HKeeper Product Tour: Time To Become Mobile

HKeeper is a hotel's staff BFF! And here's why:

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We are continuing the HKeeper Product Tour, the series of articles on HKeeper features. And today, we will consider our Mobile Applications for linear staff and executives. So, let’s get started!                                                                                                                             

Who's the main source of information about the situation in a hotel’s guest-rooms?

Usually, it is a guest or room attendants. Room attendants use simple walkie-talkies or regular pen & paper methods for their daily communications needs while guests have a smartphone. Thus, in this scenario, guests can take photos and publish them on guest review sites faster than housekeepers can report problems to the manager and submit work tasks to the maintenance department. Don’t you think it is not fair towards your hard-working employees?!     

Improve the workforce efficiency that works on floors

The HKeeper mobile app developed with a true understanding of the challenges that hotel departments face daily. We designed a user-friendly, multilingual application that allows employees to stay connected and to receive a cleaning, maintenance, and to-do tasks in real-time.

70% of the interface is visual

Just imagine, no more paper, phone calls or lost tasks and instead, with HKeeper mobile app your linear employees will have the abilities to:

- Receive assigned tasks and work on them in real-time.

- Update task statuses from start to finish, paused, DND, refusal, or delayed service.

- View information about room type, occupancy status, and any special requests.

- Receive notifications for priority tasks and messages.

- Record what was used  during tasks execution.

- Create remarks regarding maintenance or other issues and attach photos.

- Report Lost & Found items.

- Instantly communicate through chat  with the supervisor in any language.

The executives' mobile app version has more functionality, and a greater level of access to the information gives mobility and enables tracking, inspecting, and evaluating all assigned tasks in real-time and on the go. 

In addition, the application gives the ability to add a new task, send messages, and see room occupancy. Also, all executives have access to the logbook and stay updated without any need to make the calls. 

Being informed on time allows you to make the right decisions in time and coordinate the actions. 

The mobile application functions equally well with or without Wi-Fi. 

The HKeeper mobile app creates a secure environment, and your employees feel they are being taken care of and, that is what they deserve!

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