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Universal platform for operational management in real-time. Created by hoteliers for hoteliers.

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A number of great digital and online tools are available on the market, allowing you to sell hotel rooms. They, however, are all about front office management. But what about the back office? Still, housekeeping and maintenance affairs to this day are mostly based on old, manual systems. These are slow, inefficient, and fallible. Not any longer. This is where we step in with HKeeper, our unique modern digital solution to back-office management for your hotel.

First of all, HKeeper is NOT a Property Management System.

Second, HKleeper can work as a stand-alone program. That means no synchronization or connection needed with your PMS, CRM, or any other existing program in your hotel. All that is needed is the housekeeping reports in Excel format, and I know all property management system has them.

Third, HKeeper doesn't take any personal data about guests staying in the hotel.

HKeeper’s architecture consists of 12 main modules. These encompass a Centralized Logbook and Messenger, Workflow Management, Employee Management, Rooms Management, Lost and Found, Inventory, Reports, Analytics, Media, and Settings.

HKeeper represents a universal tool for organization and control. It fundamentally transforms the interactions of all departments into digital format with absolutely NO loss of information.

HKeeper lives in the "here and now”. HKeeper provides complete 24/7/365 real-time information about your back-office efficiency in detailed Reports and Dynamic Charts in an easy to read, visual format.

HKeeper works perfectly for managing properties in multiple locations! Management sees the big picture as well as the finer details across the spectrum.

HKeeper enhances time management, prioritizing, and delegating and takes them to a higher level.

HKeeper works on desktop and mobile versions of all types of smartphones on the Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile application functions equally well with or without Wi-Fi. There is a version for executives and for the line employees. The executives' version has more functionality and a greater level of access to the information.

Being informed on time allows you to make the right decisions in time. You will achieve this easily with HKeeper’s unique features: the Centralized Logbook and Messenger. This enables you to convey information to your staff instantly. More… to immediately coordinate their actions.

With Hkeeper’s Workflow module, you control changes happening in real-time and can be absolutely certain that in all departments, everything is going according to plan.

Analyzing and managing expenses will become far easier with HKeeper by overseeing in time inventory, reports, and analytics by the minute.

Hkeeper allows you to measure the workforce workability level and quality of tasks performed. The Employees module coordinates all analytics based on task performance evaluation and time count. Then it renders a complete report for each employee.

Also, employees become more involved. Using the HKeeper mobile app, each employee gets the ability to document an event or an action digitally, take photographs, add remarks, and record all questions regarding guests' requests. Transmitting this information to supervisors becomes instantaneous. Decision-making then becomes easy and on time.

The mobile app is a real command center on the go. Once and for all management is relieved of the need for their constant physical presence in the hotel. Management is present everywhere.

We offer a free one-month trial period and no charge for set up and training. The program itself is user-friendly and takes only a couple of hours to teach your staff how to use a desktop version and just 20 minutes to train how to use the mobile app.

The general setting of the program takes about two to three business days.

HKeeper represents a radically new level of internal organization in the hotel business. HKeeper is dynamic, efficient, and focused on providing top quality services at the lowest cost.

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