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Ranked #21 out of 35 in Central Reservations Systems

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BookLogic Overview

BookLogic Overview

“BookLogic |Revenue Maximizing Solutions for Hotels & Online Reservation Systems” BookLogic provides Revenue Maximizing Solutions for Hotels & Online Reservation Systems for the Travel industry. BookLogic enables you to easily maximize your hotels’ bookings and revenue and to increase your sales by your online distribution channels. BookLogic maximizes your hotels’ yearly RevPAR ratio, aut...

About BookLogic

Founded in 2008 | Headquarters in Cologne, Germany | 27 employees
Product Modules
MaxiChannel Channel Managers
BookLogic proposes an exceptional MaxiChannel, your personalized Hotel Channel Manager, which lets you customize, administer and manage your rates and availability in all sale zones or channels via the multipurpose yet singular interface.
Maxi Booking Engine Booking Engine
Experience the high-end visual adaptability and compatibility with BookLogic’s Innovative Hotel Booking Engine. BookLogic is a trusted leader in the hospitality industry for delivering one of the best hotel booking systems that offer a customized and personalized booking engine for the hotel’s website.
Compare Manager Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence
BookLogic’s robust Hotel Rate Shopper (also known as Compare Manager) is an efficient rate shopper that generates hotel competitive analysis. It overcomes all the market barriers and offers the best hotel rate shopping solution by monitoring and collecting the latest prices of competitor hotels to support and update your pricing strategy by analyzing your ongoing competitive approach with hotel competitors.
Hotel Meta-search Metasearch & Ad Tech
Meta-search is a unique concept that uses third-party providers to return search results. The hotel meta-search engines display the rates and their real-time room availability based on other booking engines’ data. If you would like to increase your hotels or hotel chain’s visibility, reach more people through metasearch engines and increase direct bookings, we can help you to make it happen!
Brand Management Reputation Management
Brand Manager is the most efficient standalone reputation management software to monitor online reviews, feedback and several other media about your hotel and provides semantic analysis of your guests’ reviews and testimonials. It allows you to build up your hotel’s reputation, support your brand, manage your social media channels and maintain your hotel’s corporate identity. You can immediately start enhancing your corporate image and administer your needs related to social media via BookLogic Brand Manager.

Integrates with

  • Property Management Systems
  • Channel Managers
  • Booking Engine
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