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Discover Tools Based on Your Objectives

While most tech tools fall into specific categories, the reality is that in many cases there are multiple categories of software that can help you achieve specific objectives. The collections below were curated to help you easily find all of the available tools that can help you achieve key objectives and overcome the challenges that hotel marketing teams face on a day-to-day basis.

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Get Inspired by Innovative Hoteliers in the Community

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Offering truly personalised guest communications and unique stay experiences.

Lympne (United Kingdom)
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How Room Republic recovers up to 23% of guest details from OTAs and increases direct bookings

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Discover how Grupo Posadas allowed The Guestbook to generate a substantial increase in web direct conversion and revenue.

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Zamek Ryn achieves 82% direct sales and over 4300 stay proposals sent per year. Discover their secret to effectiveness.

Ryn (Poland)
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Cukrownia Żnin - How to Attract Direct MICE and Individual Guests?

Żnin (Poland)
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Podklasztorze - 87% direct share in 2023 - an unexpected result in an unconventional location!

Sulejów (Poland)
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84% direct share in a non-obvious tourist location

Sulęcin (Poland)
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How to build the strength of a hotel group through supporting tools for direct booking?

Grzybowo (Poland)
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Building A Converting New Hotel Website In Just 3 Weeks

(United Kingdom)
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Palazzo Versace Dubai leverages eInsight® CRM to personalize the guest experience

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
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How Capsule Hotel increased online check-in rates & automated their guest journey

Luzern (Switzerland)
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How Future Inns Hotels Attracted Last-Minute Direct Bookings With Flexible Offers

(United Kingdom)
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How Le Canton Hotel increased direct bookings from 30% to 70%

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The Set Collection leverages Cendyn's CRM to consolidate their guest data.

(United Kingdom)
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Target Audience Review Wins Seafield Hotel a 69% Increase in Revenue

Not image here

Turtle Bay Resort Delivers $200k in Bookings via its AI Chatbot from Book Me Bob

Kahuku (United States of America)
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Northern Lights Village: How to save up to 2 hours of daily tasks using automation

Saariselkä (Finland)
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How Ruby Hotels Dramatically Increased Campaign Conversion Through Multi-Channel Messaging

Wien (Austria)
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How a 4-Star Luxury Castle Increased Bookings by 78% with Net Affinity and Google Hotel Ads

Killiney (Ireland)
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Digital guest communication and service

Bad Ragaz (Switzerland)
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How Platzl Hotel Munich Uses Website Connect by dailypoint to Drive More Direct Bookings & Build Their Email List

München (Germany)
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How an Independent Hotel Leverages dailypoint to Stay Competitive Against International Chains

München (Germany)
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How The Ritz-Carlton Abama Leverages STAY to Respond to Guests Requests 70% Faster

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How Zafiro Hoteles digitized its room service, restaurant management, and spa services to improve the overall guest experience

Camp de Mar (Spain)
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How Revinate Empowered The Redwood Riverwalk, a Boutique Motel to Generate 5x ROI with their Monthly Newsletters Alone

Fortuna (United States of America)
Not image here

How InnHotels Switched to Revinate Marketing and Drove 1000 Bookings in a Single Campaign

Stony Plain (Canada)
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How The Slate, a Phuket Pearl Resort, Drove Revenue through Personalization in their Email Marketing

Tambon Sa Khu (Thailand)

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We sell different types of products and services to technology companies to help them educate buyers, build their brand and grow their install base. These services are usually sold through bundled membership packages but are also sold a la carte and include: sponsored content, advertising, lead generation and marketing campaigns. While members do receieve many benefits to help improve their presence ranging from enhanced premium profiles to review collection services—membership status and sponsorship do not influence the HT Score ranking methodology in any way.

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Similar to REVPAR for hotels, the HT Score is intended to be a normalizing metric to be able to better compare different vendors. Instead of rate and occupancy, the two prinmary drivers are a blend of review quantity and average ratings. Also similar to REVPAR, the HT Score is a metric to aid in decision making but is not intended to be used as a sole factor when selecting vendors.

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Choosing the right software for your hotel depends on dozens of variables many of which can be quantified based on the characteristics of your property but many of which also come down to personal preference. Is your hotel a small property with limited budget? Or is your property a luxury resort with lots of outlets and high ADR? HTR is designed to offer dynamic filters to quickly be able to personalize the data set to your characteristics. We also break down hotels into key segments/personas based on common property characteristics that typically service as indicators that drive similar product decisions which are intended to help you save time and quickly identify the best match for your hotel or portfolio.

While HTR’s data set is constantly growing making its recommendations more representative and accurate over time, our programatic recommendations based on the HT Score, data and segment popularity are intended to serve as a tool for you to leverage in the buying journey but do not replace thorough due dilligence and research. No two hotels are alike and most purchasing decisions also include personal preferences which is why we highly recommend that buyers consider a minimum of 3-5 vendors during the research processthat you get live demos and price quotes from to be able to make an informed decision.