotel sizes and needs.

General Manager from Branded in Nashville (United States)

Detail tracking of PM, guest room issues, repairs and guest requests and tracked response

Area General Manager from Other in Washington (United States)

The ease of use and the amount of tools / features you have at your disposal. It is a very comprehensive software and it helps us stay on top of projects, deep cleans, PM's, etc... Best of all, it makes the staff be 100% on the same page when it comes to communication.

General Manager from Branded in Naples (United States)

Easy to use and inexpensive

General Manager from Branded in Atlanta (United States)

Great communcation and tracking tools

Director of Sales and Marketing in Austin (United States)

Pulls all aspects of operations into one app

General Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I like having this functionality go paperless and that the app can be downloaded on associates phones and free of charge

General Manager in Springdale (United States)

Honestly I see no reason to have Quore. It is a system easy to use but our hotel is so small that its just another pain and another system to teach and another bill.

General Manager from Branded

Functionality and ease of operation via mobile app. Training is a snap and reports are easy to manage.

General Manager from Airport/ conference

Our team is consistently able to see in real time daily communication from all departments. We are staying on top of the daily jobs we need to complete thanks to Quore!

General Manager from Branded

The communication that is used on property level between departments help for increase in guest satisfaction.

General Manager from Branded

very easy to use, from day one everything went smooth, everybody loves it, the platform, keeps everybody well informed of what is going on in every department

Training Manager

The simplicity of this program. Everyone finds this very useful. After posting everyday notices and work orders the clarity and record of the projects is so much appreciated.

Operations Manager from Branded

QUORE is at the core of our group of hotels, communication, collaboration and interaction have all increased. Hotels are communicating more with team members, guests and corporate staff. Guest Satisfaction is also increasing and with continued focus on the plan we hope all hotels to achieve better performance and fewer guest complaints. On going training and support by the QUORE Team has been amazing and we look forward to all becoming QUORE Champions.

Director of Facilities from Branded

It is user friendly. Training was great and useful. very easy to use and employee buy in was excellent!

HR from Resort

Being able to backtrack during the day that a service call was sent. Sometimes a radio call is answered, but during the day the recipient might become overburdened.

Security Supervisor

Quore is user friendly, very well organized and very convenient.

Marketer from Branded

Easy to navigate. Easy of using and finding what you need and contacting other team members. You can use mobile any where that you are at.

Chief Engineer Supervisor from Branded

The software is convenient for all types of communication and for keeping track of work orders. I love the fact that there is a mobile app. Being an AGM it is a great tool to have.

AGM from Branded

Everyone is well informed about guest relations, this is an easy and efficient way to all be on the same page.

Sales Manager from Vacation Rental

easy to download, works better on android ........................................................!

Engineer from Resort

Great communication tool for hotels. Work orders, guest complaints. All around easy to use and extremely helpful.

Front Office from Branded

I really love that you can make ANY kind of notification you want with this. You can have your drawer count, maintenance notifications, housekeeping issues, and front desk log all in ONE place and never have to worry about it disappearing on you because someone picked it up and didn't bring it back!

Front Office Manager (AGM) from Other

I am a corporate Director of Engineering for a Large Hotel Company and I use Quore as a life line to all my Hotels for Life Safety to Room preventive maintenance. I just have to say I have used a lot of CMMS Systems in my 35+ years of Engineering and Quore is one of the best I have see in Years. Thank you Quore as a bonus your Staff is the best.

Corporate Director of Engineering from Airport/ conference

Quore is okay but its nothing special. Same as any other hotel management software, in my opinion.

Assistant General Manager from Boutique

Efficient ways of keeping track of requests, tasks accomplished and unfinished, and lost and found items! Its best when ALL employees actually use it together, sometimes hard to get people to remember to log-in and report. But thats not the sites fault ;). Outside of that I recommend!

Guest Services from Branded

The only option on here that I found to be of any use is the cash drawer log. Everything else is much easier to write down in a book that is available (without having to have a million different user log ins) to everyone.

Line Staff from Other

I love the huge list of things to do in all levels of this software; its like the never ending story.

Operations from Branded

We used to have to use work order slips to have maintenance look at anything that is wrong, now we just tap it into Quore and all our maintenance workers are alerted to the problems. It truly does streamline the process of communication between housekeeping, front desk and maintenance at our hotel when there is a problem with a room. It has also cut down on paper cost, eliminating the need for a lost and found log book, the work order slips, and message slips for housekeeping.

Front Office from Branded

Great communication platform across the departments. We use Quore to address guest comments, log in calls and see that the designated department addresses all issues by tracking comments when jobs are complete. It helps communicating this way instead of by radio which sometimes get too loud or not loud enough. This way communication is static free.

Group Sales Manager from Branded

Implementing this program at my hotel has helped us tremendously in making things that were difficult to an easy path to solve any issues. It's a great investment.

General Manager from Airport/ conference

The work orders and guest request items get translated in so many different languages, it is so helpful for our diverse staff. The Logbook is great for front desk pass-ons

General Manager from Branded

Very efficient and very user friendly. I had experience with Hot Sos before and I can say that Quore is amazing and great for all my staff to use and does the job. Very Happy with Quore. Great staff and support as well. Will recommend them for sure!

Director of Front Office from Branded

Quore helps our Sales team learn about more about our guests and any issues they may have had during their stay. We can then reach out to both the guest and the company that they are traveling with to ensure they are satisfied with the resolution and anticipate any future challenges.

Director of Sales and Marketing from Branded

Quore has a great staff and great products, Quore's tools really help with Hotel Management. They have a great product offering and they are really easy to use.

HR from Branded

Having so much in one program and the ability to keep so much historical data without keeping paper files.

Regional Manager from Branded

-seamless integration -elimination of redundancy -increases accountability of team members

Director of Accounting from Branded

Great interaction with all team members and helps keeps us on track. Helps streamline the operations

VP of Hotel Operations from Branded

A great tool to centralize work and keep our teams on the same page working towards common goals.

Regional Manager from Branded

Quore has helped streamline the process for work order's and PM's as well as ensuring the follow up to maximize the guest experience. Great program and easy to use. Helps make the hotel run more efficiently while increasing communication.

Regional Manager from Branded

That you can track guest request and work orders properly which allow to check both employee productivity and guest satisfaction.

Director of Housekeping from Branded

It is Easy to learn It is User Friendly It has Good reporting Replaces all paper reporting Staff love it

General Manager from Branded

Creating logs that is viewable by everyone is great. All passdown information is there and documented daily. The guest complaint section is great too that is assigned to someone and then you see when it resolved as well.

Accounts Receivable/Front Office Manager from Other



  • Lost & found module
  • Late checkouts
  • Virtual logbook
  • Real time task tracking
  • Preventative maintenance module
  • Deep cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Print old records
  • Multi-property portfolio monitoring
  • Team goal setting (e.g. rewards sign-ups, satisfaction)
  • Compensation Tracking
  • Mobile access on any device
  • In app translation
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Open API
  • Service Recovery/Escalation
  • Case Management
  • Message Routing

Featured Clients


Chartwell Hospitality has been using Quore since its inception. It has been exciting to watch this tool expand into different departments of the hotel. As I tour the hotels, I am always excited to hear the enthusiasm our team members have in using Quore to better service the customers. Kevin Green Chief Operating Officer at the Chartwell Hospitality
We have been using Quore now for over two years on all of our hotels. We have found this system to be very effective in making the staff in our hotels much more productive. We have been using it as our central source of information for all our departments and for our above property Managers as well. We find the Quore system helps us tremendously in monitoring each department in our hotels and does a great job of making sure we are staying in sync with everything from guest service to property maintenance. The support we receive from the staff at Quore is top notch and has helped make our hotels operate very efficient. We would highly recommend this system for anyone in the hotel business. Mike Bou-Sliman Managing Partner at the Naples Hotel Group
I would recommend Quore to other GM's for a few reasons. First and foremost it allows for quicker more accurate communication so that we can better serve our guests. Quore's ability to track all departments means that I can see what is happening at my hotel in a glance, where my problems are, how many rooms housekeeping has cleaned so far for the day and were we are on our preventative maintenance, all of it at the touch of my fingers on my phone. Quore makes my life easier and allows me to spend more time with my guests and employees than behind a desk checking on paperwork. Allyson Trull General Manager at the Holiday Inn Express
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Recent Service Delivery & Optimization articles

thumb description

This is the housekeeping software that your hotel needs

Hotel Tech Report

With simultaneous rising labor costs and stubbornly high turnover, hotel housekeeping remains a top challenge facing the industry. According to STR’s 2019 HOST Almanac, a compilation of operating statistics of more than 5,000 U.S. hotels, 2018 labor costs tallied an estimated $70 billion. As a percentage of total revenue, the median full-service hotel spends 30 percent, while limited-service hotels spend 22 percent.  And that number is only going up. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 3.2 percent increase in hourly wages for non-supervisory works in the accommodations business at the end of 2018. At the same time, job openings are also near record-highs: per the BLS, the hospitality sector had more than 900,000 job openings. And that’s despite the wage increase!  On the supply side, labor shortages are likely to worsen as hotel pipelines continue to grow. STR reported nearly 18 percent growth in global hotel inventory during the decade between 2008 and 2018 while CBRE’s December 2018 edition of Hotel Horizons accessed a 1.9 percent net increase in U.S. hotel supply in 2018. More hotels are competing for fewer capable employees. This labor crunch is especially acute in the housekeeping department. Adding fuel to the fire, immigration laws are tightening in primary markets like the United States and in parts of Western Europe. To do more with less, hotels must deploy housekeeping software that streamlines housekeeping’s day-to-day tasks while still maintaining strict brand standards.  “The use of such software is dramatically speeding up the process of turning rooms over, leading to lower costs and higher revenues.” -HTR’s Housekeeping Management Software Buyers Guide  With technology, time-consuming tasks, such as creating housekeeping schedules, tracking room attendants’ progress, and adjusting to changing requests in real-time, are much simpler. Staff carry mobile devices, which centralizes communications and optimizes routes in real-time throughout shifts. In short, housekeeping software expedites housekeeping operations, captures data to continuously improve performance, and makes your hotel more organized than ever. Here’s what to look for as you start evaluating housekeeping management software vendors.     What to look for in housekeeping management software When evaluating the best housekeeping management software for hotels, here's what to look for at a higher-level: Mobile-first. A non-negotiable. Mobile-optimized applications ensure that your staff can do the work whether they are on property. Reporting. Accurate, timely, and useful reporting ventures your teamIs optimized for performance. Find a solution that gives you the visual reports in formats that work best for your team. Automated room assignments. Manually assigning rooms isn’t efficient, especially for routine cleans. Look for automation to eliminate wasted work. Intuitive user interface. Tech that isn’t easy for everyone to use  will cause more headaches than its worth. Focus on usability so that your staff needs less training on the software. Plenty of integrations. Your housekeeping management software will be severely hobbled without the appropriate integrations. Be sure that any solution you select integrates with your existing property management system! With clearer visibility into the hotel’s day-to-day operations, owners and operators can also make more informed decisions to improve their bottom lines. To help you decide which tool to select for your hotel, here are the 6 housekeeping tech tools that have hoteliers talking.     Popular housekeeping software vendors   1. Quore Cleaning Plus Quore’s Cleanings Plus software has been named the top Housekeeping Management Solution for two years running in the HotelTechAwards. This was its second consecutive year at the top spot, likely influenced by the fact that the tool is used at more than 3,600 properties across 80 brands in 29 countries. With Cleanings Plus, housekeeping managers can record and view room updates and also schedule, manage and track cleanings and inspections. Additional functions include analysis of individual and department-wide performance trends as well as the ability to immediately report work order requests.  Rooms can be assigned by cleaning type and a virtual breakout board can be created in the app for everyone to view. Room attendants also have the capability, via mobile access, to make relevant updates on their end. As one HTR reviewer pointed out, much of the data is retained so hotel management can go back and reference it without the hassle of having to physically store older information. “[I like] having so much in one program and the ability to keep so much historical data without keeping paper files,” he said.   Notable feature: The software is available in 22 languages so staff can communicate in their native tongue. This is a fantastic way to improve productivity and staff engagement, not to mention stronger guest satisfaction when they communicate in their native tongues as well. Quore is the #1 rated housekeeping app by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report.     What clients say: Quore is extremely popular with branded properties in the U.S. and is highly recommended by 95% of its users. Clients rate Quore 4.8/5 for ease of use and 4.7/5 for customer support making it the most highly recommended software in its category on Hotel Tech Report.   2. ALICE Housekeeping Hotel operations platform ALICE debuted its latest evolution in June (check out our exclusive coverage), a housekeeping solution that enables direct and immediate communication between individual members of housekeeping staff as well as between housekeeping and all other hotel departments. The platform can directly reduce a hotel’s labor costs by at least 10 percent, and the company says it saves an average of four minutes in cleaning time per room. The platform is wholly customizable, with a tool kit that includes: A dashboard-like feature that gives housekeeping managers a comprehensive overview of their department’s operations, from room attendant assignments and task sheets to room clean status, special requests and personalized guest details. The ability for managers to automatically prepare staff task sheets and balance assignments The ability for room attendants to track their cleaning progress and immediately report any unexpected issues The new housekeeping software solves for two critical pain points that typically drive up hotel operations costs. ALICE Housekeeping reduces training time for new hires by replacing the numerical code-based systems with icons and colored labels to indicate tasks and other messages. It also directly connects front of house and back office teams, the software drives a 60 percent reduction in radio and in-person communications.   Notable feature: The platform can also alleviate housekeeping managers of the daily and time-consuming burden of accessing the day’s room inventory and subsequently assigning available staff to occupied rooms and rooms in the midst of turnover. ALICE Housekeeping has an algorithm for that. Just hit the “auto-assign” button –or override it for manual control.  ALICE is the #2 rated housekeeping app by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report.   What clients say: ALICE is popular with boutique properties around the world, and comes recommended by 97% of HTR users, ranking Number 2 in popularity.    3. Flexkeeping Flexkeeping’s housekeeping feature is purpose-built to keep housekeeping staff up-to-date, rooms clean, and workflows organized. Since the platform provides an intuitive home for housekeepers, there are fewer miscommunications and far less confusion. In fact, hotels that use the app have an average of 70 percent fewer disruptive phone calls to housekeeping.  With a clear overview of rooms that need servicing, housekeeping managers can dynamically assign available staff, with the added ability to confirm room cleanliness instantly and manage other duties such as turndown service and minibar refills. On the housekeepers end, the app has clear checklists and integrated messaging to keep on top of quality and recent requests.   Get a free Flexkeeping demo   The app also offers an inspection checklist for quality control in addition to a translation feature to accommodate non-English speaking staff. Flexkeeping allows for integrations with several Property Management Systems (PMS) including Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services, Mews Systems, Cloudbeds Myfrontdesk and protel. The app is described by one hotel manager as “simple to use and very helpful.”   Notable feature: The Flexkeeping interface is colorful and clear. It’s easy to see at a glance which rooms have been tended to and which ones still need attention. With this interface, managers can be more efficient and spend less time on room assignments and more time on quality control.   Flexkeeping is the #4 rated housekeeping app by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report. What clients say: Flexkeeping is recommended by 98% of reviewers on HTR. Users rate its ease-of-use and support highly, as the platform is simple and helpful, allowing users to fix issues quickly.   4. RoomChecking With both intuitive mobile and desktop applications, RoomChecking directly connects to a hotel’s PMS, with dozens of integrations available. The platform streamlines communication between housekeeping, maintenance the front desk and management so that operational tasks can be expedited and tracked.  As one HTR reviewer explained “all employees use the same software (room attendant, maintenance, front office, F&B).” But the same user also noted that load times can sometimes be long.  RoomChecking’s housekeeping product is equipped with a mobile app for room attendants and another for supervisors inspecting rooms as well as schedule planning and a function to convey housekeeping changes in real time. The software also warehouses all cleaning and inspection records. As far as cost, implementation fees range between $1,000 and $2,500, while the monthly subscription cost is around $3 per room on a monthly basis. Get a free RoomChecking price quote   Notable feature: RoomChecking has standalone apps for different parts of your business. With its Cleaner, Inspector, and Runner apps, each role has specific tools at its disposal, while still benefiting from communication across the different applications.   RoomChecking is the #6 rated housekeeping app by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report.    What clients say: RoomChecking’s housekeeping product comes in at Number 6 on the HTR popularity index; 96 percent of reviewers recommend the product. The software’s highest overall rating was for ROI, scoring 4.7 out of 5 with ease of use following just behind at 4.5 of 5. The platform was given a score of 4.2 of 5 for support and 4 of 5 for implementation.    5. HotSOS Housekeeping (by Amadeus) HotSOS Housekeeping’s purpose is threefold; the app prioritizes the process of guestroom cleaning, digitizes the guest room inspection process; and virtually mobilizes management of the housekeeping department. In 2016, it saved hotels $166 per room. More specifically, the launch of HotSOS Housekeeping throughout one hotel client’s property resulted in a 14 percent increase in productivity and a total labor savings of $136,000 annually.  HotSOS was one of the earliest housekeeping products brought to market and has the largest install base.  The drawback of going with the largest player is usually legacy that comes with scale. When a software is widely used it can be hard to change this drastically without alienating users.  For HotSOS one major drawback is the code based system used which can be confusing for room attendants who haven’t yet memorized the platform and have lots else on their minds. The benefit of this system is that it’s widely used so many experienced room attendants will be familiar with it from a previous property. Another client, the 159-room Prince de Galles hotel in Paris signed on with HotSOS Housekeeping when an insufficient inventory of clean rooms upon guest arrival became a chronic issue. Room attendants had to located by radio or physically in order to be updated on last-minute changes and new cleaning priorities, leaving supervisors with little time for department management and room inspections. To solve this, HotSOS Housekeeping provided the team with an automated solution for consistent communication in real-time. The consistency pushed cleanliness scores higher, as the hotel’s Director of Housekeeping said:  “Our GEI scores for 2016 show a 2% increase in guestroom cleanliness and a 5% increase in guestroom condition since 2014. Having more time to spend on guestroom inspections and the ease and efficiency in reporting deficiencies in real time, have helped improve our guest ratings.”   Notable feature: HotSOS’ focus on service optimization includes an automated dispatch feature that pushes operational and guest requests to the right person instantly to reduce wait times and increase efficiencies.  HotSOS is the #7 rated housekeeping app by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report.   What clients say: 96% of reviewers would recommend HotSOS, which is used across hotel categories, with reviewers appreciating fast housekeeper responses and the customizable reports.     6. OPTii Solutions   OPTii streamlines housekeeping operations by optimizing room-attendant path of travel and reducing manual communications by at least 60 percent. This housekeeping software can automatically estimate cleaning times to predict, manage and optimize housekeeping schedules in real time, allowing managers to automate the vital tasks of creating daily schedules. On average, hotels that use Optii see up to 500 percent within just months of implementation by reducing housekeeping labor costs up to 18% and increasing productivity up to 24%. Additionally, OPTii gives managers the ability to identify room status as it pertains to housekeeping, including those ready for inspection. Managers can also view room attendant progress, for real-time insight on how well each attendant stays on, ahead or behind schedule, how quickly they’re completing rooms and how many rooms each attendant has completed at any given time during their shift.   Notable feature:  OPTii also has in-depth reporting capabilities that can compile metrics and analytics to generate 15 different reports. These reports can be personalized to deliver a quick-and-easy way to stay on top of your team’s performance trends. OPTii is the #8 rated housekeeping app by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report.    What clients say: The product is recommended by 72% of HTR reviewers and scores 3.8 of 5 in both ease of use and support. A number of users also commented that they would like to see an option to delete and edit notes or the addition of a real time messenger system so that housekeepers can instantly be notified of reservations changes.

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4 hotel jobs that benefit most from the Quore software platform

Hotel Tech Report

At its worst, hotel operations technology exacerbates divisions between departments, which continue functioning as isolated fiefdoms. At its best, an operations platform pulls everyone together by promoting collaboration and clear communication in hotel operations. One such solution is Quore, a workhorse that harmonizes hotel operations for 3,600 hotels in 22 languages and 29 countries. Its cloud-based platform enables more efficient communications and operations management across housekeeping, engineering, and guest relations. For some hotels, the integrated approach to handling guest requests on the platform led to a 50% improvement in problem-handling score. Effective, reliable communications also improves the staff experience -- something that matters more in a tightly competitive labor market. Staff want the right tools that help them do their jobs well -- and many will leave in frustration without them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs the 2018 hospitality turnover rate at 74.9%, so hotels that use technology to make work better will out-perform their peers in both retention and referrals from current staff. With an eye towards empowering employees, here are four team members that will be thankful for the Quore hotel operations platform.   Your maintenance tech will prioritize projects better Guests hate discovering a maintenance issue upon arrival. It's an unwelcome challenge, presented immediately. It also makes even the most forgiving guest wonder why the hotel missed such an obvious thing, such as a burnt-out light bulb, a clogged toilet, or a broken doorknob. Quore’s functionality makes it easier for maintenance to overcome these challenges and work more efficiently in three key areas: Real-time problem management. When something goes wrong in the guestroom, it’s nearly always urgent. Guests don’t want to sit around and wait for an engineer, and, some things (such as a flooding drain or a sweltering room) are emergencies. Quore provides real-time problem handling that can quickly be assigned to the right team member -- and visible on that team member’s mobile device. Zdravko Bengez, a maintenance technician at the Hilton Garden Inn and downtown Nashville puts it like this: “With Quore, I know in seconds what needs to be done.” All relevant details appear on his mobile device, without having to chase down more information. Resource and project prioritization. Prioritizing resources is a daily tug-of-war, especially for larger properties. To effectively prioritize resources (including urgent problems like the ones mentioned above), Quore gives maintenance a quick overview, showing the up-to-date task list, as well as whether it was made by supervisor, the front desk, or a guest. This allows technicians to make on-the-fly decisions about where to go next, As well as stay in-the-loop with colleagues across the hotel. Preventative maintenance. PMs shouldn't be guess work. Quore supports hotel maintenance techs and engineers with preventative maintenance checklists that are automatically surfaced at the right time. As these lists evolve, changes are applied universally to keep everything consistent. Quore has robust enginnering features to support your maintenance staff: Prevenative maintenance, Pool chemical readings, Work orders, Boiler readings, Asset tracking, Meter readings, Custom inspections   Your housekeeping manager will manage shifts more efficiently Housekeeping has many responsibilities that require regular communication and precise time management. Before a guest checks in, housekeeping must ensure that a room is available -- and up to brand standards. During a guest’s stay, housekeeping must service the room and fulfill guest requests for specific items. After check out, housekeeping must flip the room efficiently (and to brand standards) so that it's available for the front desk to assign. “The way in which a room is cleaned, tidied and presented to its guests is in direct relation to the level of service the hotel prides themselves on. Housekeeping provides guests with a clear indication of how they are valued.” -Paul Duverge, General Manager, Menlyn Boutique Hotel Quore’s platform makes this daily cycle easier on the housekeeping manager by supporting: Preparation. Each housekeeping shift is a puzzle. In advance of a shift, it's all about preparation and planning. Quore helps housekeeping managers to set each days priorities, as each stayover and checkout is clearly defined in the system. It simplifies the process of assigning rooms to housekeepers before they clock in. Prioritization. Things change throughout today. Real-time updates on things like stayovers becoming checkouts helps the housekeeping manager match staff resources with guest demand. Accountability. There's also very important advantage of a paper trail. As Liz, the assistant housekeeper manager at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Nashville learned after starting at a hotel with Quore, there's less accountability without a written record: “[With walkie-talkies] it's easy to not write something down. With Quore, it's like having a paper trail, so there's more documentation. Also, I can start and complete an activity all through Quore which is helpful for tracking.” Quore has robust houskeeping features to support your staff: Housekeeping assignments, Guestroom inspections, Deep cleanings, Lost & found, Room notices, Custom inspections, Digital breakouts, Room status tracking, Work orders, Brand standards compliance   Your front desk manager will deliver better service It takes a certain amount of finesse to work the front desk. The ideal team member here is pleasant under pressure, with a knack for creative problem solving. Yet, even the most creative employee will be hobbled by poor information. The front desk is, in many ways, the central command post for a hotel’s operations. As the front line of guest communications, one of the toughest challenges encountered by most front desk agents is the unevenness of information. Quore’s smooths out these imbalances by adequately equipping the front desk to solve guest problems quickly with its: Dashboard. The Quore platform provides a single unified dashboard to collaborate quickly and across departments. This synchronization allows the front desk to focus on the rapid resolution of guest issues and avoid poor service situations, such as assigning an unclean or out-of-service room. Instead of less reliable means of communication, such as walkie-talkies or face-to-face, the front desk can communicate guest requests efficiently, says Finesse James, a front desk agent at Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Nashville: “It's a great method because it can keep us from having to call them when things are busy up here, and we are multitasking. It's easier to click and type in that we need them to do something. We can put all the specifics in the comments so they don't need to call and clarify.” Ease-of-use. The front desk is usually an untipped entry-level role, which means higher turnover. Quore’s consumer-friendly interface is familiar to anyone who’s used popular messaging and social media apps. It's intuitive, which reduces training time. The ease-of-use also keeps staff engaged and less frustrated, as they feel that the technology is working for, rather than against, them. For millennial's used to well-crafted interfaces, this is actually an important part of their expectations for the workplace. Digital logbook. No more deciphering chicken scratch or calling a colleague from a previous shift about “complaint from 402.” Standard log sheets keep staff informed from shift-to-shift. The digital log book also connects with related items, such as guest complaints or requests, so staff can easily find updates on notices mentioned in the digital log book. Quore has robust front desk features to support your front office team: Local attraction directory, Guestroom notices, Guest request management, Guest complaint management, Satisfaction callbacks, Key sign-in, sign-out and audit, Log book, Cash count log, Guest SMS, Security walks, Wake-up calls, Guest shipments   Your general manager will achieve budget more often The best general managers know the power of consistent, clear communications. And many have learned this first-hand, rising up the ranks from entry-level desk clerk. According to a 2016 AH&LA study, 45% of respondents said that at least half of the general managers began in actionable positions. Quore allows these veterans to focus on providing fluid and flexible workforce communications that empowers rather than discourages. The Quore platform becomes a GM’s stalwart ally in running a consistent hotel operation by supplying: Centralized, digital log book. A GM can’t be everywhere at once. Quore’s position at the center of a hotel’s operation relives some of that pressure.  As Gerald Loughran, the GM of Hilton Franklin/Cool Springs emphasizes, Quore’s digital log book is his hotel’s bible: “We’re religious about putting everything into Quore. If it’s not in Quore, it didn’t happen.” By pulling staff together into one shared operational brain, it’s much easier to maintain brand standards and close communication gaps.   Go-anywhere access. A GM also has to go home at some point! Quore enables managers to keep track of staff to-do’s, tasks and track overall productivity across their hotel from any device. The go-anywhere access means that GMs aren’t out of the loop when off shift, at a conference, or on vacation. Actionable reports based on historical data.  Historic data is easily accessible so that GMs can achieve growth and measurable improvement. This gives GMs the confidence that work is being done as it should be -- or quickly services areas that need work. When a GM spends less time on inspection or micro-management, it frees up time to focus on other metrics that matter -- such as guest satisfaction, revenue, and profitability. Quore has robust features to support your general managers:, Analytics & reporting, Asset tracking, CapEx management, Attendance tracking, Custom inspections, Budgeting tool, Checkbook visualization, Daily property walks

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Quore collaborates with Whistle for integration


Quore is collaborating with Whistle, a hotel guest messaging platform. Whistle provides a cloud-based solution that enables hotel employees to engage with guests in real-time through SMS and mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Viber. Guests’ mobile messages and requests are sent to the hotel and are now processed through Quore’s hotel-management platform, which notifies the appropriate staff members to fulfill the request. “This collaboration significantly enhances a property’s guest experience and make employees’ jobs easier by allowing for faster service, all through a single user-friendly software,” Quore founder Scott Schaedle said in a statement. Whistle reports guest engagement rates between 75 percent and 95 percent, with many hotels experiencing significant increases in guest service scores within two months of use. 
 Whistle allows for property-management system and automated rule-based messaging integration, providing users with multiple customization options. Hotels can greet guests with a prearrival welcome message, send a midstay satisfaction survey or deploy a departure message after check-out. “Whistle allows hotels to communicate with guests through the channels in which they feel the most comfortable,” Whistle co-founder Chris Hovanessian said. “By integrating with Quore, hotel employees can process these communications easier than before.”

Quore Named Top Rated Housekeeping Management Software in the 2018 HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

February 12, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named Quore 2018’s Top Rated Housekeeping Management Software based on data from thousands of hoteliers in more than 40 countries around the world.  Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “Housekeeping is arguably the single most difficult job in a hotel - it’s grueling, intense and requires impeccable coordination.  Great housekeeping management software helps take some of the pressure off of the team who’s already stretched thin while ensuring that” says Hotel Tech Report’s Adam Hollander. Quore is poised for sustained growth in 2018. A Nashville based development manager says that, “Quore’s software enables effective, real-time task management of all housekeeping employees. The ability to closely manage personnel without additional supervision is what I like most about the software. This creates real value.” To read the full review and more, head to Quore's profile on Hotel Tech Report