Flexkeeping Announces Technology Integration with apaleo, an API-First Cloud Platform

Developing customized technology solutions for all types of hoteliers

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Flexkeeping, a major hotel staff communication and housekeeping software, introduced a new integration with apaleo. This partnership will allow complete two-sided integration and complete automation of all housekeeping processes.

“I’ve been impressed by apaleo’s approach to hotel technology and connectivity since we first met back in 2016. We are sharing the same vision of seamless integrations between hotel software to create the best and truly bespoke technology solutions for all types of hoteliers around the globe,” says Luka Berger, CEO at Flexkeeping. 

“The best hotel software is a combination of many best in class solutions covering individual operational areas, seamlessly integrating between each other. With the integration between apaleo & Flexkeeping, we are achieving just that, covering 2 of most critical hotel operations areas with seamless integration between 2 best in class solutions .”

“Flexkeeping is a welcome addition to the apaleo App Store,” Thibault Gence, leading partnerships at apaleo. “We are already receiving positive feedback from our shared-users who love the depth of this new integration, which was developed by the team at Flexkeeping in record time.”


The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Hotel operations intelligence in one place

  • Housekeeping workflow automation

  • Digitalization and automation of hotel daily operations

  • Internal phone calls are down

  • Hotel upkeep expenditures are being reduced

  • Significant increase in guest satisfaction


About apaleo

apaleo is an open hospitality platform. Its API-based cloud technologies help hospitality companies to manage their multiple properties, connect their desired apps, and run their daily operations in entirely new ways. Its leadings solutions include Enterprise Cloud Computing, Property Management Software, Central Reservation System, and Application Store.

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About Flexkeeping: Flexkeeping is the most comprehensive hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration software. It enables hotels to connect departments, resolve issues and organize workflow. Flexkeeping provides hoteliers with meaningful analytics that help them lower costs and increase guest satisfaction. The leading solutions include Housekeeping, Team Communication, Checklists & SOPs, Maintenance & Analytics.