HKeeper Highlights Reduce and Prevent Unnecessary Operational Costs

HKeeper never stops tweaking and improving its product

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Controlling costs in the hotel business is essential to the success or failure of the establishment. A report from Wang & Wang stated that in the hospitality industry, labor costs are very high; in fact, they amount to approximately 45% of operating costs. 

According to the latest data, the average hourly compensation for hospitality industry employees increasing, while the RevPAR growth rate getting lower. Besides, there is no wonder, smart hotel leaders are looking for areas to get the most out of every employee and equip them with the right tools to work efficiently.

With HKeeper there is a way that this can be done. Our new feature called “Highlights” was specially designed to control and prevent unnecessary operational costs and overpayments for labor. 

The highlights feature is specifically designed for the managers level to be able to make decisions based on real situations and be accurate in forecasting. 

Here we will review the key points of Time Performance Tracking Highlights, such as “Task Issue Highlight” and “Employee Issue Highlight”. 

Task Performance Time Control  

“Task Issue Highlights” can be customized based on the hotel standards and gives an option to control time spent on task performance. Let's say in the housekeeping department, each hotel has time standards for room cleaning and they can be set in the HKeeper setting; after that, the system will notify you if the cleaning took longer than it was supposed to take. With HKeeper, the housekeeper has an option to take a picture of the room condition and prove that cleaning will take a longer time and that it's OK. 

But in other scenarios, when you do not have HKeeper and a piece of evidence, you still have to accept this situation and pay for the time overspent.

Having said that, imagine to be able to control not hours, but minutes of the workflow. Simple math shows, by saving only 3 min on each cleaning room out of total 30 min and considering that the average amount of cleaned rooms per employee is 15 per day, HKeeper will save for you 45 min a day. So, that gives 1.5 cleaned rooms per day and 45 per month and finally, 540 more cleaned rooms per year! 

How can you save these three minutes? Just by eliminating the need to make any notes by handwriting on the board!

Employees Overtime Tracker

“Employee Issue Highlight” feature indicates the overtime for the staff who get paid hourly and they are generating from the moment employees start working on the HKeeper mobile app. 

The maximum number of hours of work of employees in the program settings allows you to avoid additional costs associated with paying overtime, as well as to evenly distribute the amount of work between employees.

The notification system is set up in such a way that it notifies an upcoming occurrence of overtime work in an hour or two, and this allows the manager to redistribute tasks in order to prevent the employee’s working time from being overloaded.

With HKeeper you don’t need to spend time on summarizing and analyzing. The HKeeper software does it by itself. It helps to free up to 20% of the time to focus on improving the quality of service at your hotel.

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