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4.8 (114 REVIEWS)

Ranked 6 (out of 60) in Upselling Software

Enhance your guests experience and drive revenue beyond the room! ?

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85 HT Score

Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

Learn how HotelTechReport uses millions of proprietary datapoints to rank the best hotel software in the world
About GuestJoy
Founded in 2014 | Headquarters in Tallinn (Estonia) | 700 employees
GuestJoy upsell brings a data-driven approach to hotel sales. It enables hotels to engage with guests even before they arrive at the hotel. You can finally predict what kind of services your guests want. Thanks to a powerful segmentation you can choose what type of offer you want to offer to your upcoming guests and when you want to send this offer. This results in increased revenue, improved guest satisfaction, and more quality reviews.



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Customer Profiles

4/5 features

Guest Communication

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Popularity by Segment


47 | Large (75-199 room)

34 | Medium (25-74 room)

25 | X-Large (200+ room)

9 | Small (10-24 room)

3 | X-Small (1-9 room)


35 | Boutiques

33 | City Center Hotels

25 | Luxury Hotels

24 | Branded Hotels

17 | Resorts

16 | Bed & Breakfast & Inns

9 | RV Parks & Campgrounds

7 | Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments

6 | Airport/Conference Hotels

3 | Limited Service & Budget Hotels

2 | Vacation Rentals & Villas

1 | Hostels


123 | Europe

4 | North America

4 | Asia Pacific

2 | Middle East

1 | Central America


114 | Upselling Software

84 | Guest Messaging Software




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Great way to communicate and share important news with clients, before they arrive to the hotel.

Sales manager from 50-74 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Tartu (Estonia)

9 months ago
Collecting feedback and Tripadvisor reviews is very effective, great way to reach out to clients and hold communication, upselling is comfortable for clients and we can segment clients for specific services. Info cards take away the need to print materials to the hotel room and help the reception, since guests are already informed and aware...

Most probably one of the best on its fields.

Head of Revenue Department from 200 to 499 room City Center Hotel in Tallinn (Estonia)

9 months ago
Their back end is very easy to use and very logically built. There are many great options to manage and target different products and customers.

Excellent software development and support

Sales and marketing manager from 50-74 room City Center Hotel in Kuressaare (Estonia)

9 months ago
Software is very easy to manage, also understandable for client. It helps us very much to get clients profile, data, special wishes and make a better customer service, upsell is working well and it supports revenue to grow. Marketing campaign analytics is very professional. Support team is great

Exceptional guest activity analytics

General Manager from 50-74 room Boutique in Tartu (Estonia)

9 months ago
Customer feedback overview and analytics is extremely important to us and Guestjoy offer the perfect tools for that. The email marketing possibilities to collect data and make upsell is perfect.

Helps to save time but increase revenue

Group Director of Revenue & Reservations Management from 50-74 room Boutique in Tallinn (Estonia)

9 months ago
The product is important to us to save time for receptionists as we can upsell in advance and don't have to spend the time for that on check-in. Receptionists tend to hurry through the check-in procedure on busy days and in this case GuestJoy would help to grow our ancillary revenue. This has been important during the last year as employmen...

Great tool worth having!

Marketing Exec from 100 to 199 room Airport/Conference Hotel in Dublin (Ireland)

9 months ago
GuestJoy is amazing at catching guests' feedback and upselling our products. The reports are great as well and make it so easy to have a good insight into all the data.

Could not recommend highly enough

Director from 75-99 room Boutique in (United Kingdom)

9 months ago
GuestJoy allows us to easily make contact with our guests prior to, during and following their stay. It allows us to automatically achieve upsells such as a room upgrade or spa treatment and therefore increase revenue. It enables us to collect important customer data and makes it simple to send email campaigns to our guests. It gives our cu...

The best solution for Hoteliers

Senior Marketing Project Manager from 200 to 499 room Branded Hotel in Rīga (Latvia)

9 months ago
A very nice system that helps to sell many extra services for a customer. The guest knows more about the hotel extra services and can order onsite.

Check-in experience quicker for guests and receptionists alike

Events Manager from 75-99 room Branded Hotel in Galway (Ireland)

9 months ago
Guestjoy's online check-in emails makes the check-in experience quicker for guests and receptionists alike. The feature allowing us to sell upgrade allows guests to get a great idea of what we can offer before even stepping foot in the hotel and allows us to upsell packages much more than was previously.

A great guest experience from the beginning

Resident Manager from 75-99 room Boutique in Budapest (Hungary)

9 months ago
Easy to use, one solution for different tools, it is really simple and easy to provide all the information to our guests- prior arrival, during and post stay as well. It also helps our staff to better understand guest needs in order to provide the best guest experience! Congratulations!
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