The hotel’s relationship with Guestline has expanded to bring further resource savings through automation.

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With an award-winning restaurant and countless TripAdvisor Travellers Choice awards, the hotel recently decided to expand their relationship with Guestline as they looked to simplify and streamline the payment process and reconciliation bringing benefits to both the guest and the hotel.
Why it matters: The hotel was keen to bring efficiencies to numerous aspects of the payment and reconciliation process. They were looking to streamline processes for both the hotel and the guest.
  • Solution implemented: GuestPay

Top 3 Core Objectives: Areas of particular importance included
  • Simplify the chargeback process: Chargebacks were causing issues for the finance team, with investigation and resolution proving both time-consuming and costly for the business.

  • Enhance the payment process: the guest payment process was very much shaped by internal processes and systems. The hotel recognised this needed to change to make this more guest friendly. Management of refunds - the tracking and administration of refunds was cumbersome and was especially evident throughout the pandemic. Simplification of this was important.

  • Exceptional customer support: Underpinning all this, Cuillin Hill Hotel was looking for exceptional customer support

"We have seen a 100% reduction in successful chargebacks since using Guestline!"

Edward Wickman

General Manager


Guestline provides end-to-end property management, channel distribution and digital marketing solutions fully integrated and cloud hosted

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Cuillin Hills Hotel
Edward Wickman
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General Manager

Cuillin Hills Hotel

👍 General Manager Edward Wickman said that Chargebacks cost the hotel over £14000 in 2021, with time lost investigating queries and seeking resolution.:
  • "We have seen a 100% reduction in successful chargebacks since using Guestline!"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Edward Wickman evaluated Guestline's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Guestline was the best fit solution:
  • General Manager Edward Wickman said, about their decision: "The support is exceptionally good and consistent"

📈 The results: Benefits
  • Improved Guest Experience - There are no more lengthy queues at reception, and queries can be raised and resolved in advance. Guests can also settle bills in their preferred currency contributing to a enhanced guest experience.

  • Dramatic reduction in chargebacks - Chargebacks cost the hotel over £14000 in 2021 with time lost investigating queries and seeking resolution. Since the installation of GuestPay, there has been an amazing 100% reduction in successful chargebacks.

  • Payment reconciliation simplified - In addition, the hotel was able to recover approximately £3700 over one month, which was due to internal administrative mistakes with bookings.

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