Transforming Operations: How Valamar Parentino Hotel streamlined their operations with Flexkeeping

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In 2017, Valamar Parentino Hotel transformed their operations with Flexkeeping's Hotel Operations Platform, by automating their manual processes within the housekeeping and maintenance departments. As a result, they saw drastic improvements in efficiency, internal communication and reporting, as well as gaining access to valuable data and analytics.
Why it matters: Many hotels struggle with old-fashioned processes, using too much paper and manual planning. Valamar's switch to Flexkeeping shows a way to save costs and work smarter, cutting down on waste and inefficiency.
  • Flexkeeping’s Hotel Operations Platform is designed to help teams automate and collaborate like never before. From housekeeping to maintenance and beyond, the intuitive platform has already helped transform hundreds of properties across the world.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Valamar Parentino Hotel opted for Flexkeeping to streamline internal processes, enhance communication, and elevate overall productivity and efficiency, focusing on key areas such as the housekeeping and maintenance departments.
  • Streamline maintenance department: Daily schedules and maintenance issues were manually handled, consuming valuable time across operations. There was a clear need to automate maintenance reporting and the logging of detected issues.

  • Enhance communication: All reporting and communication between teams was mostly based on face-to-face communication, which demanded a lot of back and forth. It involved manual logging and handling, which left most maintenance issues forgotten and unresolved.

  • Elevate overall productivity: With manual handling, strategic insights were not available to management. Valuable data was being left out of operational decisions, which also meant the team couldn't predict potential issues for long-term operational success.


Maintenance jobs done better and faster.

Innovators Mentioned

Roberto Gobo
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Director of Digital Strategy & Technology

Valamar Parentino Hotel

Vlastimir Ivancic
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Valamar Parentino Hotel

"The combination of automated tasks, usage of data and usage of analytics in real-time is driving our operations forward"

Roberto Gobo

Director of Digital Strategy & Technology

👍 Director of Digital Strategy & Technology Roberto Gobo said that task automation and access to analytics is crucial for operations:
  • "The combination of automated tasks, usage of data and usage of analytics in real-time is driving our operations forward"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Vlastimir Ivancic evaluated Flexkeeping's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Flexkeeping was the best fit solution:
  • CIO Vlastimir Ivancic said, about their decision: "We always look for companies to partner with that share our vision and are flexible enough to meet all our needs. We have a lot of custom processes and can be quite demanding and Flexkeeping was really able to adapt and focus on us as a customer."

📈 The results: Flexkeeping's implementation at Valamar Parentino Hotel improved the overall resolution of maintenance issues and elevated guest satisfaction. The platform not only addressed operational challenges but also facilitated a data-driven focus, allowing for improved efficiency.
  • 60% more issues started being logged, which allowed the hotel to practice preventative maintenance and significantly lower future maintenance costs at the same time.

  • Valamar saw a significant improvement in communication between departments with Flexkeeping. Quick issue reporting and resolution minimised the impact on guests, ultimately leading to higher guest satisfaction.

  • Flexkeeping helped the hotel focus on resolving deeper pain points within the operations team and creating future suggestions for improvement, making statistics available for past and current events.

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