Kirimaya brand - increases bookings by 50% by developing a solid online sales strategy.

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Kirimaya Golf Resort Spa to verify this case study.
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90% of Kirimaya's customers are Thai thanks to Khao Yai being a popular tourist destination for visitors from the central, northern, and northeastern regions of Thailand, as it only takes 2-3 hours. This is why Kirimaya brand always pays great attention to selecting reliable technologies that meet the needs of the domestic market like SiteMinder’s.
Why it matters: The Kirimaya brand is the first 5-star Design Resort in Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima. It provides services with over 18 years of experience with a unique identity of the place. Its world class luxury design combines with a natural lifestyle perfectly together on a grand area of ​​1,200 rai with an 18-hole golf course designed by world-renowned golfer Jack Nicklau. The hotel offers full facilities ready to provide a new experience in staying for guests.
  • "SiteMinder always understands the hotelier problems and to the greatest extent feasible, develops their system in accordance with the hotel management."

Top 3 Core Objectives: SiteMinder was the very first international platform to come to Thailand. They came with a long-time experience, enabling them to gain the trust and have a proven track record of success among Thai hoteliers.The system is extremely user-friendly, stable and simple-to-understand, as well as has a wide range of capabilities that fully suit the needs of varied tactics."
  • Improved RevPAR: To improve a property's RevPAR, both the average room rate (ADR) and occupancy rate must also increase. The management team saw this as a challenge. Ms. Atchara stated that during the pandemic, "Kirimaya was able to increase Revenue per Available Room (RevPar) by more than 30% by executing Yield Management on the platform swiftly and accurately."

  • Flexible Channel Manager: SiteMinder’s Channel Manager’s flexibility: "With the old system, when we wanted to sell promotions through only certain OTAs, or wanted to sell only 2 rooms per day, we just couldn’t. But with SiteMinder's Channel Manager, we can make changes at any moment, for example, enabling an offer only for two of the ten online channels that we’re connected to for any selected periods”

  • Advanced rate plans: Another intriguing method of using the hotel room rate strategy based on demand and occupancy rate is "when updating the room rates, we can configure our pricing settings and link them. For example, if we have a Best Available Rate (BAR) of 1,000 baht, we may also have another room rate that can be linked together through what’s called the Link Rate Plan. When we change the BAR price, it will immediately link and update to another rate."


World's most powerful channel manager, managing rooms and rates on 450+ hotel booking channels, in real-time.

Innovators Mentioned

Kirimaya Golf Resort Spa
Auchara Nakphum Nakphum
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Auchara Nakphum Nakphum who verified this case study.

Revenue and Reservation Manager

Kirimaya Golf Resort Spa

"SiteMinder has a great function that enables hotels to visualise the revenue generated by each sales channel."

Auchara Nakphum Nakphum

Revenue and Reservation Manager

👍 Revenue and Reservation Manager Auchara Nakphum Nakphum said that “We can see how many bookings come from which online channels such as 30,000 bookings from Agoda, or 20,000 bookings from” This is an analytical tool that helps us with analysis so we can see which channels the hotel has performed well and which channels still require further improvement. By using this it we can monitor sales, market trends, create marketing plans that maximise profits.”:
  • "SiteMinder has a great function that enables hotels to visualise the revenue generated by each sales channel."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Auchara Nakphum Nakphum evaluated SiteMinder's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that SiteMinder was the best fit solution:
  • Revenue and Reservation Manager Auchara Nakphum Nakphum said, about their decision: "When sharing her experience as a platform user, she stated that: “The old software from another provider that we used in the past was not really working even though it was from a global brand. Yes, their product did have a lot of functionalities, but none of them worked for our Thai customers, limiting our ability to implement sales strategies, and making us lose potential sales opportunities. Did I also say that contacting their support team was really time-consuming?.”"

📈 The results: 50% increase in overall bookings thanks to more strategies being created on the SiteMinder platform.
  • Manage room rates and online bookings swiftly all on the Channel Manager

  • Whether it's the guaranteed best available room rate for that day, or Best Available Rate (BAR), or Advance Purchase / Early Bird, or Last Minute prices, the hotel can manage and plan everything conveniently with the functions that are available

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