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Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Rosas y Xocolate to verify this case study.
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Canary's Contactless Check-In solution helped the team at Rosas y Xocolate increase staff efficiency by 35%. The hotel is also now using Canary's Upsell solution to increase revenue at the property by offering early check-ins, late checkouts and other goods and services.
Why it matters: As a boutique, 17-room luxury hotel outside of a main tourist city, the Rosas y Xocolate hotel relies on a relatively small number of staff members to provide a high level of service to their guests. Ensuring that the team at Rosas y Xocolate can operate efficiently with limited resources was one of the main reasons that Sales & Reservations Manager, Christian F Ix-Caamal, chose to look for new technology solutions that could improve and streamline operations at the property.
  • Web-based technology solutions like Canary can create a more streamlined guest journey that enables staff to spend more time providing a personalized experience and less time doing administrative tasks.

Top 3 Core Objectives: By deploying Canary's platform, Ix-Caamal wanted to help his team members provide a more personalized service and increase revenue.
  • Improve Staff Efficiency: Ix-Caamal had seen in Canary customer reviews that properties regularly reported a 35-40% increase in front desk agent efficiency when implementing Canary and wanted to achieve similar results.

  • A Better Guest Experience: Ix-Caamal hoped Canary's solutions would remove administrative tasks from the on-site arrival process so staff members could provide a more personal experience when guest got to the property.

  • Increase Revenue: The Sales Manager & Reservations Manager also wanted a low-lift way to increase revenue and provide guests with more add-on options. Ix-Caamal believed that Canary could provide the perfect solution.

Canary Technologies

Improve the guest experience, increase revenue and streamline operations with Contactless Check-In™ from Canary, the world's most popular self-service check-in solution.

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Rosas y Xocolate
Canary Technologies
Christian F Ix-Caamal
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Christian F Ix-Caamal who verified this case study.

Sales & Reservations Manager

Rosas y Xocolate

"I’m very happy with the value Canary provides and looking forward to working with more of the platform’s solutions as time goes on."

Christian F Ix-Caamal

Sales & Reservations Manager

👍 Sales & Reservations Manager Christian F Ix-Caamal said that Canary helps the property pull in revenue that would otherwise be left on the table:
  • "I’m very happy with the value Canary provides and looking forward to working with more of the platform’s solutions as time goes on."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Christian F Ix-Caamal also researched Oaky, and ultimately decided Canary Technologies was the best fit for them.
  • Sales & Reservations Manager Christian F Ix-Caamal said, about their decision: ""We looked at a variety of other Contactless Check-In solutions, and we really liked Canary's user experience and the fact that you can include upsells during the check-in flow.""

📈 The results: Ix-Caamal and his team were able to accomplish all of the goals they set out to by implementing Canary.
  • The Rosas y Xocolate team is now 35% more efficient since implementing Canary.

  • Ix-Caamal is now generating $1000's per month in additional upsell revenue with Canary's Digital Upsells solution.

  • Ix-Caamal and his team report that guests love the new check-in process with upsell options and nearly 100% of guests now use it as their preferred method for checking into the property.

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