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Ranked 1st (out of 33) in Ancillary Upsell Software

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Ranked #1 out of 33 in Ancillary Upsell Software

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Founded in 2013 | Headquarters in Amsterdam, NH | 31 employees

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  • Ancillary Upsell Software
  • Property Management Systems
  • Channel Managers
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketplaces & Integrators
  • Hotel Management System
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95% recommend

Commercial Director from City Center in London (United Kingdom)

Revenue Manager from Boutique in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Revenue Manager from Branded in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Revenue Manager from Other in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Commercial Development Manager from Branded in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

General Manager from Boutique in Basel (Switzerland)

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager from Boutique in Gran Tarajal (Spain)

Revenue Coordinator in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Management Trainee from Branded in Utrecht (Netherlands)

Reservations Supervisor from Branded in Noordwijk (Netherlands)

Meetings & Events Executive in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Senior Meetings & Events Manager in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Reservations Manager in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Commercial Manager in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Director in Santa Monica (United States)

Front Office Manager in Noordwijk (Netherlands)

Customer Experience Manager from Vacation Rental in Madrid (Spain)

General Manager from Boutique in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Ecommerce Manager from Branded in Saint Julian's (Malta)

Revenue Manager from Resort in Tielt-Winge (Belgium)

Revenue Coordinator in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Sales Manager from Boutique in (United Kingdom)

Manager Front Office from Branded in Koudekerke (Netherlands)

Digital marketing and communication from City Center in (Czechia)

Revenue & E-Commerce Manager from Other in Bruxelles (Belgium)

from Other in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Front Office Manager from Other in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

General Manager from Other in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

General Manager from Boutique

Manager Revenue & Channels from Hostel

Assistant General Manager from Boutique

Revenue & eCommerce Manager from Boutique

Revenue Manager & Marketing Coordinator from Hostel

Director of Hotels from Resort

Revenue manager/ Sales & Marketing manager from Boutique

Ecommerce Manager from Airport/ conference

Assistant Hotel Manager from Boutique

Revenue Distribution Co-ordinator from Extended Stay

Revenue Manager from Other

Hotel Manager from Vacation Rental

Booking Agent

Cluster E-Commerce & Distribution Manager from City Center

Webcontent & E-Commerce from City Center

Commercial Manager from Boutique

Front desk manager from City Center

Revenue Manager from Branded

Front Office from Boutique

Yield Manager from Hostel

Head of Revenue Management from Other

Manager from Boutique

Marketing manager from Resort

Vice President from City Center

Front Office Manager from Branded

Ambassador of Buzz from Boutique

VP, Digital & CRM from Branded

Web Marketing Manager from Branded

Web Marketing Specialist from Bed & Breakfast

Receptionist from Bed & Breakfast

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  • Gift Vouchers
  • Segmentation
  • Upsell at booking
  • Pre-arrival emails
  • On property upsells
  • Future stay offers
  • Automated A/B Testing
  • Check-in upselling

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Gaby Maaswinkel Commercial Development Manager at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam
Jesper Lauersen General Manager at the Amrath Amsterdam

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