HKeeper Product Tour: The Task Management Module’s Features

What methods have you used to set quality task management in your hotel?

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Each new year offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings, which is probably why this is the perfect time to remind you what HKeeper is all about. 

Life is too short to read RTFM (read the field manual). That's why we decided to keep things simple and center our focus around the HKeeper Product Tour, the series of articles on HKeeper features you’d like to use at your hotel. Today we will consider the first feature — a ’Workflow’. So, let’s get started!?

How can HKeeper make work at your hotel easier?

HKeeper is Digitalizing and Automating the tasks management process. It means that your employees no longer needed to rely on pen and paper or assign tasks via Walkie-Talkies! Instead of this, each employee can use their smartphones to accept and respond to any tasks.

Due to digitalization, the ‘Task Management Module’ allows instantaneously to create, track, prioritize and reassign tasks that need to be performed for ’Housekeeping,’’ Maintenance,’’ ToDo,’ and ’My Tasks’. What’s also important is that HKeeper works in real-time. This enables you to convey information to your staff instantly. More… to immediately coordinate their actions. 

Just imagine having an ability to see what your employees are doing, where and how long time, track which task is in progress or which cleaning task was refused, check all taken pictures and know what is going on in each room. And, all that on one Dashboard without callings and running over the floors!

For example, Room Attendant can quickly tag a broken AC by snapping a photo or making a remark, and an engineering department will get this task immediately!

What’s also great is that HKeeper uses a forward-thinking design and intuitive user interface based on a system of simple icons, multilingual capability, and color-coding that minimize training requirements and maximize team adoption. Needless to say that all reports and statistics in HKeeper are created automatically. So you can get detailed information about broken/not working items, a number of used/sent to laundry linens, etc. at any time.

Substantial is the fact that each working day documented and stored in a cloud, which means you can always get access to any information you need.  

Work smarter not harder

The goal of HKeeper is not to add layers of ever more complex, hard-to-use technologies or extra expenses. We want to help you achieve one of the top goals in hotel operations: introduce a new and easier way to increase efficiencies and, improve the quality of services in every department.

To learn more about HKeeper task management features, request a demo or visit the HKeeper website to contact us.

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