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Visitor App

4.8 (10 REVIEWS)

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The modern way to manage your accommodation

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About Visitor App
Founded in 2020 | Headquarters in Landkreis Alzey-Worms (Germany) | 6 employees
Visitor is a hotel management software solution that allows users to manage/synchronise bookings, check-in/out, booking channels, communication, and more. With a fully functional Channel Manager, Front Desk System, Booking Website with a direct booking engine included, our users can optimise their daily work with our intelligent functions and have more time for what is really important - their guests.



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Accounting & Finance

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Marketing & Ecommerce

4/5 features

Administration & Configuration

4/5 features

Customer Management

4/5 features

Front Office

4/5 features


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Great product; super user-friendly!

Assistenz der Geschäftsleitrung from Motel in Steyr (Austria)

8 days ago
You can see all the bookings at a glance and it is very user-friendly. The synchronization of bookings in particular is a great added value.

My experience with the Visitor app

Winzermeisterin from 5 to 9 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Pommern (Germany)

1 months ago
The quick availability of the service. The very good handling of the product. The very good and clear use on the cell phone.

Change from competitor not regretted

Gründer & Inhaber from 100 to 199 room Vacation Rentals & Villa in Wörrstadt (Germany)

1 months ago
All easy to use. Support great and fast. Would highly recommend to anyone. User language German was also very important to me.

I can highly recommend Visitor!

Hotelier from 5 to 9 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Lumnezia (Switzerland)

2 months ago
Inexpensive, easy to use, great support via chat and phone. Very competent employees, Marcel is great! Dynamic! And the system can be terminated at any time.

Always happy, great support, large range of functions

Pensionsinhaber from 1 to 4 room in Niederfell (Germany)

5 months ago
There are no more overbookings, this is really from virtual. Access from the road works great. Suggestions, such as introducing invoice printing, are implemented quickly. I have nothing to complain about.

Super software with a very friendly team!

Owner from 25-49 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Clopotiva (Romania)

6 months ago
Visitor is a user-friendly hotel software that integrates with other hotel systems, providing real-time data and insights on guest behavior. Its features enhance guest engagement, such as mobile check-in and keyless entry, which can improve the overall guest experience and increase guest loyalty.

Top service - fair price!

Hotelier from 5 to 9 room Extended Stay & Serviced Apartment in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)

8 months ago
Very clear and simple operation makes Visitor my software of choice! Changes can be implemented immediately with a few clicks and the visual presentation is simply great. If questions arise during setup or initial operation, you always have a direct contact person who will "take you by the hand" and look for a solution together. An absolute...

Competence Kindness Patience

Gästehaus Manager from 5 to 9 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Boppard (Germany)

9 months ago
The advice is direct and very friendly, technically competent and very patient, prudent and creative ideas. We are very satisfied.

Excellent Service

Landlord from 5 to 9 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Longdon upon Tern (United Kingdom)

15 months ago
Having used several different hotel booking systems it has been extremely refreshing to find one that is built with simplicity in mind without loosing the features that are required from such a system. The team at Visitor are friendly and helpful. As with everything we had a few teething issues getting up and running however, Sean and Marce...

Top team very responsible !!!

Hotelier from 5 to 9 room Bed & Breakfast & Inn in Elmstein (Germany)

15 months ago
Fast and very good solutions prompt answers to inquiries. In addition, questions are always answered very quickly. So far very very satisfied
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Visitor Hotelsoftware UG (haftungsbeschränkt) has not yet had their customer support processes certified by Hotel Tech Report. We recommend referencing the GCSC rubric during your demo call to make sure that this vendor has strong processes in place to support customers.

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