roomMaster Anywhere by innQuest

4.2 (38 REVIEWS)

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roomMaster Anywhere by innQuest

4.2 (38 REVIEWS)

Ranked 25 (out of 272) in Property Management Systems

Simple, easy to use Cloud PMS by innQuest.

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69 HT Score

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About roomMaster Anywhere by innQuest
Founded in 1994 | Headquarters in Tampa, Florida | 30 employees
roomMaster Anywhere is a simple, easy to use Cloud PMS. Complete with an intuitive online booking engine and channel management. roomMaster Anywhere makes connecting with your guests simple and automated, allowing you to focus on service, not managing technology. Learn what a next-gen PMS means for your property.



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56 | Medium (25-74 room)

33 | Large (75-199 room)

10 | Small (10-24 room)

8 | X-Large (200+ room)

4 | X-Small (1-9 room)


30 | Resorts

25 | Bed & Breakfast & Inns

24 | Boutiques

17 | Motels

10 | Limited Service & Budget Hotels

6 | City Center Hotels

6 | Vacation Rentals & Villas

5 | Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments

4 | Airport/Conference Hotels

4 | RV Parks & Campgrounds

2 | Hostels

2 | Luxury Hotels

1 | Branded Hotels

1 | Casinos


80 | North America

14 | Oceania

11 | Europe

5 | Central America

2 | South America


90 | Hotel Management Software

46 | Booking Engine

38 | Property Management Systems

22 | Channel Managers

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Where did it all go wrong?

Reservations Manager from 25-49 room Extended Stay & Serviced Apartment in (United Kingdom)

19 days ago
The on-premise version had some issues but was a fantastic product on the whole. Sadly, the cloud version is nothing but a massive step backwards - full of bugs, badly designed and amazingly slow.

We have been using InnQuest since 2002

from 50-74 room Limited Service & Budget Hotel in Panama City (United States of America)

1 months ago
InnQuest has been a good product for us for both of our properties since 2002. We switched the cloud version recently and there is a learning curve. They are similar not the same. It has plenty of report options and we really like the yield management. It is a fairly easy system to train on. The automated pre and post guest letters are...

Fantastic concept. Rough conversion. Eight weeks later still working on fixes

from 50-74 room Resort in Dennis (United States of America)

1 months ago
If it worked the way it was presented, it would be fantastic. Unfortunately, it has not gone according to plan for our property.

Great Level 2 Customer service. Kim is wonderful to work with.

Manager from 500+ room Hostel in Salt Lake City (United States of America)

1 months ago
Innquest is a company I can rely on to be there if we have a problem. Carl was great to work with.

Had issues with sending out any/emails within RoomMaster

Property Manager from 25-49 room Motel in Ocean City (United States of America)

1 months ago
Sara, my tech was very quick and knowledgeable and had a great demeanor, communication, and had me back up and running in no time! I actually also liked that once I called the Innquest tech support phone number and left a brief voicemail about my issue which was not being able to send any outgoing emails through my property management softw...
Sheri from InnQuest replied
Thank you for recognizing one of the team -We will be sure she is recognized for efforts it really goes along way!

Easy to operate i can login any ware to check occupancy etc

from 25-49 room Motel in Lutana (Australia)

1 months ago
Easy system to use. easy to contact RM if we have ant trouble with the system. Have used most room master versions the cloud based is the best one so far. Room master works well with our Chanel manager.

Good But Many Important Features From Welcome 21st Still Missing

Proprietor from 25-49 room in Douglas (Isle of Man)

1 months ago
It is great that RMA takes no space on computer and that we can access it from anywhere in the World. It links well with the channel manager. Setting Room Rates, whilst laborious is very well thought out. There are some great Report and Advanced Report features. Also EOD etc

Excellent and reliable system for Hotelliers

Assistant Manager from 25-49 room Hostel in Port Vila (Vanuatu)

10 months ago
The service with Inquest is always reliable, Staffs at Inquest are very attentive to customer queries Appreciate the excellent service

Expert assistance

Manager from 10 to 24 room in (Belize)

11 months ago
-The support team is very capable and responsive -Also very patient and understanding considering we have very little technical know. Language was also very clear.

Ease of access and friendly.

Financial Controller from 100 to 199 room Extended Stay & Serviced Apartment in (United Kingdom)

11 months ago
problem solving method, Adoptability of the current trend of business, the report for reservations and the chart give more insight for making daily decisions and follow up.
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