HKeeper Key Benefits for Hospitality Employees

HKeeper offers hotel employees more than the standard benefits package

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According to the statistics, the hospitality industry is one of the largest employers in the world. In fact, the hospitality industry was the ?1 employer in the United States (as of 2017), supporting 7.8 million jobs. At the same time, it's one of the highest staff turnover. 

Apart from the direct impacts of hiring expenses and extra time dedicated to recruiting and training processes, hotels also face a decline in service quality due to large rotations. For sure, it's affecting the guest experience, property ratings, and profit in general. It sounds alarming, doesn't it?

In a nowadays digital world, one of the most useful tips for retaining hotel staff is to invest in hotel technology.  Such software as HKeeper may help to retain staff and create a positive work environment.

Take a look at HKeeper’s three key points to make life easier for your employees:


1. Optimizing Hotel Employee’s Workflows

Did you know that the vast majority of employees say that their new job is NOT what they expected! This is particularly relevant to hotels that still use old-fashion ways to manage their property; even at a high-end boutique hotel that may have the best manager, you can see that they still using pen and paper to manage and track their daily tasks!

Every year, more and more millennia join the workforce, so it is so essential for hotels to satisfy the needs of their employees, who are more digitally aware. 

Let’s get back to the examples. You run a small property with 100-150 rooms and keep records with paper and pen or on Excel sheets. Imagine the kind of time and effort that goes into maintaining a log of every single task from each department that happens on a daily basis: housekeeping, maintenance, front desk, etc. It’s highly possible that your staff may start searching for a better place to work, as this is not only an outdated way of managing operations but also a highly inefficient way of doing it!

Invest in HKeeper, and you will notice that your staff no longer have to manually assign tasks, print them, or worry about losing a paper with important info. That apart, they will also have the luxury of time to focus on better guest experience and building your reputation.

2. Create Safety Environment

If you run a hotel, hundreds of guests pass through your hotel's doors on a regular basis. As an employer, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace; it enables the employees to work comfortably without concerns for their own safety.  

In HKeeper, we did our best to make sure employees have a safe environment to work. Our SaaS allows tracking tasks and employees’ locations in real-time via any gadgets. This means, for example, that if a maid goes missing during her work, HKeeper can show her last location quickly and easily or contact her through the ’Chat’ window.

Also, if an employee is not active and task status is not changing in a  certain period of time, HKeeper will notify you about it.

The user of mobile applications can take a picture at any time, and that is one more way of tracking any actions.

3. Material Usage Tracking & Managing Inventory

We all know how important to track stock balances and keep inventory up-to-date. Until now, the counting procedure and another similar counting in the hotels are done manually. Imagine how many hours it takes!  When your hotel is fully occupied and buzzing with a million things to do, your supervisor in-charge is going to have a nightmarish experience trying to get everything together and roll over all hotel amenities manually! It is not a very smart way of performing a task that crucial — time to look towards hotel technology and adopt the HKeeper software and avoid manual counting, makes it faster and error-free.

The HKeeper is a Virtual Employee on your board that is never late or tired, it's intelligent, multitasking, multilingual, and finally, it's responsible & systematic.

Hence, shaking hands with the right kind of technology solutions that help streamline and automate processes will help hotel managers and owners put their staff’s time and efforts to better use.

Digital technologies are a must, and no longer a choice for the hospitality industry!

For more information on what HKeeper can do for your business, check out our website.

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