How Can Hotels Convince Guests They're Safe After COVID-19?

How the industry will change after COVID-19?

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Not a day goes by that we don’t hear information about the coronavirus and its negative impact on travel and hospitality businesses. The truth is, the pandemic is temporary and sooner or later it will pass. Thus, we should continue to plan for the future, as well as take steps to reduce long-term damage from the virus and strive for a faster recovery.

They say never look back, unless you want to go that way. We want to help the hospitality industry to not look back and move forward, so as to overcome the difficulties that COVID-19 presents, and here’s how.

According to the recent statistics and projection of hotel industry experts, COVID-19 will make hotels take a harder look at safety-conscious procedures across the whole world. Guests will not only need a clean room to sleep in, but they’ll also need to trust that it is indeed clean.

Today, when remote working via digital platforms becomes a new form of the norm, using technology solutions may help hotels to convey the message to their guests that their rooms are clean, free of germs, and safe to stay in. It may help to build trust in guests' minds, especially for those who are eager to get back on the road but are still afraid of the idea of staying in a hotel.

While previously guests weren’t provided with any information about the room cleaning process and could only see how clean their room was upon arrival, today HKeeper provides guests with a Cleanliness Certificate, confirming that cleaning and disinfection were done in the room prior to their arrival.

The main point here is that Cleanliness Certificate generates automatically after the cleaning is done and based on a checklist which was used by the person who performed the cleaning.

Providing such transparency is a straight way to regain the trust of guests!

Cleanliness Certificates can be customized and include a Checklist & Inspection list according to the COVID-19 protocol that each accommodation provider must-have. A certificate can be issued for each room, public area, or a whole hotel. It can include the Cleaning person’s name and their qualification, Manager's contact info who is responsible for Cleanliness, rooms photo, and hotel Logo. The Certificate can be sent digitally to the guest through email or handed a printed copy at the checking-in.

We believe that having Cleanliness Certificates will not only help our industry to adjust to the effects of a global pandemic faster but will also bring travelers additional peace of mind about a safe stay in your hotel.

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