How Canary Helped Hotel FIVE Increase Staff Efficiency & Boost Revenue at the Same Time

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Hotel FIVE to verify this case study.
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Hotel FIVE has used Canary's integrated system of guest management solutions, such as Contactless Check-In, Guest Messaging and Dynamic Upsells, to boost upsells by 200% and increase staff efficiency by 20%.
Why it matters: Coming out of the pandemic, Hotel FIVE was looking for low-lift ways to increase staff efficiency and boost revenue. Canary offered the ideal technology tools to accomplish both of these goals.
  • Consumers, including hotel guests, are more comfortable with, and reliant on, technology than ever. Hotel FIVE knew they needed to meet these new consumer expectations with mobile-friendly solutions that provide a great guest experience.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The management team at Hotel FIVE hoped that Canary's Guest Management solutions would help the property operate more efficiently and drive more ancillary revenue per guest.
  • Streamline guest arrivals: Prior to using Canary, Hotel FIVE had a traditional innkeeper mentality with guests handling all check-in tasks at the physical front desk. With Canary, they were hoped to digitize much of this process.

  • Reduce front-desk call volumes: By deploying Canary's Guest Messaging solution, Hotel FIVE's desire was to reduce distractions at the front desk that can keep agents from providing guests with the most personalized experience possible.

  • Improve operational efficiency: Hotel FIVE's management team needed to combat the effects of the ongoing staffing shortages in the hospitality industry and reasoned that a comprehensive Guest Management System like Canary could help them provide the same great guest experience with fewer employees.

Canary Technologies

Canary Upsells is the complete upselling tool for hotels that immediately increases revenues.

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Canary Technologies
Randall Obrecht
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Randall Obrecht who verified this case study.

VP of Operations

Hotel FIVE

"Since implementing Canary, our response time to guest inquiries is twice as fast and staff efficiency has increased by 20%."

Randall Obrecht

VP of Operations

👍 VP of Operations Randall Obrecht said that Canary's comprehensive guest management solutions have helped Hotel Five operate much more effectively.:
  • "Since implementing Canary, our response time to guest inquiries is twice as fast and staff efficiency has increased by 20%."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Randall Obrecht evaluated Canary Technologies's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Canary Technologies was the best fit solution:
  • VP of Operations Randall Obrecht said, about their decision: "Canary's solutions make our staff more efficient and improve the guest experience across the board. Their guest management solutions are a phenomenal fit for our team."

📈 The results: Hotel FIVE has been able to improve staff efficiency by 20%, significantly reduce call volume, improve response times to guest inquiries and increase ancillary revenue from upsells.
  • With the reduction in administrative tasks that need to be handled by front desk agents, Hotel FIVE was able to successfully improve staff efficiency by 20%.

  • Response to guests inquiries is twice as fast as it was when front staff solely relied on the phone to field guest questions.

  • Hotel FIVE was able to increase the amount of upsell packages they sold by 200% since implementing Canary.

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