The Future of Hotel Technology Integration

Business integration is driving the present day organizations and is a key catalyst for growth. Here are some benefits of HKeeper integration with your business.

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“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.”

 Ifeanyi Onuoha

Building a modern, digital world takes a joint effort. To this end, a growing number of companies try to form and engage in open enablement platforms and business alliances that revolve around customers’ needs. 

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google — today’s most valuable companies are all platforms. Why does it work? That's because Zuckerberg, Jobs, and Bezos built businesses like no one else — and arguably better than anyone — they moved from product to marketplace. 

And while many debate the merits and morals of such companies, the fact remains, platforms have pricing power and aggregate the majority of value.

Today we are glad that the hospitality industry is in a period of significant evolution and opportunity. Working closely helps the whole industry go digital and work together to create an ecosystem where everyone is connected. We no longer need to compete with each other to retain customers and grab the biggest piece of the pie. By advancing the development of a mutual market, we can bring benefits to everyone and help our customers to avoid the meaningless search of new useful products and tools. 

New PMS Wave: When Business Meets Technology

In HKeeper, we believe that business integration is a key ingredient for a successful digital transformation. We understand that business owners look for friendly, time-saving ways of integrating data from multiple sources that could help them manage their companies better. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with a new generation of PMS companies that are going digital and bringing fresh new ideas to the industry. 

A great while, we’ve admired the quality and authenticity delivered by Clock, Mews, and  Apaleo PMSs, the world’s most open and connected property management systems (PMSs). Their philosophy and values closely match our own, so we are proud and excited to announce our new partnership with such companies.

Working together, we are removing the friction involved with manual online distribution for hotels. Let’s look at housekeeping, e.g. The fact is that guest status is a fluid thing. We never quite know when they are checking in or checking out. In US hotels, many guests simply just leave without ever stopping by the front desk.  If a housekeeper has a mobile device connected to the hotel PMS via the cloud, he or she can instantly inform the rest of the hotel of the guest status without having to pick up a phone or walkie-talkie and engage someone in a conversation. That means ready rooms are more likely to be available for the guest who is checking in early.

What’s more? Many hotel owners are starting to monetize early check-in. That means that the faster a room is back into the ready pool, the more likely the hotel can sell an early check-in. So, replacing clipboards and walkie-talkies to new generation technologies brings faster communications between the back of the house and the hotel PMS to mean more revenue.

The right technology integration between new PMS systems and HKeeper ensures enhanced communication between not only housekeeping but  all departments in the house in general. The front desk is less confused about what rooms are ready and when, and that accurate information is seen and then shared all around, and job responsibilities are flawlessly executed.  It can help staff members more quickly communicate which guests have checked out, which rooms have been cleaned and inspected, and if anything needs repair.

Moreover, such integrations allow a hotel to exclude all manual actions: any information can be pulled and pushed to PMS itself or applications. In other words, all important information gonna be in the right place without any duplication but automatically.

New Era of Integration

These days many PMS are experimenting with technology, and they are starting to see good results. Still, they have to take it further, especially now, when more and more companies offer technological tricks that have a direct impact on revenue and the guest experience in hotels.

It’s time for you to adopt the modern digital tech tools to provide better service for their guests - front and back of the house. Together we can do it!


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