Design and Digitization at the Art Deco Hotel Montana

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When design and digitalization seamlessly intertwine, hoteliers create a unique added value for guests and staff. A conversation with Hotel Montana in Lucerne, Switzerland, exemplifies this concept.
Why it matters: The Art Deco Hotel Montana in Lucerne, Switzerland combines design and digitalization to enhance the guest experience. They want to extend this commitment to their in-room tablets while harmonizing guest well-being, employee well-being, and the well-being of our environment.
  • The usage of SuitePAd in-room tablets simplify information distribution, reduce the need for printed materials, and provide added convenience for guests while also blending in with Art Deco Hotel's signature 1920's style.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The main goal of using tablets at the Art Deco Hotel Montana are to enhance the guest experience, streamline staff operations, and increase upselling opportunities.
  • Improve Guest Experience: Enhance the guest experience by providing easy access to information and services, such as room service and special requests, through in-room tablets.

  • Enhance Staff Efficiency: Reduce staff workload by streamlining information distribution and allowing for easy adjustments to guest-related content.

  • Increase Upselling: Offer user-friendly digital solutions that encourage guests to use additional services, resulting in higher upselling and a more interactive guest experience.


Helping hotels engage their guests in a digital world.

Innovators Mentioned

Art Deco Hotel Montana
Franziska Zurmühle
The hotelier hasn't yet verified the case study.

Head of Marketing & Sales at Montana

Art Deco Hotel Montana

"Instead of reprinting and distributing entire guest directories, we can make adjustments with just two clicks. It is a tremendous relief."

Franziska Zurmühle

Head of Marketing & Sales at Montana

👍 Head of Marketing & Sales at Montana Franziska Zurmühle said that Digital guest directories allow for quick and easy updates, relieving the need for reprinting and distributing physical folders.:
  • "Instead of reprinting and distributing entire guest directories, we can make adjustments with just two clicks. It is a tremendous relief."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Franziska Zurmühle evaluated SuitePad's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that SuitePad was the best fit solution:
  • Head of Marketing & Sales at Montana Franziska Zurmühle said, about their decision: "SuitePad also provides genuine added value to our guests. One might not call to order a different pillow, but being able to do it with just two clicks makes a difference."

📈 The results: With SuitePad In-room tablets, Art Deco Hotel streamlined staff processes and reduced their workload while offering their guest a unique hotel experience and enhance their upselling.
  • Since its implementation, the distribution of guest-related information and offers has completely transformed. Now, the staff has more time to address complex issues or engage in personal interactions.

  • The statistics show that the usage rate of the in-room tablets is consistently high, with room service being the most popular guest feature on the in-room tablets.

  • To ensure that the signature design of the Art Deco Hotel Montana continues to flow seamlessly throughout all areas of the hotel, the in-room tablets have also undergone a comprehensive redesign. Additionally, new features have been added to enhance digital communication between guests and the hotel.

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