HKeeper Product Tour: Task Management. Part II

How do you decide which activities to outsource, and which tasks to keep in-house?

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We are continuing the HKeeper Product Tour, the series of articles on HKeeper features. And today, we will consider our ’Task Management’ module for Outsourcing Companies. So, let’s get started!   

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”

Peter Drucker

Whether it’s the laundry department, the banquet staff, the entire housekeeping operation, or even the revenue management team of a hotel, the outsourcing of hotel operations is a trend that is here to stay. According to a Statista report, in 2019 the global outsourcing market amounted to $92.5 billion. And here’s why: outsourcing can save time, stress and money for any hotelier.

Most of the hotel owners agree that the motivation to outsource is mostly financial, but also they noted the added benefit of allowing professionals to come in and do what they do best in order to improve the quality of certain hotel operations and, therefore, of the overall guest experience.

Identifying The Right Tool  

HKeeper ‘Task Management’ module moves beyond Housekeeping or Maintenance departments. It connects outsourced companies service providers with hotels, making things easier and transparent for both sides. 

What outsourcing company can get with HKeeper:

It is important to know how much staff each property needed for the room cleaning and our uniques feature allows you to calculate that with one click of a button. Thus, you can distribute an exact number of employees per property in advance without spending time on calculation. 

You do not have to print boards for housekeeping, make calls to update rooms occupancy status —  all this done digitally, automatically and in real-time!

Using HKeeper mobile app employees start and finish tasks, take photos, do remarks and provide a complete description of each room during room cleaning or maintenance task execution. In other words, there is no need to report about the progress of each employee because HKeeper does that automatically so you just monitor workflow on the computer screen. No more running around, asking and delaying! In addition, HKeeper generates all reports automatically and can be scheduled and sent automatically to emails. 

Just think, how many night hours you will save and not only that! You can pull a detailed report for each room with documented issues, pictures, and quality inspections, so you don't have to spend time discussing a problem, you have to just give an instruction how to fix it or pass it to the hotel manager. 

Controle of the linen turnover & Outsourcing Laundry 

With HKeeper you will stop feeling you blind because our smart system will count the exact amount of linen was taken from the room and thas, you will know how many linens you sent to the Outsourced Laundry. Forget about measuring your linen in pounds and guessing!

You will also provide the outsourcing laundry with an Excel sheet where all items will be listed by the type and quantity, and no more lost linen!

The Rise of the Outsourced

Today, digitally savvy outsource companies have substantial benefits: reduced costs, expanded services and expertise, improved employee productivity and morale, and a more positive corporate image. 

With software such as HKeeper, outsourcing companies will be more in demand than ever! 

You won’t make a better decision this year than implementing HKeeper in your business!

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