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Ranked 3rd (out of 36)
94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
Ranked 3rd (out of 36)
94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence

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Ratings Summary
94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked #3 out of 36 in Guest Messaging Software

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Zingle Overview

Zingle is a messaging-based guest engagement platform that enables two-way communication with guests on the channels they prefer.   Established in 2009, Zingle’s AI-driven platform enables hotels to personalize and automate communication with guests and internal staff, helping them increase operational efficiency, improve guest satisfaction and boost RevPAR. Our mission is to make the experience of being a guest effortless. Read more Less

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Founded in 2009 | Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA | 54 employees

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What Customers Love About Zingle

94% recommend

The best part of this program is having the time to respond to our guest and really detailing their requests. They don't have to call or come in, they can just shoot us a text and we can respond right away. It is a big part of our culture so guests see this as a convenience. I really like the quick keys for common messages so that it saves our agents time. They have automated messages so agents don't have to send each guest a generic message. It's very useful and a great tool to have within the hospitality industry.

Front Desk Agent in San Francisco (United States)

Their customer service is legendary, they answer almost instantly! Not only that, but our gusts love the service we as a resort are able to provide.

Senior Front Desk Manager from Other in Anchorage (United States)

Very user friendly and modern platform

Front desk / Concierge in San Diego (United States)

It's easy to use and its user friendly, you get notifications on your desktop

Guest Experience Manager from Other in Chicago (United States)

Really easy to use and lots of functionality to communicate with all my customers or a selected few

Director of hotel ops; AGM from Branded in Milpitas (United States)

This software is very user friendly and dependable.

Concierge from Extended Stay in New York (United States)

Direct Connection to guests that saves our staff time

General Manager from Other in Omaha (United States)

We use Zingle daily to communicate with our guests and staff members. Because of this product, we did not include phones in our brand new boutique hotel. Guests are constantly telling us how much they like being able to text the front desk.

Front Desk Clerk from Boutique in Buena Vista (United States)

Our guests and our associates find the service very easy to use and a wonderful amenity that streamlines communication.

General Manager from Boutique in Columbia (United States)

Reliable customer service and our guests love it! Great way to get early arrival info or special requests prior to arrival.

from Boutique in Ketchum (United States)

Really easy to use, and great tool to use for any company that like to have really close communication with customers!

Front office

I work in guest services at a big name resort, using Zingle has been amazing and has relieved so much from our front desk staff. Instead of non stop phone calls, we get non stop Zingles which we can reply to in a more efficient manner.

Guest Service Representative from Resort

I like zingle because it is a great way to contact with the guest without calling them. It's quick, fast and easy.

FDA from Resort

I like the fact that there are ways to keep in touch with guests and being able to message quickly rather than calling and taking more time than necessary.

FDA from Resort

I use this program daily on the job. Very easy to navigate and communicate with my guest. Well organized and definitely recommend to all other hotels.

Guest Service Supervisor from Resort

-Guest nowadays rather text to get help instead of call down to the front desk -Its convenient to just zingle someone because they will text back before they call back

Front Desk Agent from Resort

I love that the program lets you interact with the guest. It is a great tool for this technical world. The auto response are great.

Guest Service Agent from Resort

*Ties in well with existing platforms & programs *Automations allow for quick dispatches of mass messaging

Guest Relations Coordinator from Resort

Zingle is great tool to communicate with our guests. Our leisure guests and our business guest really have loved having this form of communication with us. Our meeting planners have dubbed it a game changer for meeting planning. There are so many possibilities with this program.

Front Desk Agent from Resort

User interface is simple and easy to navigate Receiving desktop notification increases efficiency

IT Manager from Branded

I like how easy this program is for our guests! Its very quick, easy and simple to understand for everyone! The program is nice to look at and our guests enjoy it as well!

Service Excellence Supervisor from Casino

We like the convenience that Members and Guests feel when they are able to reach us via a quick text. We also enjoy receiving pictures from our clients when they are enjoying the pools, golf course, beach club and all of the beautiful scenery surrounding the Resort!

Director of Membership from Resort

Easy and convenient way to connect with guests and get immediate feedback on their stay. Super easy to use, and guests love it!

Director of Rooms from Branded

Easy way to communicate with guests and staff (mobile checkout, room service orders, staff reminders, etc.)!

Director of Customer Experience from Airport/ conference

Fast reply and follow ups by the Zingle Team Effectiveness of the application Guest are really happy with this application :)

Front Office Supervisor from Boutique

Zingle has given us the ability to speak with our customer in the medium in which they want to be spoken to. Since the implementation of Zingle, we have achieved our highest guest satisfaction scores while continually raising our revenues. There is no doubt that this combination exists due to the service capabilities we can now offer through Zingle.

Director Of Revenue Optimization from Resort

Everything about Zingle! Easy to operate , look up past history , and app was easy to use . Great tool to enhance guest experience

Area Director of Housekeeping from Resort

The real time effectiveness of the App and Desktop version. Very user friendly

Director of Operations from Branded

I liked the email notifications for not answering fast enough. The automations were great, and the customer service was even better!

Operations Manager from Resort

This system is an absolute must if you want to keep in communication with your guests or clients. Texting is the fastest way to get a response and the guests love that they are one text away from a personal concierge!

Resort Experience Manager from Branded

Bret Baumbaugh has always been incredibly helpful. Anytime I need help with anything he is incredibly quick and efficient!

Assistant Director of Operations from Branded

easy to contact someone and respond right away.

Reservations Manager from Branded

Zingle is very user friendly. It is easy to train new hires on Zingle. Our guests absolutely love it! We are able to earn more business by sending targeted offers to specifics groups, departure dates, etc. Additionally, any time I have a question, the team is very quick to reply and always has the answer. Zingle has also worked with us on some creative things we wanted to try. They always have a "can do" attitude! I have been using Zingle now for three years and LOVE it.

Director of Rooms from Boutique

Quick and easy way to communicate with in-house guests. Great response time from Account Rep

General Manager from Resort

Zingle was more cost effective at engaging with guests than the app platform we previously used. It was also easy to implement with the staff because of the intuitive interface.

General Manager from Extended Stay

Zingle has provided an excellent solution to enhancing our communication with our guests before and during their stay. This allows the guest to receive service at the touch of a button, which really enhances their stay.

Front Office Manager from Branded

Stephen Essman was phenomenal during the sales process. He clearly understood my needs and offered a product that fit them perfectly. The implementation team quickly became part of my operations team through setup and deployment. The guest feedback has instantly been extremely favorable. Zingle exceeded our expectations in providing customer service value while driving revenue.

Resident Manager from Branded

Easy to use and navigate the website. Great way to communicate. I like the email alerts.

Front Office Manager from Airport/ conference

Helps connect to guest fast. Entire team can have access and help talk to our guest.

Director of Guest Experience from Branded

Communication made Effortless! Easy to connect with guest and have a log. Just amazing to be able to connect with any vendor, guest, customer or staff member at any time and usually get a quick response. This was like a dream less than a year ago. Also keeps a running record for future use when you need to know what occurred, Invaluable!

Concierge from Boutique

Being able to communicate with our guests via text message! Our guests also love it!

Front Office Manager from Branded

The App allows instant communication with guests and allows us to utilize indigenous marketing. This platform also gives us the ability to change our message to guests seamlessly.

Asst. General Manager from Resort

The ease of communication with guests is great! The fact they can order breakfast from bed or request a limo pick up while walking through a crowded noisy club is very convenient. We have received nothing but positive feedback.

Hotel Operations Manager from Casino

The ease of contacting guests. This is great for special in-house offers at the outlets, we have seen extra revenue at the spa when we send out specials. It's also great to alert groups when the function has been moved inside due to weather. We had a pipe break a few weeks back and used Zingle to alert the guests that the water would be shut off from 1-3.

Assistant GM from Resort

The system is very easy to use and navigate. Our team loves the ability to connect with our guests quickly.

Front Office Manager from Resort

Nice and easy to communicate with guests. Pops up at the bottom so I can continue working but also assist others.

Guest Services Supervisor

With Zingle our guest enjoy the simplicity of texting us to see if there room is available. We have received a lot of positive feed back. It also helps us check in our guest without tying up the phones.

Call Center Agent from Resort

Great guest engagement! I have been able to get ahead of overbooking problems by texting guests in advance and proposing different solutions. In each scenario the outcome was positive even though a mistake was made due to the advance communication.

Front Office Manager from Boutique

-Zingle is very easy to use and operate -Hotel guest(s) find it convenient -Hotel staff finds if very user-friendly

General Manager from City Center

From a guest experience and satisfaction standpoint. Zingle has helped increase our overall satisfaction scores with our guests. Our guests really appreciate being able to use this service and even communicate with us after they have departed.

Instant Service Manager from Other

- Easy and quick communication with our Members - The ability to update the Membership and receive instantaneous feedback

Board Of Directors from Other

I love the fact I can have a strong platform to communicate to my guests. They love it and so do we.

Guest Experience Manager from Airport/ conference

I was impressed with how user and administrator friendly Zingle is. I also felt completely supported by the Zingle project management team. Communication was great and they met all deadlines.

Asst. Director of Hotel from Casino


  • Mobile Friendly
  • Team Chat
  • Photo Sharing
  • Chatbot
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Desktop App (non-web based)
  • Automated Replies
  • Message Routing
  • Guest History
  • Secured Data Protection
  • SMS text messaging
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Open API
  • Mobile App
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Automated Opt-In/Consent Collection
  • Messaging Guest Surveys

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Featured Clients


“In the first two months we used Zingle, we had the highest guest scores we’ve ever had,” Chris said. “So step back, what changed those months? We implemented the platform. Nothing else changed. And we continue to see those amazing results! We are getting things done for guests that they weren’t even asking us for before. It really all translates to the guest experience.” Chris Nelbach Director of Revenue at the La Cantera Resort & Spa
“Zingle has certainly helped enhance the guest experience with technology while allowing us to take care of them personally,” “Guests who interact with us through Zingle mid-stay are appreciative of what we can do for them,” “Zingle has some really cool reporting features and it’s allowed us to see trends and patterns and the type of questions that people ask or what their pain points are.” Michelle Huntzinger VP of Hotel Operations at the SLS Las Vegas
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Less than $1000
Monthly subscription (/room/month)
Less than $3/room/month

Recent Guest Messaging Software articles

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How to improve guest satisfaction with Zingle's messaging tech

Hotel Tech Report

Everyone texts -- and not just with friends and family: 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to text businesses they frequent. And, increasingly, many turn to messaging apps for regular communications: 55% of U.S. consumers use a mobile messaging app at least once a month. The proliferation of inbound communications channels creates complexity for hotels; it’s just not simple to manage, track, and triage requests across so many different channels.  This complexity is why more hospitality brands are implementing guest engagement technology. The tech pulls guest communications into a single platform, enabling guests to communicate seamlessly with hotels via text messaging, apps, and social media.  These platforms generally rely on automation and A.I.-powered chatbots to augment human customer service agents, a trend that Salesforce sees as growing by 241% in the next 18 months. The combination allows for a more nuanced approach to customer service, pushing predictable requests to chatbots and complex interactions to humans. This combination increases the relevance, accuracy, speed, and convenience of your guest communications. A recent SalesForce report predicts a 241% increase in usage of A.I. chatbots across travel and hospitality. One of the leading guest messaging platforms serving hospitality brands is Zingle, which enables hotels to provide more consistent, accurate communications through whichever channels guests prefer. The platform also streamlines comms for staff, uniting all conversations in one place so nothing is overlooked.  The benefits of stronger guest engagement is threefold: improved operational efficiency, better guest satisfaction, and higher RevPAR. Staff is more efficient, wastes less time, and respond to requests quicker, so guests are more satisfied and leave better reviews (and thus higher RevPAR).  Here are three key ways that Zingle’s guest engagement platform increases the relevance, accuracy, speed, and convenience of your guest communications.    #1: A more personalized experience Personalization is certainly buzzed about -- but it’s no longer just a buzzword, it’s a best practice. For hotels, this plays out in very specific ways, such as these two recent experiences from Hotel Tech Report staff with hotel guest messaging platforms. The Thompson Cape in Cabo used a guest messaging platform to ask about allergies during our stay last September.  We disclosed a severe allergy to pumpkin seeds which enabled the hotel to ensure all outlets (e.g. the pool bar, room service, etc.) were able to help us avoid incident. More recently, at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel in Miami during Amadeus’ customer conference, a front desk agent named Dante texted the guest to let them know of his availability for any issues; sure enough, the key didn’t work and Dante sent a new one up after a single text avoiding what could have been an extremely poor arrival experience. These experiences underscore just how much personalized texting can help to improve the guest experience and mitigate risk of issues while on property. Unfortunately, there’s still a disconnect between what consumers expect and what hospitality brands deliver. In a 2018 Epsilon survey, 87% of respondents said they are more likely to do business with travel websites/apps offering personalized experiences. And yet only 64% say travel brands currently deliver personalized experiences either very or somewhat well. The gap between consumer expectations and actual performance is a massive opportunity across a hotel’s operation. For marketers, personalization can boost conversions for things like end-of-stay surveys and review requests. For GMs, personalization means more efficient allocation of resources.   Notable feature: Put your hotel at the leading edge of personalization with Zingle’s modules, called “zings.” Each zing is customizable to respond to specific triggers, similar to setting up marketing automation workflows or email drip campaigns. These flows allow hotels to customize how messages are routed, and what happens on specific triggers. For instance, hotels can personalize a checkout survey or escalate a lost-and-found request to the right person.     #2: More streamlined communications  There’s nothing worse than a hotel that silos guest communications by channel, as it leads to a poor experience -- a guest may have messages unanswered or have to explain a situation over and over to whomever is tasked with answering a particular channel.  And that’s not just frustrating for guests: Hotel staff also struggle with siloed guest communications, as knowledge isn’t always shared across shifts. Without a single source of truth, there’s a bad feeling of always playing catch up.   Part of providing a consistent experience means that guests are able to communicate how they like with the hotel. Guests want to be able to chat, text, or call, and know that the requests are all being monitored. They don’t care how they make a request; they just want requests answered -- and fulfilled -- promptly.  A guest messaging platform helps hotels meet that expectation. With a single platform for communications, staff aren’t constantly toggling between tools and can respond to guests across all channels (including popular messaging apps like WhatsApp). The fact that Zingle’s A.I.-driven system also answers common questions and escalates service issues to humans means that it’s like having a new staff member working 24/7.  Hotels that use Zingle emphasize how easy it is for both guest and staff, saying that it is a “wonderful amenity that streamlines communication.”  “We like the ease of contacting guests. This is great for special in-house offers at the outlets, we have seen extra revenue at the spa when we send out specials. It's also great to alert groups when the function has been moved inside due to weather. We had a pipe break a few weeks back and used Zingle to alert the guests that the water would be shut off from 1-3.” ~ Assistant GM from Clearwater, United States The fact that this GM identifies both guests and associates as strong advocates underscores how powerful a unified communications platform can be. Staff is less stressed, confused, and overwhelmed managing new and existing requests, and guests get the support they need quickly on channels they already use. This consistency help hotels deliver the best experience possible -- and to quickly resolve emerging problems before they escalate.  Notable feature: Zingle’s platform resolves common guest requests with intelligent routing. There are also “quick keys” for common messages, which saves agents time when responding directly to guests. The intelligent routing and shortcuts reduce the amount of time staff spends on repetitive responses while also quickly getting guests the information they seek.    #3: A more empowered staff A guest engagement platform makes staff more productive. Guests receive responses personalized to their requests, some of which are boilerplate responses to common questions (“Where’s the gym”) and others are written by customer service agents. With Zingle handling routine requests, staff can devote more brainpower to complex tasks. The Salesforce report we mentioned earlier also found that: Chatbots make customer service agents 64% more efficient and frees them up to spend more time solving complex problems.   Guests also get frustrated when hotels make it difficult to find answers to common questions. With customer service agents spending less time on repetitive responses, it benefits both teams and customers alike. Staff have more bandwidth to resolve those thornier guest issues which results in a better guest experience.  For example, let’s say a front desk agent is busy answering a phone call about the pool’s opening hours. Zingle’s A.I. could have answered that question on its own, freeing up the front desk agent for higher-impact tasks, such as taking a new reservation or handling a high-touch guest request. As La Cantera Resort & Spa’s Director of Revenue confirms in a recent review, Zingle’s automation makes guests happier and frees up staff so that more can get done:    Read more Zingle reviews Notable feature: Sentiment-based alerts. Zingle actively monitors inbound communications, acting as a 24/7 sentry for your property’s guest experience. Overlooking a negative message can poison the guest experience -- and damage your brand. Zingle’s sentiment-based alerts allow you to prioritize resources so that the most pressing situations are addressed first. This automatically identifies opportunities for service recovery -- and ensures that a bad situation doesn’t get worse.      Bringing it all together With its cross-platform messaging, Zingle will keep your staff organized and on-point, uniting guest communications in one place -- regardless of channel. The platform does all the work, reliably and consistently. Guests don’t even need to know how their requests are processed. The platform simply routes it all according to a property’s rules, without any intervention. For pricing, Zingle offers a free trial so hotels can try before they buy. After the trial, there’s a one-time implementation fee and a monthly subscription charged on a per room basis. To get set up, you’ll need to thoughtfully map out your guest touchpoints, connect your communications channels to the platform, and then train staff. Zingle’s team has 10 years of experience, so implementation actually becomes a great opportunity to improve operations.   One final piece of data to guide your decision in choosing a guest messaging software: consumers prefer a blend of chatbots and human agents. It’s not as simple as replacing one for the other. By implementing a A.I.-driven model that relies on the strengths of both bots and humans, hotels stand to benefit immensely from an improved guest experience that results in better reviews.    

Recent Guest Messaging Software News & Community Updates

Zingle Announces Four New Integrations to Help Hotels Further Personalize the Guest Experience


CARLSBAD, CALIF. (PRWEB) JULY 11, 2019 Leading business-to-customer messaging solution, Zingle, today announced new integrations with several solutions commonly used in hospitality property operations, including Springer-Miller Systems, Maestro, Megasys, and Visual One. As hoteliers continue to look for ways to drive loyalty and personalize the end-to-end travel experience, the integrations allow teams to leverage the full power of Zingle’s AI-based guest engagement platform. With these new integrations, Zingle gains access to key customer data that allows hotels to segment customers, personalize communications, and deliver an elevated service experience. Ingesting critical guest and reservation information also enables Zingle to trigger the creation of service tickets based off of guest messaging conversations, as well as pass conversational intelligence to business intelligence tools to correlate customer communication patterns with spend. “Integration strategy is a critical piece of Zingle’s overall strategy,” said Ford Blakely, CEO & Founder of Zingle. “These new integrations allow our hotel and resort customers to leverage the wealth of data they have access to through their third party systems and put it to work through Zingle’s platform to improve operations, drive additional revenue and create memorable guest experiences.” Last month, the company rolled out several new artificial intelligence and analytics features aimed at increasing loyalty and personalizing the end-to-end travel experience, including auto-categorization, rollup analytics, intent-triggered automation, and conversation analytics.

Tech Partners Show Off Innovation in the Hapi Marketplace Booth at HITEC 2019


Being a tech startup in hospitality can be tough. Working through the early days of development can be daunting as entrepreneurs understand the challenges of integrating their new ideas in a highly fragmented market. Hapi, the data streaming and integration platform, aims to make this easier with simple to digest APIs and connectivity to the industry-leading solutions. This week at HITEC Hapi is doing more to aid in their commercial success. For the first time at HITEC, Hapi is hosting its marketplace booth for tech partners. Here partners will have the opportunity to meet hoteliers and other partners to accelerate innovation and their businesses. Hapi has a strong following among hotel companies. "As they visit us at HITEC, they will have the time to walk around the partner tables to see how they can further benefit from their investment in Hapi," said Luis Segredo, CEO of Data Travel. Data Travel, its booth partners, and Zingle are sponsoring the Hapi buses again this year. The number of parties, like the number of vendors, is growing every year. The aim is to integrate the parties with limo buses stocked with drinks and music. "Even having a good time at HITEC can be hard given all of the places to be. We are just trying to make HITEC easier and a little more fun," said Segredo. To hop on the buses, follow us on Twitter at @hapicloud and text +1 (619) 577-4498 for bus times and stops. While on the bus use #hapibus to share the fun. Hapi aims to accelerate innovation, and it seems to be working. This year half of the finalists in the HFTP E20x startup competition are working with Hapi. "Hapi enables us to focus on creating value for our customers rather than having to spend countless cycles on integrations," said Steven Hopkinson for Idem Hospitality. "The Hapi Connect for Salesforce solution is greatly accelerating our ability to build integrated Salesforce.com based apps for hospitality. We look forward to sharing our progress at HITEC as a partner in the Hapi booth," said Andrew Pirret of Alliants. Visit the Hapi Marketplace Booth #3338.

Zingle Unveils Next Evolution of AI-Powered Guest Messaging Platform for Hotels


New Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Features Give Hotels Enhanced Opportunity to Personalize the Guest Experience CARLSBAD, CALIF. (PRWEB) JUNE 03, 2019 With hoteliers continuing to double down on technology spending aimed at increasing loyalty and personalizing the end-to-end travel experience, leading business-to-customer messaging solution, Zingle, today announced several new artificial intelligence and analytics features designed to do just that. After raising an additional $11M in funding late last year, the Zingle team has been focused on building out their suite of hospitality-specific product features. These features, which enable hotels to communicate with guests in more meaningful and personalized ways while capturing powerful and actionable insights to improve operations, include:   Auto-categorization Auto-categorization takes Zingle’s manual categorization of messages to the next level, applying artificial intelligence to automatically categorize messages. This gives hotels greater insights into trending topics and potential service issues.   Rollup Analytics Rollup analytics and reporting is a powerful way to gain insight into guest engagement and resolution performance, not just for a specific location, but across all the properties in a portfolio. Users are able to get as granular as needed with filtering and grouping capabilities, or select different attributes to look at big-picture performance metrics across all properties.   Intent-triggered Automation Automations (“Zings”) are powerful, automated workflows hotel operators can deploy to drive operational efficiencies and improve the guest experience. Zingle users can set up a “trigger” that will automate an “action.” Intent-triggered automations use Zingle’s trained AI to recognize hospitality focused “intents” in guest messages. There are dozens of intents available today, including intents to recognize plumbing issues, process information requests (like gym hours), or request room-cleaning.   Conversation Analytics Zingle’s new conversation analytics provide real-time data and insights on how responsive guests are through all the messaging channels Zingle supports, and how effective staff is in responding to and resolving guest needs. Reports include insights on conversation volumes, median messages per conversation, peak message times, user responsiveness and resolution times by agent, resolution performance by time period, and more. Analytics provide actionable guidance for increased customer engagement, as well as the ability to maximize team efficiency and effectiveness.   “Since introducing the ability for hotels and their teams to harness the power of intent through Zingle’s AI capabilities, we’ve been thrilled to see a tremendously positive response from our customers,” said Ford Blakely, CEO & Founder of Zingle. “These newest features further our mission to give hospitality brands the opportunity to meet the continuously evolving expectations of their customers, and harness rich insights to ensure they are doing so in the most operationally effective and efficient ways.” In addition to a steady stream of new product features and enhancements, Zingle has seen impressive growth in its customer base, and an explosive expansion of activity on its platform as hotels discover new and innovative ways to engage and service guests with brand-differentiated experiences orchestrated through Zingle. In recent quarters, hundreds of new hotels and resorts have subscribed to Zingle’s software-as-a-service solution, including properties from such notable brands as Kalahari Resorts, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, and Great Wolf Lodge. The number of conversations facilitated through Zingle’s messaging platform increased 227% year-over-year.

Zingle raises $11 million to unify hotel messaging services


Zingle aims to target the $500 billion hotel industry’s pain points with a potent combination of AI and text messaging, and it’s raising money to do it. The Carlsbad, California-based tech startup today announced that it has secured an additional $11 million in funding from PeakSpan Capital, bringing its total capital raised to $15 million. Zingle says the funds will be used to grow its staff. The company also revealed that it has completed its acquisition of Philadelphia-based Presto AI, a hospitality-focused computational linguistics and data science startup, and that it recently expanded its executive team. Jason Hekl and Ellis Connolly have been appointed senior vice president of marketing and senior vice president of sales, respectively, and former Intuit exec Eric Pannese will assume the role of senior vice president of product. At its core, Zingle is a messaging service provider — its web-based dashboard and mobile apps (for iOS and Android) collate hotel guest texts sent via Facebook Messenger, Line, Twitter, SMS, and other sources into a unified view. But it claims its platform is more capable than those of competitors like Twilio, Plivo, and Tropo. Zingle can translate between more than 90 languages and serve up message templates on command or automatically segment contacts with custom rules. Robust profiles and group messaging support allow hotel managers and staff to add pertinent info, like appointments, check-in dates, check-out dates, and customer status, and to connect with multiple contacts at once. And thanks to AI that analyzes message intent, Zingle’s built-in chatbots can suss out requests and follow up with guests in one of three ways: by automatically replying, suggesting a response for hotel staff to execute, or triggering one of 25 actions (like creating a service ticket). Zingle’s platform analyzes millions of messages each month, the company says. To date, it has exchanged over 120 million messages with guests at Hyatt, Broadmoor, Great Wolf, and other hotel and resort chains, and it can categorize over 150 different intents. Furthermore, it provides analytics for all of those messages, enabling hotel staff to make data-driven decisions. “Today’s consumers expect the brands they do business with to provide memorable experiences and top-notch customer service,” said Ford Blakely, who worked as a business and financial consultant with LECG prior to founding Zingle in 2009. “These preferences ring especially true in the hospitality space, where travelers have a wide array of services to choose from. Zingle’s platform gives hospitality brands the ability to provide exemplary service and deliver personalized experiences.” Zingle is now laser-focused on the hotel industry, after an early pivot away from restaurants, coffee shops, and other service businesses. (The company initially marketed a hardware device that printed out takeout order numbers for businesses and responded to customers by texting a confirmation.) But it intends to target other hospitality verticals in the future, including food, beverage, and retail. “In the last five years, travel companies have raised more than $1 billion in venture capital funding,” said Matt Melymuka, cofounder and partner at PeakSpan Capital. “The majority of these companies are in the business of creating experiences. As more traditional players in the hospitality space look to augment their offerings to compete with this new wave of companies, Zingle provides a simple, yet highly effective way for properties to engage with guests in a more personalized way, thus transforming an ordinary stay into a memorable one.” Previous Zingle investors include Rincon Venture Partners and CrossCut Ventures.