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Ranked 3rd (out of 28)
89 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked 3rd (out of 28)
89 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence

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89 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked #3 out of 28 in Reputation / Review Management

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TrustYou (Reputation) Overview

Guest feedback influences 95% of booking decisions. With TrustYou’s Reputation Management solution, hoteliers can positively impact their hotel’s online reviews and ratings by better understanding their guests and make improvements that drive more loyal customers and more revenue.   Increase efficiency and quickly analyze and respond to feedback aggregated from hundreds of online sources from one inbox, including reviews collected from your own guest survey.   Gain valuable insights into semantic and competitor analyses. See how you stack up against competitors and access the highest quality semantic technology that provides your hotel clear and immediate visibility into what your guests are saying about your hotel.   Measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by choosing from a variety of analytical reports or set up a custom report. Download reports directly from your account or have them scheduled to be automatically sent to your inbox. Improve your overall rating with TrustYou’s Impact Score that helps you to identify the areas your hotel that you should focus on. You can find and respond to reviews based on the topics influencing your scores most positively or negatively.   TrustYou’s Staff Operation tool helps you and your staff to stay on top of any issues and tasks that need attention. Simply assign tickets to the right staff members or set goals to increase your staff’s efficiency and improve your hotel’s operation.   Manage your hotel’s reputation while on the go, with the TrustYou mobile app. Create alerts to ensure you’re always up-to-date with new posts, reviews, or comments. Read more Less

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Founded in 2008 | Headquarters in München (Germany) | 170 employees

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  • Reputation / Review Management
  • Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence
  • Channel Managers
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  • Digital Marketing Agencies
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What Customers Love About TrustYou (Reputation)

86% recommend

When it comes to online reputation, TrustYou's user could understand the reports easier, with its very useful tools.

Quality Control Manager from Other in (Thailand)

TrustYou gives me a superb overview of all guest feedback for our hotels in one platform. Everything is at hand and easy to find.

Vice President of Brand Compliance from Branded in (Egypt)

I love that TrustYou has all reviews from all different platforms in one place. It is easy to use the dash board and navigate through the reviews. It also sends you an email every time you get a new review which means you can reply to it ASAP.

Front Office Manager from Other in Bowness-on-Windermere (United Kingdom)

User friendly interface, easy to understand. It is easy to find what you are looking for...Simply great!

Front Office Manager from in Los Gatos (United States)

So far close to none. If it could generate top 10 positive and negative feedback by desired time frame it will be fantastic!

Guest Experience Manager from Branded in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

TrustYou has very powerful tools to easily manage reviews from dozens of third party sites and OTA. This is by far the strongest aspect of the platform. Support is very responsive, and personable.

e-Commerce Manager from Branded in Sydney (Australia)

The platform brings together reviews and ratings from all the major sites, all merged together and sorted and classified in one easy to use interface. From the interface the user can respond to reviews. The user can see trends and drill down to what is causing (good or bad) their Trust You score. I love it!!

General Manager from Branded in Houston (United States)

TrustYou system helps us identify the issues in our resorts and to action those issues in future. With guest feedback and rating we get a clear idea how they actually feel about us. This helps us to improve ourselves. TrustYou system helps us manage reviews in all platforms at once place without logging in to each and every platform.

Manager from Resort in Kalkudah (Sri Lanka)

I've been using TrustYou every day for 2+ years for reputation management and its really awesome to get an overview of all the reviews you receive. It is easy to handle and personally I can use it very well to summarize different categories for a certain time.

Sales Representative from City Center in Casablanca (Morocco)

TrustYou aggregates all of the reputation management data we need in order to maintain or improve our handcrafted boutique hotel collection. It also allows us to collect data from surveys, utilize TrustYou messaging, and sort all of our data into organized segments. Easy to pull information from the website and create Excel Spreadsheets for everyday work or presenting.

Guest Loyalty Program Administrator from Boutique in Costa Mesa (United States)

- huge variety of reports - easy to use - many options to distribute the reviews - good answering tool

General Manager from Resort in Erfurt (Germany)

Visually/graphically designed for ease of use. Top level service for software changes or new formats Drill down data is easy to access and utilize

VP of Revenue Management from Branded in Coral Springs (United States)

- Excellent coverage of all online channels with great drill down analytics. - Great ability to customise reports to exactly meet our needs.

Director of Guest Experiences from Resort in Sydney (Australia)

This tool is great in saving time. We can easily view reviews across multiple sites, schedule email notification and keep a much better eye on our online reputation.

Director of Marketing from Boutique in White Rock (Canada)

The ability to take the pulse of our properties at-a-glance, access social media and TripAdvisor posts and providing our busy management team with quick updates on how their property is performing have been the biggest pros for our team. The TrustYou team is always readily available to answer questions and help us learn how to use the tools more efficiently.

Director of Marketing from Boutique in Carmel-by-the-Sea (United States)

TrustYou Software takes the guesswork out of understanding social reporting and gives you meaningful metrics in a simple, easy to absorb format. Everything I would want to be apart of a social media management site is there in the TrustYou platform. I also appreciate that our users can engage with reviewers directly through the platform and take an active role in improving metrics.

Learning & Development Manager from Branded in New York (United States)

TrustYou really helps me on my daily task as a Quality Coordinator to keep track of our hotels review. I can see a lot of hardwork in the helpdesk team. They constantly add new very useful features and I LOVE it!

Quality Coordinator from Branded in Beverly Hills (United States)

I like they way it puts all our company properties together on one page which enables us to get a great overall company score at a glance. We are very happy with the product and the support side of Trust you is awesome.

Senior Director of Operations from Branded in Banff (Canada)

User friendly, positive feedback from all my hoteliers. They offer great training demos as well. Their reporting function is efficient and is a great tool.

Director Revenue Services from Branded in Oakland (United States)

TrustYou is an excellent product that allows us to keep a pulse on what our guests are saying about us online. The tool is dynamic and allows us to pull an assortment of reports. The customer service is excellent and very responsive to all inquiries. TrustYou is always innovating and bringing new tools to the platform.

Manager, Marketing Products and Innovation from Branded in Las Vegas (United States)

As the premier digital marketing company for the independent, Bed and Breakfast space, we have been delighted by the TrustYou product for all our clients. Our clients particularly love the ease at which their guests can post Google reviews through the connection TrustYou has with Google. This is of primary importance as securing those reviews prior to the implementation of the TrustYou product as problematic at best.

Owner from Boutique in White Rock (Canada)

I've used TrustYou daily for the past 10 years as it provides a quick overview and great insights and is also easily understandable and simple to use. TrustYou has great benchmarking and makes it really easy to identify and respond to issues in real time. It does its job very well.

Direktor / General Manager from Other in Zürich (Switzerland)

Outstanding Tool-Quite simply, the easiest and most powerful way to find actionable insights and share those with stakeholders quickly and easily. Outstanding Team-They don't stop taking care of you when the contract is signed, they support you consistently and return every email in a very timely manner. Outstanding Support- Create a support ticket and have it responded to faster than any other vendor you use, I promise you. Past Experience: I've used Revinate, Sprout Social and other social platforms TrustYou Experience: Daily usage, 3 years

Director of Social Media from Branded in Las Vegas (United States)

Katelyn and her team at TrustYou are absolutely wonderful to work with. The level of customer service we've received from TrustYou is truly impressive. They are always helpful and quick to troubleshoot without trying to nickel and dime us. The daily email alerts our leaders receive each morning are invaluable. Its also worth noting that implementation and onboarding were very easy, which can sometimes be a challenge with bringing on a new vendor.

Social Media Manager from Branded in Las Vegas (United States)

The site has a good overview and it is very easy to browse through the dashboard and interface to get great statistical information.

Front Office Manager from City Center in Casablanca (Morocco)

The perfect dashboard with an overview of our hotel and how it compares to all other hotels in our market/area. Also we like the splitting functionality across all departments.

Front office manager from Other in Stuttgart (Germany)

The efficency is great and provides us with useful information that helps to save time. Good overview of your reputation and also deep customization options available in the software.

Owner from Other in Esslingen am Neckar (Germany)

(Translated) All reviews are centrally editable and easy to control. The comparison with the competitors enables targeted quality improvement in the individual areas. Alle Bewertungen sind zentral bearbeitbar und einfach zu kontrollieren. Der Vergleich mit den Mitbewerbern ermöglicht gezielte Qualitätsverbesserung in den einzelnen Bereichen.

Digital Marketing Manager from Other in Hirschegg (Austria)

* Cover big range of media channels * Remind and share guests’ reviews rapidly * Quite helpful and save time for searching reviews

Marketing Manger from Branded in (China)

- it's vast network covering all online channels - the graphic and charts are easy and friendly to use

General Manager from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

The system gives me a comprehensive outlook for our hotels' online reputation. I can easily compare the hotel score against other hotels in our compset.

Director of Business Development from Branded in Poznań (Poland)

That is complete and has everything you need. Provide you all the necessary information in all the areas how are behaving and all information is accurate. They provided a complete training and the system is very user friendly. In case that you have any question they are always available to assist.

Front Office Manager from Vacation Rental in Dublin (United States)

TrustYou allows our resort to gather information from numerous different websites, respond to guests, and so much more! We use TrustYou for a weekly report that goes out to every team member across our property.

Marketing Coordinator from Branded in Las Vegas (United States)

I need an overview of how my group of hotels is performing. TrustYou gives me just that in a matter of minutes to get a full picture of our performance. Its cost effective & pays back for itself.

Chief Operating Officer from Other in San Jose (United States)

- I can see all reviews in one page - I can translate reviews to any language - I can see how competitors are performing as well - I can improve my operations by analytics results

from Resort in London (United Kingdom)

(Translated) The customer service team is competent and helpful. There are great trainings available to get your team up to speed. TrustYou is used to evaluate our reputation and is officially recognized as a reputable supplier.

Hotel Owner in Ried im Innkreis (Austria)

Great daily guest survey and data summary software that allows me to respond and track our service delivery, product and overall guest feedback replies. Love the Dashboard features that provide a wealthy of support tools.

General Manager from Branded in Fiji (Fiji)

1. Improve your broad online presence(Effecting on 3rd parties as Google, Kayak, Skyscanner etc.) and increase hotel’s revenues accordingly. 2. Increase direct sales by implementing TrustScore and Meta Reviews + rich snippet. 3. Data accessibility - Reports flexibility (you can export everything in the way and the time you want it), Radar App, daily alerts. 4. User friendly interface – Easy to learn and to operate on daily base (=Timer saver). 5. One platform several ORM solutions (holistic approach) – manage all your ORM under one platform (=time saver + organized POV). 6. TrustYou develop all their products in house – More open for improvements and feature requests (especially now after recent acquisition by Recruit).

Consultant from Other in (Israel)

I like that Trust You is a bit more independent as compared to Trip Adviser. Trip Adviser has multiple lines of business which compete with it's original intended development.

Marketing Manager from Other in Whistler (Canada)

Easy to manage reviews and quick to get fast & accurate picture of your reputation on OTAs

General Manager from Branded in Dublin (Ireland)

User friendly. Comprehensive

Sales & Marketing Director from Branded in Harlington (United Kingdom)

Great snap shot.

General Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I like the consolidation of OTA reviews. They have created their own "sensitivity" measure which is very helpful

Corporate revenue manager from Branded in Natchitoches (United States)

Has a number of the same options as Revinate. The "Comp Set" tool is a big help

Director of Sales & Marketing from Other in Houston (United States)

Online reviews from several different websites in one email. Very regular updates.

Director of Group Sales in Budapest (Hungary)

Visual. Easy to navigate

Social Media Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Dashboard gives great overview and I like the live performance score

Director of Sales & Marketing from Branded in San Jose (United States)

The wide range of feedback and reports that can be created from the system

General Manager from Branded in Richmond (Canada)

Unfortunately the mention section does not work properly as it seems to be weak. The guest mentions something positive but it shows on the report as the guest mention negative. For example, "The restaurant was full and they prepared a nice table with a good set up'' sentence is positive but the first sentence is "restaurant is full" so It became as negative on TrustYou in the sentiments. Normally the guest tried to mention that the staff is helpful! Unfortunately as a guest relations manager, I am not able to get a healthy report from TrustYou.

Guest Relations Manager from Resort in Dubai (Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri)

In terms of customer service this is excellent and it is interesting to have all comments on one platform.

Quality Improvement Manager from Resort in Trou d'Eau Douce (Mauritius)

Very well structured; maximum meaningful; optimal and easy to use management tool (Translated from German) Sehr gut strukturiert; maximal aussagekräftig; optimales und einfach abwendbares Management Tool;

Lead Standardization Auditor from Other

- that we can see all Reviews on one click and we have all the latest news and comments from our guests at all times.

Managing Director from Other

Review Management and overview about reviews! Guest Feedback helps also!

Manager from Vacation Rental

Dynamic tool that allows us to get a full understanding of our results amongst all forums.

Quality Manager from Resort

What I like the most is people from Trustyou supporting team. Always kind and quick in response to my requests.

Guest Experience Supervisor from Branded

I mostly like TrustYou's customer service, they are all very helpful and kind. If we need any assistance all of the guys immediately take an action.

Guest Experience Manager from Resort

* slow in crawling to take data from other guest feedback we replied on booking.com , trip advisor *each month having problems while downloading reports. it keep downloading.

Assistant from Boutique

Complete, flexible, reliable. Excellent. Easy to work. Many parameters to customize your statistics.

General Manager from Resort

All the system, specially My Surveys on TrustYou Survey Dashboard Inbox Competitors

Rooms Division from Resort

- reliable - wide range of data recovery - detailed statistics - excellent for competitor analysis - useful for improving services

Hotel Management from City Center

The quality of the data and the possibility to personalize the reports. Easy to use.

Site Manager from Villas

Easy inbox and review management, task and report system, good competition section, customized tiles.

Marketing from Other

The convenience of using this to show staff our reviews and being able to use this as a Great tool for our deficiencies.

Ex. Housekeeping Mngr. from Boutique

Love working with TrustYou. Their reputation / review management and guest survey tools are easy to use and are very intuitive. Additionally, TrustYou is integrated with a number of PMS solutions, including Cloudbeds.

Owner from Bed & Breakfast

Quick and easy overview of all reviews Ability to see into competitors reviews Ease of use

Hotel Manager from Boutique

We'll know our customer service feedback and comment if need improve Comparison of competitor rating and position which can be learning from fair point

Ex.Housekeeper from Boutique

knowing update guest feedback knowing more in market status evaluation with tools better

Chief Engineer from City Center

*comp index helps to easier get competitors performance score *saving more time to analysis negative review

Guest Experience Manager

- can connect with all social media related guest comment coming from - we can see the score from surrounding competitor

Front Office Manager from City Center

All detail which show on report. Too easy to find point of view to improve

Human Resources from City Center

TrustYou allows to track down negative trends, what is very helpful. It collects all comments from the Internet Websites, therefore collecting data is much easier.

GSC & Quality Supervisor from Resort

The possibility of having all information gathered in one site and being able to review from the comfort of my laptop anywhere.

Quality Manager from Resort

The fact that all is centralized through one platform. All my GMs can access with their own user access.

Director from Boutique

Great product as it saves me from having to log into multiple sites to check to see IF we've received any reviews. It also allows me to see when a guest has posted reviews to multiple sites.

Marketing from Bed & Breakfast

The complete dashboard, which gives access to all reviews marketing snapshots in one go.

Cluster Manager-Marketing & Communications, India from Extended Stay

Consolidated reviews, scores and trends can be reviewed. All platforms consdered

Rooms Division Manager from Airport/ conference

The overall platform functionalities is very user friendly. You have your answers in a jiffy (Dashboard performance)

E-Commerce from Resort

I love being able to keep a close eye on incoming reviews-- this not only allows us to respond in a more timely manner than we have previously but also allows our management team to use reviews as a training opportunity and let our team learn from reviews.

Assistant Marketing Manager from Resort

-good overview about the reviews also because of the daily mails -good filter options -good sentiment filtering from the reviews with just a few mistakes

Junior Operations Manager

- Accurate Reputation Measurement - A great to tool to prepare action plans of improvement - All reviews centralizes, which makes it easier to communicate with clients after they leave

CX Manager from City Center

The Templates and the support.

General Manager from Branded

- user friendly - Nice BI design - Very good data analytics from reviews - Survey tool is very useful

Director from Other

The platform is user friendly and allows us to make training and responding to our guests a priority!

Director of Operations from Resort

I liked every thing in trust you about survey, report and every thing . I like competitor between hotels

Executive Housekeeper from Resort

Easy staff to deal with. Easy portal to navigate through. Accurate reporting.

Senior Manager from City Center

The analytic tool has helped us with customer surveys and managing customer satisfaction.


perfect analytics tool great support easy to use save time everything in one place

Hotel Manager from City Center

dashboard report, data and system suggestion, giving hotel the general view

Deputy General Director from City Center

TrustYou is a great feedback tool software to quickly provide figures to gauge a hotel/s performances.

Advertising from City Center

- Very good user interface - Usefull analytics and reports - good customer service

Junior Marketing Manager from Resort

Amazing ORM platform! Our hoteliers clients love the user friendly interface and the fact that can manage all their online reputation from one single system! ("one stop shop"). Highly recommended.

Products and Online Reputation Director from Other

We have been working with TrustYou for almost 5 years. TrustYou listen to it's client and I like that. I can see that they always try to develop their product. Their system is now more stable than before.

AVP from Branded

Our company is much more able to easily aggregate and respond to reviews with the tools TrustYou provides.

Analyst from Branded

User friendly, easy to navigate and customizable to fit your needs. Excellent customer service, helpful every step of the way with on boarding, training and support.

Manager from Resort

-Very informative. Lots of information -Detailed -Easy to navigate -Organized with graphics

IT Manager from Branded

It is easy to work with. Sometimes it is not updated with reviews that comes new.

Guest Relation Manager from Other

- Great analytics tool to monitor different OTAs' performance - OTAs' performance all available on a single dashboard and its convenience - Friendly and efficient team

Customer Experience Manager

What I like the most is the Analytics panel, it is very clear and gives you an overview of the state of the hotel. (translated from Spanish) (Original) Lo que mas me gusta es el panel de Analitics , es muy claro y te da una vision general del estado del hotel.

Manager from Resort

All the comments are on the same page where i can read them Easy way to respond to guest

Assistant Front Office Manager from City Center

User friendly platform, technical services team always support and respond quickly on our queries.

Operations Manager from Resort

Great tool to analyze Dashboards are stunning and easy to customize tiles Report scheduler is great Excellent Customer Service

Corporate Director Rooms from Resort

- Review from guests are posted fast enough for hotel to response in a timely manner. - Overall Score vs Performance Score, the 2 keys indicators help us to compare the past 24 months and current 6 months.

Hotel Manager from Branded

There are following benefits Nice interface, useful tools and clear content

Guest Relations Officer from Extended Stay

All the aspects are excellent as per my view and the way it actioned also good

Human Resources Executive from Resort

The graphs are nice and easy to understand and the color is easy to visualize. Please keep a good performance on this.

Sales Executive E-commerce from Resort

.The ranking in comparaison to our concurent .the point that we need to focalize on so as to fulfill guest wishes .Guest feedback

GUEST RELATION from City Center

The handling is very simple, which we like very much. It's good to have a platform where all messages are pulled together. Otherwise it would be difficult if you had to answer all the evaluations on the individual booking portals. Many thanks for that!

Head of Marketing from City Center

1. Quick assistance through the service team 2. Data analyses 3. Simplicity of the screens

Learning and Development Manager from Airport/ conference

Quick overview over all platforms. Very user friendly and also easy on the eye.

Revenue & Quality Coordinator from Airport/ conference

The quick customer Service for help and issues. Thank you for your Support and help

Head of Rooms

Exellent dashboard with the most useful information, also for department task

CEO from Boutique

User Friendly: Dashboard is extremely user-friendly. Just basic comfort with technology and you will be able to use the entire system very easily and efficiently Linkage with All Key Review Site: There is a wide list of review sites that you pick. All the major ones like Expedia, Tripadvisor, Google, Agoda, hotels.com etc are there. Competitor View: Gives a good view of all the competitors and you can see how they are dealing with their responses and which sources are they getting their responses from most etc.

Director/Owner from Branded


  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Workflow Management
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Media
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • SMS text messaging
  • Multi-property Management
  • Case Management

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We use TrustYou’s data points to make important decisions in both operations and management. The detailed reports are evaluated on a weekly basis to identify and immediately react to occurring deficiencies and to maintain high quality service levels. Due to a detailed comp set analysis, we also can account for our top competitors and be one step ahead at all times. Selim Imre Rooms Division Manager at the ASKA Hotels
Speaking for all 16 MEININGER Hotels, we are impressed by the great success we have achieved within a very short period of time using TrustYou Stars. The numbers are not only convincing, but we have the basis to improve operations. Knowing how our guests feel is vital to maintain our legendary Meininger atmosphere. Eric Van Dijk Managing Director at the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station
Google is an essential part of the booking process, so we were looking to increase the volume of review content on the platform. TrustYou Stars has allowed us to gain significantly more reviews on Google, and we have also seen an improvement in review scores which helps travelers to find our hotels and convinces them to book with Ayres over our competition.<br /><br /> Shanna Davis Marketing Manager at the Ayres Hotels
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In the hotel industry price is king and reputation is queen

Hotel Tech Report

It’s not uncommon for tech companies in hospitality to start as B2C brands (business to consumer) then pivot to service hotel businesses instead.  Triptease launched as a TripAdvisor alternative before pivoting to become a direct booking platform.  Similarly, Munich based TrustYou started as a hotel booking website that aggregated reviews from around the web to provide a single trust score for properties around the world before becoming a leading guest feedback and reputation management platform. Back in 2008, TrustYou founder Ben Jost noticed that online review scores had the ability to make or break hotel performance.  He also noticed that reviews were being spread to more and more websites like TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp and Expedia. Jost and co-founder Jakob Reigger hypothesized that if they could consolidate these reviews to provide travelers with a holistic view of a hotel by creating a proprietary aggregate score that they’d be able to leverage their neutral position to become a dominant booking platform. TrustYou’s booking platform experienced some success but Jost and his team noticed that thousands of hotel managers were coming to the site because they wanted to monitor their review performance across multiple channels - this was their ‘ah-hah’ moment.  With this insight, TrustYou pivoted from a B2C model into B2B (business to business) and the firm’s growth exploded. “I remember 5 years ago we had one slide in our sales deck showing a king and a queen on a throne. The headline said “when price is king, reputation is queen.” Maybe it will take another 5 years until we see those both equally presented, but I definitely see it in the future.” ~Benjamin Jost TrustYou has since doubled down on reviews and even demonstrated a commitment to reviews in it’s own business winning 2nd place in the 2019 HotelTechAwards beating out more than 100 hotel tech peers.  Everything that TrustYou does tests back to the fundamental question of whether a product or service will enable hotel clients to achieve higher review scores by delivering better service to guests.  That mission has resonated with hoteliers around the world and in 2017 alone the Company analyzed more than 100 million guest reviews and collected more than 4 million survey responses. TrustYou’s guest feedback and reputation platform consists of four main components that work in tandem to gather feedback, manage collection at scale and leverage that feedback to drive more business: Review marketing: Market guest reviews via a website widget to increase hotel website conversion Guest messaging: Communicate with guests before and during their stay to ensure a great experience then send surveys afterwards to increase review volumes and rankings Guest surveys: gather feedback from guests after their stay to maintain guest satisfaction scores Reputation management: Real time insights into review scores and online feedback across a variety of channels Reviews are critical to the survival of any hotel today and Benjamin Jost believes that trend is only accelerating.  We sat down with him to learn about his vision for TrustYou and to get his perspective on the evolution of reputation management in the broader hotel tech marketplace.   What was your background prior to starting TrustYou? After studying engineering, I worked for two Venture Capitalists in Paris and Munich. Then I decided to go on an 8 month trip around the world, and when I came back, I started working in corp dev / M&A for a renewable energy company. I think TrustYou ultimately was born from my urge to do something on my own.   Tell us how you founded TrustYou. My co-founder and old friend Jakob Riegger always had his own businesses from the age of 18, and from the outside, it always looked so cool to be your own boss. I think after working for various bosses in various types of organizations, I wanted to do something on my own, and when Jakob also simultaneously wanted to start something new, we brainstormed what we could do together. So the idea of creating a business together with my co-founder came before the actual idea of TrustYou. We started as a B2C company, so actually, our very first customers were users who heard about our site and used it. I know all my family used it because I told them to! But it wasn’t enough, and we were a typical underfunded, German startup and had no idea how much it would cost to actually compete in the B2C world of travel. So while running out of money we realized that more and more hotels were using our website and were looking up their reputation scores and reviews from across the web on our site. Of course they never booked their own hotel so we didn’t earn any money. But that was the starting point of our B2B business. I think it’s much easier to earn money in B2B than B2C so kudos for all the B2C companies who succeed in this world.   Wow, I didn’t realize that TrustYou started as a consumer facing brand. Can you talk about the B2B business today? We believe deeply in the power of feedback to build a better product and offer a better service. The only currency that counts to achieve that goal is feedback from your customers. Therefore, hotels need to find a product that helps them collect, understand and market guest feedback (reviews, surveys, messaging) for every customer, via every channel, at any time. I still strongly believe that a hotel’s reputation is more important than their room price and for sure a more sustainable competitive strategy. The TrustYou dashboard gives hoteliers real time insights to improve their businesses Who is one mentor that has really helped you scale TrustYou? Many people helped me over time. One mentor who was there from the very beginning until today is Philip Wolf, founder of Phocuswright, who still sits on TrustYou’s board of advisors. What makes him important to me, next to his great character, is his unvarnished opinion about tough questions and topics. You can surround yourself with people saying yes to everything or with people who point to facts that can be really are uncomfortable to tackle, e.g. cutting costs, hiring people you deem unnecessary at first, etc. And he doesn’t let go until you tackle them, which I appreciate. I don’t always like it, but I always appreciate it.   What's one commonly held belief that most hoteliers believe to be true that’s actually false? I think the one I most commonly hear is “I know my guests, I don’t need software to tell me”. Even if you are the type of hotelier who listens to their guests without a survey or reputation management tool, I definitely know you don’t measure any KPIs, track your progress over time, share feedback effectively with your team, or know if you’ll improve from where you stand today. Additionally, you still don’t respond to online reviews, especially the negative ones, and you don’t reach the average guest by sending them your own survey, your own questions. Technology does all of that for you, truly helping you listen to your guests, and win against the competition.   What's the most surprising thing you've learned about scaling technology into hotels? Scaling a business in hospitality requires more manpower than what I would have expected when we started. In the beginning, I thought we would be a self-service technology that hotels would just buy, login to, and use. But we quickly learned that the business would require not only our tooling but also our expertise. We have truly become a service company, as well as a software company, and that requires talented people to support the hoteliers. We’re happy to be an extension of our client’s team as their dedicated feedback experts.   Are there 1 or 2 companies that have been a particularly good partners for you? We partner with hundreds of different fantastic companies, so it wouldn’t be fair to just name one or two. However, what I would like to see in our industry are more open APIs and more simple connections.  I think this would be very beneficial for our common customers, the hotels, but many tech companies don’t operate that way. I wish every tech company in our space would have a section on their website “API for developers” where you can develop solutions on top of their APIs and widgets. I am pushing my company to be open in that way because it just becomes much easier for partners to work with us and new things can be created. For example, I would still love to see rate management companies correlate their data with our data. We have the APIs, just plug them in.   I would want every rate management company, every IBE, every website builder, every PMS, every CRM to use our APIs and products to build a better product. Review content plugged into different hospitality solutions is already happening on a small scale, but not everyone out there knows how easy and convenient it is and what kind of value add it can provide to their own solutions. We have an entire team dedicated to those needs.   Where do you see TrustYou in 5-years? I want us to power feedback not only from guests but from other stakeholders as well. I believe we will enable feedback and communication between hotels and guests using messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS instead of email. To help service our clients, I would want our platform to act as an AI solution and suggest actions to hotels based their data instead of just presenting it. I also think feedback will move from “3 days after stay” to “real time”. And I want TrustYou to spearhead those trends.   How will the online reputation management category change in the next 5-years? I hope to see guest feedback become a “must-have”, where it belongs to a hotel stack like a website or internet booking engine. More and more hotels will have figured out that with a 4.1/5 overall score they can offer a $100 room rate, but with a 4.6/5 score they can charge $150. I remember 5 years ago we had one slide in our sales deck showing a king and a queen on a throne. The headline said “when price is king, reputation is queen.” Maybe it will take another 5 years until we see those both equally presented, but I definitely see it in the future.   Does TrustYou have any new products or feature launches that you're particularly excited about? We just launched a new restaurant analytics product (May 2019) that is seamlessly connected to the hotel’s toolset, so for all hotels that run a restaurant in parallel, they can more easily manage their online reputation. Additionally, we have combined our Analytics and Survey with our Messaging product together into one platform so that as a hotel you can manage pre-stay, onsite, or post-stay communication and feedback from one place. Another big launch is coming towards the end of 2019, but I can’t talk about it just yet. Stay tuned!   What's one piece of advice that you have for any entrepreneurs looking to get into the hotel tech space? When seeking funding and putting together your business plan, calculate an amount you think you need, and then double it!   What is the best book you've read lately? Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman. It’s written by Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin and Paypal.     What is your favorite podcast My favorite “podcasts” these days are live interactions with my children. Very funny. Topics change every time. No scripts. I love it.   What is one thing that most people don't know about you? I’m very approachable, and I think anyone who has ever reached out to me knows that. I’m an open book. So if you have questions or need information, I’m always happy to hear it and respond back.

Recent Reputation / Review Management News & Community Updates

IDeaS Wins Coveted Global People’s Choice Award in the 2019 HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

Each year along with individual awards for the top rated product in each category, Hotel Tech Report recognizes the top 10 most customer centric global companies in the annual People's Choice Awards. The People's Choice Awards serve to honor and recognize companies who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer centricity. Hotel Tech Report has named IDeaS the winner of the 2019 People’s Choice Award based on data from thousands of hoteliers across more than 120 countries around the world. Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology companies competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. Other finalists include: TrustYou (2nd place), Clock (3rd place), TravelClick (4th place), GuestRevu (5th place), Mews (6th place), Guestline (7th place), Travel Tripper (8th place), Cloudbeds (9th place) and ALICE (10th place). The HotelTechAwards platform (by Hotel Tech Report) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products and companies that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “The People’s Choice Award goes to the single company across all categories who demonstrates the strongest customer relationships during the HotelTechAwards.  Clients came out to support IDeaS in droves - it has been incredible to see” says Hotel Tech Report’s Jordan Hollander. The most common pitfall that successful technology companies face is that scale often has an inverse correlation with customer satisfaction.  With each new hire customers become further removed from the leadership team and with each new client their business becomes less critical to the company. IDeaS breaks the mold and is not just the largest revenue management software company in the world  but also the most beloved hotel technology company in the industry as determined by verified client data.  The key factors used to determine the annual People’s Choice award include total verified customer reviews, geographic reach of reviews and overall review sentiment and ratings.  More than 200 verified IDeaS clients dedicated more than 25 hours to supporting the company by writing reviews about their authentic experiences with the firm. Unbiased and verified reviews build trust in a way that biased case studies and whitepapers cannot.  The best companies know that the most effective way to communicate their value proposition is to empower and amplify the voices of their customers.       “We saw 5 star reviews come in from Zambia to Moscow and everywhere in between.  Happy customers vouched for IDeaS from cities we had never even heard of. This is the one of the most impressive organizations we’ve seen in hotel tech history.  It’s hard to imagine how IDeaS keeps clients this satisfied at such an enormous global scale but if there’s one company everyone can definitely learn from about scaling a global organization with a relentless focus on customer centricity, its IDeaS ” says Hollander. IDeaS clients from the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America commended the company for it’s world class customer service and software. Congrats to this year's finalists: IDeaS, TrustYou, Clock, TravelClick, GuestRevu, Mews, Guestline, Travel Tripper, Cloudbeds and ALICE!   About the People's Choice Award   The People's Choice Awards serve to honor and recognize companies who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer centricity. Early on as a startup its easier for companies to maintain strong customer relationships with a limited customer base.  But as a company grows its install base and scales globally, maintaining high customer satisfaction becomes increasingly more challenging. Each year along with individual awards for the top rated product in each category, Hotel Tech Report recognizes the top 10 most customer centric global companies in the annual People's Choice Awards acknowledging the achievements of top innovators across all categories who embody the values, transparency and customer centricity that lie at the core of truly great companies. More info on the People's Choice Awards and scoring methodology

TrustYou Named 2018’s Top Rated Reputation Management Software in the HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

February 12, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named TrustYou 2018’s top rated Reputation Management Software based on data from thousands of hoteliers in over 40 countries around the world.  More than 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “We have entered into what is called the trust economy where reputation is currency.  The correlation between online reviews and revenue is immense and TrustYou helps it’s partners maximize their presence and improve their reputation” says Hotel Tech Report’s Adam Hollander. TrustYou is poised for sustained growth in 2018 and offers a full guest feedback platform to manage, analyze and market reviews across the globe. Hoteliers recognized TrustYou’s truly world class on-boarding process where TrustYou exceeded the category average by 7%. “TrustYou has very powerful tools to easily manage reviews from dozens of third party sites and OTAs. This is by far the strongest aspect of the platform. Their global support team is very responsive, and personable” says a hotel e-commerce manager from Sydney, Australia. To read the full review and more, head to TrustYou's profile on Hotel Tech Report